40+ Best Place to Buy Premium WordPress Themes

In the past few years, WordPress has become one of the most popular and sort after Content Management System. Thousands of bloggers, designers, and webmasters are using WordPress to build, maintain and run their websites. That’s the reason why the demands for WordPress Themes have risen like never before.

Each and every blogger is seeking for a high quality, professional, and unique WordPress Theme. Although you can get free WordPress Themes, but they lack the edge and the much needed professionalism over premium WordPress Themes. Free WordPress Themes lack features and design wise are not as robust as their counterparts, the premium WordPress Themes.

Moreover buying premium WordPress Themes turns out to be a huge problem. Not only you want to shop for a stylish, feature-rich theme, you want your premium WordPress should come at a low cost and should be unique in every aspect. You want to buy premium WordPress Themes from well known developers, which sells high quality WordPress Themes with great functionality. You want regular updates, support, security and peace of mind.

That’s why here we showcase to you the best places to buy premium WordPress Themes. Below we have presented a collection of 40 Best Places to Buy Premium WordPress Themes from where you can buy professional, unique, stylish and feature-rich WordPress themes.

So, you can go through the collection of 40+ Best Places to Buy Premium WordPress Themes, and we are sure you would find a suitable developer from where you can buy premium WordPress Themes, and that too at a low cost.

40+ Place to Buy Premium WordPress Themes


ThemeForest is a marketplace launched by Envato, an Australian company. Themeforest is in existence since 2008 and is known for selling quality, powerful, and advanced WordPress Themes. Presently it showcases more than thousand WordPress Themes and thus you get a wide choice to suit your business needs and aspirations.

Premium WordPress Themes


RocketTheme is known for creating industry leading premium WordPress Themes and Plugins. Besides selling WordPress Themes and Plugins, it is also a popular and renowned vendor for Joomla Templates, Magento Templates, phpBB styles, and much more. It is one of the best places to buy premium WordPress Themes.

Premium WordPress Themes

Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes is one stop place to buy quality WordPress Themes. Each of its themes has been crafted with elements of simplicity, elegance, and professionalism. It delivers WordPress Themes, which are thoroughly advanced, powerful, and feature-rich, attractive, and as well as user-friendly.

Premium WordPress Themes


Today thousands of website owners are using StudioPress WordPress Themes. Studio delivers premium WordPress Themes that can be easily rated among the best WordPress Themes in the world. Moreover, each of its WordPress Themes has been empowered by the Genesis Framework which lets you build WordPress sites with ease.

Premium WordPress Themes

Themes Kingdom

Themes Kingdom has an interesting selection of themes in its kitty. You can purchase a theme at Themes Kingdom only if you hold a membership. Membership is available on a yearly basis and costs $29 per year. Presently they have more than 30 themes and two to three themes are being added each month.

Premium WordPress Themes

DIYthemes – Thesis

DIYthemes provides Thesis Themes for your WordPress blog or site. Thesis is an advanced blogging technology which encompasses skins, boxes, and packages and presents WordPress Themes which are thoroughly Search Engine Optimized. It features various easy to deploy, and feature rich skins so that you get to have powerful, and user friendly WordPress websites.

Premium WordPress Themes


Themify.me is perhaps the latest to enter into the WordPress Theme business. Nonetheless, it produces some of the most amazing WordPress Themes. Each of its Themes is simply stunning, feature-rich, advanced and powerful.

Premium WordPress Themes


Templatic is another fantastic site to shop for awesome and premium WordPress Themes. Templatic WordPress Themes fulfills your blogging and web-designing needs. It offers a wide range of WordPress Themes from a simple blogging theme to a comprehensive e-commerce integrated solution so you can use WordPress as a complete and thorough CMS.

Premium WordPress Themes

Mojo Themes

Mojo Themes is a theme marketplace and has more than 300 WordPress Themes. The themes have been priced at a range of $30 to $49 per theme. The themes sold at Mojo Themes cater to varied niches such as blog, magazine, e-commerce, photography, mobile and even business websites. Mojo Themes also has child themes for theme framework. The Themes sold on Mojo Themes have a 100% GPL license.

Premium WordPress Themes


Themeisle is another very popular resource for premium WordPress Themes. It has over 30 free and premium WordPress Themes and Templates in its collection. Its themes have been a mainstay among the most popular themes on WordPress.org. Many of its themes have already been recommended by some of the biggest websites in the world.

It delivers WordPress Themes as awesome as possible. Their themes come with pixel perfect design. Moreover, you never struggle with theme installation. And there’s awesome support available to you.

Themeisle WordPress Theme

Obox Themes

Obox Themes provide fabulous design and functionality. Obox creates plug ‘n’ play themes that can run across multiple platforms. Its Themes can match with the best in the industry and are par with the present industry standards.

Premium WordPress Themes

Theme Trust

Theme Trust creates simple, beautiful and easy to use WordPress Themes. Although it is a relatively new WordPress Theme Shop, still it pays ample attention to the quality and details in their themes.

