Project Management on WordPress Blog with CollabPress WP Plugin

Well, WordPress demands no introduction whatsoever.

It is one of the most widely used Content Management System in the world. It’s the preferred choice of hundreds and thousands of bloggers and webmasters from across the globe.

Moreover, WordPress provides the facility to add plugins and extensions so as to impart added functionalities and features to your website.

Actually, the plugins range is very wide, and you have the flexibility to use them as WordPress installations to enhance your sites features and capabilities.

Well, you might already know this if you are not new to WordPress; however, this is not “the end” to what all you can do with WordPress as a CMS platform.

Here, I showcase to you a very splendid example of extending WordPress capabilities, which comes in the form of Project and Task Management functionality.

With CollabPress WordPress Plugin, you can easily transform your WordPress installation into a feature rich project management application.

So, if you have a multi-author blog or simply want to try your hands on a group project and are looking for a task management tool then CollabPress WordPress Plugin from WebDevStudios can be a perfect plugin for all your task management and project management related requirements. The Collaboration plugin has been released by Brad Williams.

It is a simple to use Plugin with which you can manage your project management tasks easily.

WordPress Collaboration Plugin CollabPress
Moreover, CollabPress is an all-in-one WordPress Collaboration Plugin, which lets you create unlimited projects and task lists easily and efficiently too. You can expect a lot in the world of project management with CollabPress WordPress Plugin.

I have provided a comprehensive overview of WordPress Collaboration Plugin CollabPress together with details regarding its features so that you get to have a thorough understanding functions, capabilities, and usage.

Actually you get tremendous benefits when you combine WordPress with task management.

For example, you surely would not want to use several accounts for signing into your social networking, blogging, collaboration or for project management. Using the WordPress Collaboration Plugin CollabPress you can simply have them all in your WordPress site itself. With CollabPress, you can easily add task management functionality to WordPress. You can easily create projects and can assign tasks to users, as well.

How to Get Started with CollabPress WordPress Collaboration Plugin

Well, to start using CollabPress Plugin you first need to install and activate it. Once you have done the installation and navigation you will then get a new option in the side navigation saying “CollabPress”. The menu provides you two options. With one, , you can do “Settings” and with the second option you can create and manage tasks. The settings page provides you options to set and define user role, which you give access to participation in your collaboration. The plugin also provides you options so that you also set email notifications for users so that they can come to know if they have been allocated the task.

Now, let us move to the CollabPress dashboard. This page holds ample amount of information like Recent Activity, List of all users, List of all projects, Task List, as well as you can add a calendar view too. Once you have created a project and set up the tasks list, you can visit your project page to get an overview yourself of what has been done by whom. So you can determine which user is slacking and needs to get going. This collaboration plugin makes it possible to set the mechanism for internal communication. Let’s say you are working on a project with lots of people and with a specific deadline, then you get a cool calendar view to find what task is due on which date and to ascertain who is responsible for it.

CollabPress WP PluginApart from the above features list, there are a number of features which are destined to be released in the near future in its forthcoming releases. So, in the future releases you will get to see front-end support, task item priority settings, ability to add files to your project. The makers of WordPress Collaboration Plugin CollabPress have set up a forum on which you can post your feature requests and can get the required support.

On the whole, WordPress Collaboration Plugin CollabPress is a very exciting plugin that you can have on your WordPress Platform if you want to manage project related tasks.

However, you need to download the WordPress Collaboration Plugin CollabPress to test its capabilities and powerful features yourself.

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