12 Best Drag and Drop WordPress Themes and Plugins

The trend of website development has changed a lot with the coming up of Drag and Drop WordPress Themes and Plugins. Site page builders go on to simplify the process of WordPress customization and come handy for beginners as well as advanced users.

In fact, WordPress Page Builders allow you to create unique website layout without having to use any code. There are many WordPress Drag and Drop Themes and Plugins. Herein, we have featured 12 Best Drag and Drop WordPress Themes and Plugins.

However, before we present the list, here is a brief introduction about WordPress Page Builders in case you are not aware of it.

What is a WordPress Page Builder?

A WordPress Page Builder is a plugin that allows you to make changes to the structure and design layout of your web pages by using drag and drop editor.

So, instead of writing tons of codes, you just need to drag and drop certain theme elements in the content area, rearrange them and have beautiful pages.

It allows you to create completely different and unique website pages. Thus you can overcome limitations of default templates provided with the theme.

It is empowered with an advanced page editor with which you can add pre-made widgets, content blocks, and components.

With a page builder, you can add any content in the form of widgets in the pages. Simply by dragging and dropping, you can add widgets, organize, reorder, and rearrange them.

Using WordPress drag and drop themes and plugins, you can easily build a professional website for your brand, company, organization or business. You can create a quality website without having to hire a web developer.

Nowadays, a lot of users are using Drag and Drop WordPress Themes & Plugins for building professional looking websites.

The main reason for this is that they are uncomplicated to use and help them save an ample amount of time in developing their websites. The comfort level is high when you use drag and drop themes and plugins. Plus, you can design your website with accuracy and precision.

With WordPress Drag and Drop Themes, you can change or add any elements on your website instantly. So, even if you do not possess any programming experience, you can still come out with beautiful and unique websites.

So, if you too want to create professional websites without hiring a web developer, you can well consider the themes and plugins listed in this presentation of 12 Best Drag and Drop WordPress Themes and Plugins.

12 Top Drag and Drop / Page Builder WordPress Themes & Plugins


1. Divi

Divi is one of the most powerful, flexible, and multi-purpose WordPress Theme that can be used for building almost any type of website. Divi boasts of a solid framework that is helpful in building an outstanding online presence. With Divi, you can have full control over the structure and design of your website.

Divi is fully responsive making it suitable for any devices. Divi ensures that all your web visitors get to have optimal viewing experience irrespective of the device or screen sizes they choose to view your website. The Divi theme comes with 18 pre-made layouts that make website development a breeze.

Divi comes loaded with a fully functional, unique, and user-friendly page builder that enables users to create awesome page layouts without having to work with codes. With its powerful and sophisticated drag and drop page builder, you can go on to create an attention-grabbing website easily.

Divi can be used for building an attractive portfolio page, a persuasive testimonial page and much more. With Divi, you can even personalize the full-screen header by having an image of your product or services. Plus, you get a number of notable features such as a customizable homepage, video support, numerous navigation options, font and color options, and much more.

Divi Drag and Drop Page Builder

2. Themify Builder

The Themify Builder comes integrated with every theme from the Themify collection. Using Themify Builder, you can easily build and edit the website layouts both in the back-end as well as the front-end. Themify Builder goes on to provide pre-built layouts. You can even import a custom layout for faster prototyping.

Themify Builder is by far the most powerful as well as easy to use page builder for WordPress. It lets you design any layout that you can imagine. You can bring it to life using its drag and drop interface, and watch it being built right in front of your eyes with live preview. Themify Builder lets you build pages without any coding.

Themify Builder comes with as much as 40+ professional pre-designed layouts. You are simply required to import a layout, go on to replace the text and images, and you are done. With Themify Builder, you can have an awesome landing page within few minutes. Its backend interface enables you to drag and drop modules around quickly and easily. Whereas with the frontend edit, you can preview the design live.

Themify Builder provides as much as 60+ animation effects to spice up your website design. It offers custom styling, so you get full control of your page appearance. It offers Google Fonts, Slider Background, Video Background, Parallax Scrolling, Row Overlay, and Color Picker.