Premium WordPress Themes


cssigniter is yet another best place to buy premium WordPress Themes. It has a membership model like that of Elegant Themes. You can get an access to its theme for $39 only for a whole year with support. It provides for more than 40 Themes so that you have a good range of choices for WordPress Themes.

Premium WordPress Themes

Theme Fuse

Theme Fuse is another well-known WordPress Theme Developer. It creates modern, unique and premium WordPress Themes. Presently they have 32 Themes in their portfolio, which can be used for sites such as health & beauty, fashion, food, travel, art, software, etc. These themes can be easily set up and can be managed efficiently.

Premium WordPress Themes


InkThemes is a developer of premium Themes. It has more than 30 Themes, which can be used for hotel, magazine, personal blog, magazine, corporate, business, real estate, and other businesses, as well. Its Themes feature advanced functionality and have been priced for $45 each. Along with the theme, it also provides video tutorials, forum support, and regular updates too.

Premium WordPress Themes

Organized Themes

Organized Themes though at present does not have too many themes in its portfolio, still each of its WordPress Themes are highly proficient and professional. They are simple, efficient, powerful and feature-rich. Currently Organized Themes has about fourteen themes which can be used for corporate and other kinds of websites. Its theme comes at a price of $45 each, and you also get an extra free theme, future updates, and lifetime support, as well.

Premium WordPress Themes

Frogs Themes

Frogs Themes create excellent WordPress Themes which can be used by bloggers, businesses, entrepreneurs, and creatives. Most of their Themes have Responsive Design and are compatible with different types of digital devices. By just paying $39, you get to access all of its premium WordPress Themes which is really very cost effective.

Premium WordPress Themes

Theme Junkie

Theme Junkie is another very popular developer of premium WordPress Themes. It has a vivid collection of more than 30 professional, unique, and stylish WordPress Themes. You can use its WordPress Themes for designing personal blog, magazine, gallery, video sites, or can be used for launching a corporate or business website. You can get individual themes at a price of $39, and you also get one bonus theme absolutely free.

Premium WordPress Themes


Ithemes is probably one of the best online resources for quality and premium WordPress Themes for bloggers and small business owners. Ithemes WordPress Themes makes it easy for you to have a stylish, advanced and feature-rich WordPress site in no time whatsoever. With Ithemes, it is thoroughly easy to run and maintain your blog and website. In addition to WordPress themes, Ithemes also runs WordPress Plugins and also provides web design training for WordPress.

Premium WordPress Themes

Artisan Themes

Artisan Themes provide you the opportunity to create highly polished WordPress sites while saving your precious time. Artisan Themes takes a modular approach to building websites. It helps you to build your WordPress sites by creating, customizing, and combining different kinds of sections. So, you have a great web experience with Artisan Themes.

It provides 20+ types of modules, based on popular site sections. You simply need to handle the modules like you handle a regular post. You have to add the content, select a layout and that’s it. With Artisan Themes, you have the power to create an endless variety of professional websites, in no time whatsoever.

Artisan Themes


ThemeShift is another widely known developer of WordPress Themes. All their WordPress Themes are well designed and bring about considerable attention to details. ThemeShift provides elegant, feature-rich, powerful, and user-friendly WordPress Themes. They provide themes for personal blogs, magazine sites, news site, hotel websites, real estate and for other businesses, as well.

Premium WordPress Themes


NattyWP comes as a premium WordPress Themes Club. It presents many advanced and feature-rich WordPress Themes so that you have quality WordPress Themes. NattyWP provides a default design and gives access to its framework, features, and API. Plus, it provides elegant, powerful features and provides 24/7 support, as well.

Premium WordPress Themes


Running since April 2008, WPZOOM specializes in creating WordPress Themes. It has become one of the prominent WordPress Theme development service. At present, it has about 55 Themes in its collection, which are being used in thousands of websites. WPZOOM has plans to further build up its portfolio and come up with new themes and updates for the existing WordPress Themes. Each of its themes has great features and has been superbly designed, as well.

Premium WordPress Themes

Headway Themes

Headway makes website creation easy and enjoyable. Its Headway Grid allows you to have virtually any kind of layout that you would like to have. It provides Design Editor so that you can have rounded corners, background images, shadows and can add colors of your choice, as well. Headway Themes are SEO ready so that you do not have to worry about search engine optimization, any more. Headway comes provides Responsive design and supports HTML5 and CSS3, as well.

Premium WordPress Themes


WooThemes offers one of the best places to shop for the finest WordPress Themes. You get great value for your money when you buy premium WordPress Themes, plus you get quality customer support, as well.

Premium WordPress Themes

The Theme Foundry

The Theme Foundry is another very prominent developer of WordPress Themes. Each of its Themes lays great attention to detail, usability, simplicity, cleanliness, and design.

