8 Benefits You Get With Responsive WordPress Websites

The importance of responsive WordPress websites is growing with the rapid adoption of tablets and smartphones. Such devices have changed the approach that the web developers had been using for designing websites for past few years. Before the invent of internet-enabled mobile devices, web designers had to deal only with keeping a formal look of websites over the desktops. However, designing the websites for mobiles or other similar devices is not as same as performing the task for desktop monitors.

While designing the responsive WordPress websites for mobiles or tablets, the things that matter are screen size, pixel resolution, optimized markups, and more. However, there is a relief to the web developers as WordPress can significantly be utilized for the purposes. Developers can make the best use of custom WordPress development to customize the features on any of the websites developed by utilizing this effective platform.

Responsive WordPress Websites

What Is Responsive WordPress Design?

Responsive WordPress design or RWD is an approach of coding websites in a way so that they could provide an optimal experience, which includes ease of reading and navigation through the websites with simple resizing and scrolling across a wide range of devices. The web developers creating such websites are required to pay proper attention to the websites’ screen-layouts, images, audio/video players as well as other UI elements. These elements must re-adjust themselves on a range of different sized devices.

Advantages of Responsive WordPress Websites!

The best thing about responsive websites is that a single website serves for a range of devices and the web owner does not need to spend separately on “mobile-version” as well as “desktop version” of a website. It saves time of the web developers and money of the web owners. Moreover, there are a number of benefits for both the users and the developers to work on WordPress. Here we have summed up some of the most important ones.

1. Responsive WordPress websites are flexible

Responsive designs are fluid which means the content of the websites moves freely on different screen resolutions to offer great user experience. Both the grids and the images of responsive designs are fluid that indicates that the content is free to retain its appearance as per the available space. The fluidity with the responsive web design helps in achieving the same result as the website content on a computer screen. User experience is never compromised while designing responsive websites.

2. Optimal user experience

WordPress is already user-friendly and blending the responsive approach takes user experience to the another level. Moreover, it is only the excellent user experience that enables the visitors to access the content on the choice of their devices. Thus, responsive design is all about providing optimal user experience. Today’s users are busy professionals and thus, it is the most important for the web developers to code their websites in such a manner so that it could instantly feed the requirement of the visitors. All thanks to WordPress website development that helps the developers blend the important features on the websites!

3. Fast Web Loading Speed

Faster speed of web sites matters as there is limited time with the users and in case a site will not respond promptly, the visitors are likely to move to other websites. Thus, a website that is not mobile optimized will process at a very slow speed on the smartphones or in the worst cases will not load at all. Unlike this, With the responsive WordPress websites, you need not to worry about slow loading speed of any of the devices as the code of such web sites is structured in a way so that it remains compatible across all the channels.

4. Increased Web Traffic

Google ranks the websites higher that are developed by utilizing the WordPress platform. Responsiveness of these websites also helps in the higher SEO ranking. Responsive WordPress websites rank higher as they have one URL and the same HTML, irrespective of the devices that make it an easy task for Google to index, crawl and organize the content. Moreover, content on such sites is easy to be shared by the users and thus, the giant search engine favors this reason while ranking such websites higher.

5. Competitive Advantage Over the Competitors’ Websites

As the responsive WordPress websites rank higher over the search engine, you have a fair chance of winning the race over your competitors. Companies are still adapting to responsive WordPress websites and thus, being ahead in this race can offer greater benefits to the businesses. Responsive websites fulfill all that users’ need by making their web browsing experience an optimal one. Hence, opting for this version of the websites is always in the favor of the users as well as the owners.

Having responsive WordPress websites removes the worries of organizing SEO campaigns separately to look for desktop and mobile websites. Responsive WordPress websites are also easy to manage as one needs not to be the expert to manage these sites. Moreover, managing a single website is always beneficial than focusing on two different websites.

Author bio: Williams Heilmann is an experienced WordPress web developer at PSDtoWordPressExpert. He is passionate about developing responsive WordPress websites so that the users can get excellent experience while browsing the websites.

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