5 Best WordPress Captcha Plugins

Spam Comments are a big problem for most webmasters.

They are a security threat, annoying, and most importantly waste a lot of your precious time in identifying and removing them from the list of genuine commenters.

The best way to get rid of spam comments is to add a CAPTCHA to your WordPress comment form. A CAPTCHA helps to differentiate between human and computer software. As a matter of fact, CAPTCHA means Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart.

The beauty of a CAPTCHA is that it can be solved by humans only. Computer software and bots are unable to solve them. So when computer software encounters a CAPTCHA it simply does not able to solve the test and here’s how to get rid of nongenuine users who pose a security threat to your website.

Here under, I have listed down 5 Best WordPress Captcha Plugins which when integrated with your WordPress website will help prevent spam on your WordPress website.

These WordPress Captcha Plugins are available for free and feature among the list of most downloaded Captcha Plugins. When implemented you never have to worry about spam comments on your WordPress website. Other than on the comment form, these WordPress CAPTCHA Plugins can be used for login, registration or password recovery. The CAPTCHA image is shown with numbers and letters, and users have to type in to authenticate themselves as genuine human users.

So, you can go through these 5 Best WordPress Captcha Plugins, and I am sure you would come across a suitable one for preventing spam on your WordPress website.

5 Free WordPress Captcha Plugins

1. Captcha

Captcha WordPress Plugin is one of the most downloaded Plugins for securing your WordPress site from spam comments. With The Captcha WordPress Plugin, you can implement super security captcha form into web forms for your WordPress site. So you never have to worry about spam comments when Captcha Plugin is implemented into your WordPress website. It comes into action by protecting your WordPress site from spam comments by means of maths logic that is easily understood by human beings. Other than the comment form, this Captcha plugin can be used for registration, login, as well as for password recovery. It employs numbers and letters in captcha or just one of these two things that are either numbers or letters. Label can be used to display captcha in the form. It uses basic math actions such as add, subtract, and multiply.
WordPress Captcha Plugins

2. Sweet Captcha

Sweet Captcha comes as a human-friendly, fun, and designed Captcha plugin. So protect your website from spam with this easy to use Captcha plugin. Sweet Captcha comes fully integrated as a comments captcha, registration captcha, login captcha, password recovery captcha, contact form 7 captcha like a custom contact form and more. Moreover, Sweet Captcha is a free captcha plugin which puts your users and website at priority. It protects your website from spam using an illustrated widget. It requires no typing and is fully interactive, and easy to use. Sweet Captcha gives you the opportunity to customize your captcha language translation and theme so that your users interact with the captcha in a fun and easy manner. It can be translated to 17 different languages and comes with full mobile support and has been successfully tested for Android and iOS devices. It even comes with cross-browser support for all modern web browsers.
WordPress Captcha Plugins

3. SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam

SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam WordPress Plugin is an anti-spam plugin for your WordPress site. It can be used for WP, WPMU, and BuddyPress. It implements anti-spam methods to WordPress for comments forms, password, login, as well as for registration. So if users want to post comments or register they have to type in the code as illustrated in the image. This way it prevents spam from automated bots. SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam WordPress plugin is fully configurable from the admin panel. It even allows for Trackbacks and Pingbacks. It comes with Section 508 and WAI Accessibility Validation and hides the Captcha from logged in users.
WordPress Captcha Plugins

4. Really Simple CAPTCHA

Really Simple CAPTCHA was originally created for Contact form 7 plugin. It is a CAPTCHA module which is intended to be called in from other plugins. It does not work alone and is designed to work with other plugins. As it name suggests, Really Simple CAPTCHA is really a simple Captcha plugins preventing your WordPress website from spam. Unlike other PHP CAPTCHA solutions, Really Simple CAPTCHA does not use PHP Sessions for storing states. However, it stores them in the form of temporary files. With this, you can embed it with WordPress without any sort of conflict. When a CAPTCHA is generated, Really Simple CAPTCHA creates two files for it. One for the image file of CAPTCHA and the other one is the text file for storing the correct answer to the CAPTCHA.
WordPress Captcha Plugins

5. Conditional CAPTCHA

Conditional CAPTCHA WordPress Plugin helps to eliminate spam without annoying your visitors. It serves simple captcha to your visitors if they don’t have a previously approved comment or when Akismet thinks that their comment is spam. The Plugin serves two modes. One is Basic, and the other one is the Akismet-enhanced. In the Basic mode, a CAPTCHA is served to all commenters which are logged in and don’t have a previously approved comment. Those which are repeat commenters will never get to see a CAPTCHA. In the Akismet-enhanced mode, a CAPTCHA is served only when Akismet identifies a comment as spam. You just have to install an activate Akismet to enable this mode. So, genuine commenters will be able to comment on your site without any problem. Its default CAPTCHA is a simple text-based test, and it appears when a comment is submitted. If a commenter fails the CAPTCHA test, their comment will automatically be discarded. If they pass the CAPTCHA Test, their comment is allowed in the spam queue or approved if you so choose.
WordPress Captcha Plugins

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