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The real challenge in the online world is to have a website that holds your reader’s attention. So, the look and feel of a website is one of the crucial factors which are responsible for grabbing the attention of the readers.

Perfection is the need of the hour when it comes to website design, and you cannot ignore it at any cost. CSS Hero is one such tool that facilitates painless WordPress Customization and helps you to have a website that is perfect for your readers.

This post is a CSS Hero Review which endeavors to provide you with an overall perspective on the WordPress Theme Customization Plugin.

CSS Hero Review

When it comes to WordPress, the sheer wealth of themes makes it relatively easy for you to have a website that matches your requirements. Chances are pretty high that you can get a theme that is perfect for your site.

Still, a pre-built theme can fall short of an individual’s needs.

So what if you need to make a few changes to your theme so that it looks perfect?

Well, if you are a tech savvy person, no problem for you.

You can go ahead and modify it as you please.

But, the problem comes for a non-tech person who is not able to make changes to the necessary files so that the theme of the site falls in line with your desired objectives and requirements.

Herein comes the role of CSS Hero WordPress Plugin that enables you to make necessary visual customization to your theme without having to tweak a single line of code.

It comes handy when you lack design knowledge and don’t even have the budget to hire someone to do the theme customization for you.

With CSS Hero, you can easily make the design changes you need for your WordPress site. It empowers you to inject new life into a standard WordPress Theme.

It allows you to edit CSS for a WordPress theme directly from the front end using a live preview. It is one of those plugins that every WordPress beginner should try.

What is CSS Hero?

CSS Hero is a premium theme customization WordPress Plugin that enables you to design your WordPress theme without requiring to write a single line of code.

It functions as a powerful visual CSS editor for WordPress websites. Its live preview mode and easy graphical user interface enable you to customize the appearance of your WordPress site easily.

The CSS Hero WordPress Plugin is a step above drag-and-drop page builder plugins as it allows you to customize your existing WordPress theme the way you like.

Moreover, you can use your professionally designed WordPress Theme and go on to make minor adjustments to suit your needs. With CSS Hero, you can customize anything and everything.

With CSS Hero, you can easily select and modify elements of your website through its powerful visual live editor. Its editor is available at the front end of a website, and you can customize each element by simply clicking and pointing.

All the customizations are applied separately to the original theme styles without tweaking any of the code in your theme files.

CSS Hero is equally good for designers and developers. It works on the Genesis Theme Framework. You can make changes to a child theme that can be exported on client sites. So, when it comes to making design customizations, CSS Hero helps to save a lot of time and frustration.

Some of the Key Features of CSS Hero include:

  • Ability to customize the fonts with Google web fonts
  • It allows you to make changes in the colors of almost anything
  • Make changes in margins, text heights, and column widths
  • Provide special effects like shadows, transitions, and gradients
  • CSS output is minified
  • Provides a full history of changes which allows you to undo something
  • Comes with responsive preview modes
  • Ability to reset everything back to default mode
  • Commit edits to specific devices
  • Compatible with many popular free and premium WordPress themes
  • It is also compatible with many popular WordPress Theme Frameworks such as Genesis, Pagelines, Thematic, etc.
  • Compatible with popular and commonly used WordPress Plugins such as WP Polls, Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7, DW Question Answers, etc.
  • With these features in place, the CSS Hero plugin allows you to make any changes in your theme design with ease.

However, there’s much more to this plugin which can be discovered through constant use and experimentation.

CSS Hero Pricing

As far as the pricing is concerned, CSS Hero is an affordable, premium WordPress Plugin. It’s priced at par with the best page builder plugins.

Its starter license is priced at just $29 wherein you can use CSS Hero on one website.

However, it has more options as well.

CSS Hero Personal license ($59) can be used on up to five websites, whereas its Pro license can be used up to 999 websites which cost $199.

All these licenses are valid for one year. They come with one year’s updates and support and also provide a 30-day money back guarantee. If you don’t need support and updates after 1 year, you can keep using CSS Hero.

Getting Started with CSS Hero

To get going with CSS Hero Plugin, you need to install and activate it first. After purchase, you will get the CSS Hero License Key.

CSS Hero plugin provides a WYSIWYG interface for editing your theme. You get the CSS Hero Button on the screen when you visit the front end of your website while logged in. Once you click on the button, you will get the live preview option.

csshero button

Here, you will see the CSS Hero toolbar.

The toolbar has some items. The first item is the Selection Tool. When you click on the selection tool, followed by clicking any element on your site, you will see the CSS selectors that are used by your theme for the element that you have selected.

Some examples of CSS selectors include site title, site branding, site background, and site header selectors.

  • Suppose that you want to change the font of site title.
  • You should then click on the site title.
  • Once you choose a selector, the CSS Hero plugin will display all the things that can be modified such as text, padding, margins, background, etc.
  • Click on text to change the font used by site title.
  • It will list out all the options that you can modify.
  • In this example, it will display font size, color, weight, spacing, weight, etc.
  • As you go on to edit the values, the changes can be seen in the live preview. If you like the changes, click on the Save Button to store the changes.

CSS Hero Editing

So, you see that the visual editor of CSS Hero is very easy to use. You require to click on the pointer and then click the element that you want to modify. The CSS classes are loaded, and you can customize them.

All element properties are displayed as buttons such as text, margin, padding, border, background, size, etc. You need to click on a property to customize it.

You are provided with buttons, sliders, and easy controls so that you can change sizes or values. With CSS Hero, you can customize up to the smallest elements on a page, the way you want. It requires no coding or rewriting of style sheets; you just have to point, click and save.

Undo Changes

CSS Hero can undo any changes you make at any point in time. It keeps a history of all the changes that you have done to your theme.

The CSS Hero toolbar has the history button that displays the list of changes. Using the preview icon, you can see what your site looked at the point. With the Activate icon, you can revert to that state.

Css Hero History

However, if you want to revert changes that you have made to a particular item, you need to use the reset button.

First, click on the element that you want to revert and then you have to click the reset button. It will apply the default settings to the item that are defined by your WordPress theme.

Customizing for Mobile Devices

CSS Hero allows you to customize your WordPress Theme for all devices and screen sizes. The CSS Toolbar has the desktop icon. Click on it and then click on a device type. You can select mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.

The Preview area will then look like your selected device. It will enable you to edit your website while previewing it for mobile devices. The tool will help you to customize your theme’s design for mobile devices.

Our Verdict

It’s affordable pricing, top class features, ease of use, extensive documentation, and excellent support makes CSS Hero one of the best WordPress Theme customization plugins.

It is useful for WordPress beginners who want to customize theme design easily. We hope that this CSS Hero Review proves helpful to you and provides detail information about the plugin.

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