Best WordPress Tag Cloud Widget

WordPress is great blogging software and with plugins you can make WordPress blog more powerful. By using tag cloud plugin you give your visitors to find more on your blog.

Tag cloud widget or plugin create a keyword list in your sidebar which can be used to find related post to that keyword. Tag cloud plugin organize you keywords in proper manner in your sidebar so they look attractive.

With tag cloud Widget or plugin you can attract your visitors attention this will help them to find more useful content on your blog not just that tag cloud can also help you in search engine optimization. Here I have listed 2 popular WordPress Tag Cloud Widget.

WordPress Tag Cloud Plugins

1. Configurable Tag Cloud (CTC)

This tag cloud plugin is very much popular among WordPress users. This widget is frequently renewed. This plugin carries impressive features such as it has control over the number of visibility time of the post, minimum and maximum font size can be adjusted, and of course colors from minimum to the maximum can be used. With Configurable Tag Cloud (CTC), you can present the customizable tag cloud WordPress widget in the sidebars depending on what conditions that WordPress theme matches. CTC tag cloud widget has overall control on tag display as tags can be positioned by random manner, name or count and its format can be an array type, flat, list or dropdown etc.
WordPress Tag Cloud Widget

2. Ultimate Tag Cloud Widget

Ultimate Tag Cloud Widget is one of the most configurable plugin presented out there. It could be used for any of your weird tag cloud needs. This tag cloud widget get hold of complete tag cloud. This tag cloud widget is separated by 6 different fields such as Data, Terms, Basic Appearance, Advanced Appearance, Links, and Advanced etc. where, all of these fields represent different functions.
WordPress Tag Cloud Widget

3. 3D Tag Cloud

3D Tag Cloud is a very innovative tag cloud widget. It displays posted tags in the 3D rotating and animated manner. 3D Tag Cloud Widget is jQuery enabled, which facilitates WordPress to display animated tags. Once you click on these creative tags it lands you to the appropriate page. Various configurable options are added to this tag cloud plugin such as, tags’ title, maximum and minimum visibility timing, height & breadth of widget, background color of tag cloud, text color, font color, and fonts’ maximum and minimum size.
WordPress Tag Cloud Widget

4. SuberNube

By using, SuberNube Plugin, create a word cloud. It uses HTML canvas element with TagList i.e., available on the WordPress. SuberNube Tag cloud widget builds word cloud similar to Wordie.
WordPress Tag Cloud Widget

5. Opacity Tags

Opacity Tags has captured a very different niche of opacity tag cloud widgets. It produces a different kind of tag cloud, which indicates the popularity of a link with the help of its opacity. This creative tag cloud can be used for your blog posts. In this tag, full opacity indicates that the post is most popular, and the opacity goes on falling down that indicates less popularity of the blog post. This tag provides a tag cloud which is fully controllable in a very beautiful manner, it tells your users what the most popular posts are.
WordPress Tag Cloud Widget

6. Extended Tags Widget

Extended Tags Widget is a wonderful WordPress Premium Plugin. It provides you 100% control over the tag cloud. This tag cloud WordPress widget offers extensive supports and supports all of the taxonomies. It comes with more than twenty tag styles. It offers Cloud port tags, descending ordering, random ordering, counts ordering, title icon and many other advanced features.
WordPress Tag Cloud Widget

7. Most Popular Tags

Most Popular Tags is an advanced WordPress plugin that let you display most popular tags and categories of your blog. You can display the most popular tags in the tag cloud WordPress widget in the left, right corners or below your post. It also allows you to show different instances of the similar tag. With Most Popular Tag widget, you can configure your tag cloud as per your wish. You can specify tags, categories to be displayed, sizes of every tag, format and advanced ordering etc.
WordPress Tag Cloud Widget

8. WP-Cirrus

WP-Cirrus is a tag cloud WordPress Widget that displays 3D cloud in WordPress and can be used anywhere on the page. This plugin uses JavaScript and CSS to display 3D cloud. This widget does not require any of the external libraries such as jQuery; Flash etc. WP-Cirrus plugin is very easy small and easy to load.
WordPress Tag Cloud Widget

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    CircumTags is a nice tagging plugin for wordpress. I love it how it animates … eye catching 🙂

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