Premium WordPress Themes

Organic Themes

Organic Themes creates unique and beautiful WordPress Themes that suits the business requirements of a large set of clients. Each of its WordPress Themes is stylishly designed and is rich in features too.

Premium WordPress Themes

Graph Paper Press

Graph Paper Press comes with minimalistic WordPress Themes that are suitable for designers, photographers, artists, and videographers. With Graph Paper Press minimalistic modular designs, you can totally transform your blog from a tubular list of posts into aesthetic portfolio or news magazine website.

Premium WordPress Themes

Pro Theme Design

Pro Theme Design WordPress Themes are powerful and yet elegant. Pro Theme Design lays emphasis on quality over quantity. Its WordPress Themes are feature-rich and can be customized for varying layouts, provides typography options, page templates, and much more.

Premium WordPress Themes

Viva Themes

Viva Themes develops professional and stylish WordPress Themes. It has more than 40 premium WordPress Themes, which can be used for different niches such as professional or personal blogging, photography, portfolio, CMS, etc. Individual Themes have been priced at $45 and includes relevant PNG and PSD source files, updates and as well as support.

Premium WordPress Themes

Creative Market

Although relatively new to WordPress Themes development service, Creative Market has a number of awesome, stylish and unique, premium WordPress Themes in its portfolio. Its themes have been built on an entirely new platform which makes it really easy to customize colors, texts, and images.

WordPress Theme Places


Press75 provides themes which are simple, clean, unique, and efficient. Its themes have many key customization and content management options. Press75 themes are easy to install and functions flawlessly with the latest (stable) version of WordPress.

Premium WordPress Themes


You get to have full-featured, unique, innovative and advanced WordPress Themes at AppThemes. Its WordPress Themes are easy to manage and have been integrated to work in the WordPress Environment. AppThemes can be used for businesses of all sizes. Its themes are written with quality code, and so everything is fully commented and absolutely easy to understand. One single theme at AppThemes comes at a price of $99 and provides license, unlimited websites, 12 months support and 12 months of free updates.

Premium WordPress Themes


PremiumPress WordPress Themes have been designed specifically to make your online business run a lot easier. PremiumPress Themes have been loaded with features and have empowered with latest technologies. Its themes have been optimized for search engines, so you don’t have to put in your efforts in performing SEO tasks. PremiumPress themes are easy to set up and come with 24/7 customer support, as well.

Premium WordPress Themes

Template Monster

Template Monster delivers one of the best Templates on the Net. Its Themes are responsive in design and provide a great set of functionalities and features. Template Monster provides the Cherry Framework and has Bootstrap functionality. It delivers WordPress Themes, which are simply amazing, stylish easy to use and manage.

Premium WordPress Themes


FlexiTheme delivers premium WordPress Themes. FlexiTheme WordPress Themes are thoroughly professional, easy-to-use, stylish and feature-rich. Its themes can be easily customized and are compatible with latest WordPress versions. Single Themes come for $29.90 and membership plans start for $39.90.

Premium WordPress Themes


With ThemeFurnace you can look forward to high-quality WordPress Themes. Using ThemeFurnace WordPress Theme you can have personal or professional blogging sites as well as business sites too. It also provides 24/7 support so that your site is up and live in no time whatsoever. ThemeFurnace WordPress Themes are unique, innovative, feature-rich, powerful, and advance.

Premium WordPress Themes


SoloStream makes premium WordPress Themes through which you can easily build a powerful, and yet affordable business or blogging websites. It has nearly 30 high-quality WordPress Themes in its portfolio so you have a wide choice of selection before you as far Theme selection is concerned.

Premium WordPress Themes

Tesla Themes

Tesla Themes are known for their modern WordPress Themes with clean design, powerful features, and free premium support. It’s a place for all kinds of WordPress Themes, including Blog WordPress Themes, Business WordPress Themes, Portfolio WordPress Themes, E-commerce WordPress Themes and Premium WordPress Themes.

All its WordPress Themes are fully responsive and look beautiful on any device. You are in for premium support whenever you need to modify your theme or run into any problems. Moreover, their themes are compatible with the latest version of WordPress. It also provides a quick and easy installation process.

Tesla Themes


Mysitemyway provides excellent WordPress Themes. It comes with a revolutionary skinning system and its themes are mostly responsive in design. WordPress Themes from Mysitemyway are unique, feature-rich and powerful too.
Premium WordPress Themes


VibeThemes create simple, clean and beautiful WordPress Themes. VibeThemes WordPress Themes are easy to use and are a real treat for your visitor’s eyes. They also create WordPress Plugins.
Premium WordPress Themes


WPNOW is a renowned developer of quality and beautiful WordPress Themes. Simply put, WPNOW creates some of the best visually stunning WordPress themes. WPNOW WordPress Themes are unique and have inspiring designs. All of their WordPress Themes have been designed by professional and successful graphic artists.
Premium WordPress Themes

We hope that you would have liked our presentation of 40+ Best Places to Buy Premium WordPress Themes. We look forward to comments and suggestions.

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