The Builder has a modular based design. Resources and files are loaded only when in use. The Builder is studded with its cache system for fast processing of pages. Plus, the Builder is 100% SEO friendly. It is also fully extendable by installing add-ons. It supports rich text formatting, HTML, and shortcodes.

Themify Drag and Drop Page Builder

3. Thrive Content Builder

Thrive Content Builder is the most intuitive, easy to use, and fastest visual editor for WordPress. It’s simply the best plugin for creating marketing websites or business-focused blogs. With Thrive Content Builder, you can create engaging, visually impressive and beautiful contents and layouts in WordPress.

Thrive Content Builder comes as a click-to-edit front-end builder for your website. It works on a very simple principle: if you want to edit something, you click on it. Thrive Content Builder takes your content creation experience to a new height. Moreover, it brings back the joy of creating content.

If your eye for the productivity as well as the quality of content, then Thrive Content Builder is the tool that you should go for surely.

With its drag and drop interface and the numerous editing options, Thrive Content Builder becomes a forerunner in helping you out with attractive and engaging website layouts.

Thrive Content Builder does tons of things as a visual editor.

It allows you to add large, attention-grabbing buttons and calls to action to any post or page. Plus, you can customize the style, color, size, link, as well as other aspects of each button. It even allows you to create beautiful testimonials. You can create attention-grabbing Content Boxes and stylish pricing tables easily.

One can add fully responsive and mobile friendly YouTube and Vimeo videos in your content. You can even create retina-ready font icons for your content. Thrive Content Builder comes with a fully responsive, mobile-friendly design with the facility to add animation events to your page. Plus, you get much more elements to create stunning content.

Thrive Drag and Drop Page Builder

4. Page Builder by Site Origin

Page Builder by Site Origin is one of the most popular WordPress Page Builder Plugin in the market. It has over one million active installs. The best thing is that Site Origin Page Builder is available as a fully functional free plugin. It is fairly easy to use and works with any standard compliant WordPress Theme. Using Site Origin’s Page Builder, you can easily create responsive column based content that adapts to all mobile devices making your site mobile-ready.

Site Origin’s Page Builder comes with an intuitive user interface that resembles pretty much like WordPress itself. Moreover, it’s easy to learn, so you go on to build beautiful, responsive content quickly. The Page Builder supports all standard WordPress widgets, so you will always find the widget you need.

Most importantly, with Site Origin’s Page Builder you get the complete freedom to choose any WordPress Theme you like. You can change themes as often as you want. The content always comes along with you.

The Page Builder has been equipped with a simple and effective drag and drop interface and saves you from writing any piece of code. So, no coding is required from your side. Page Builder generates the code for you.

The Site Origin’s Page Builder does not limit you to a set of pre-defined row layouts. It provides flexibility to choose the exact number of columns for each row as well as the precise weight of each column.

Moreover, with the Page Builder, you get the facility of live editing. It allows you to see your content and edit widgets in real time. You go on to adjust your content easily and quickly.

You can also experiment with different layouts and content. There are options for changing attributes like padding, background colors, and column spacing. Last but not the least; Site Origin’s Page Builder is available in 17 languages.

Site Origin Drag and Drop Page Builder

5. iThemes Builder

iThemes Builder comes as a theme package that has a drag and drop page builder tool and a useful library of building blocks helping you to create the WordPress website of your requirements. The Builder lets you start from a blank canvas, or else you can use one of the 90 Builder Themes that can be customized with this tool.

For creating your designs, you simply need to define a custom layout, and then populate it with the available blocks, before going on to customize the appearance and finally adding your content.

iThemes Builder is an established tool that has been around for a long time. Moreover, it is constantly improved and upgraded. So, if you are looking for a powerful, easy to use, and effective drag and drop page builder tool, then iThemes Builder could be the one for you. It offers a number of pricing options, each providing a selection of themes so that you can get started quickly.

iThemes Drag and Drop Page Builder

6. Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is a perfect and one of the most popular premium drag and drop WordPress page builder plugin. It is one of the best WordPress page builder plugins that you can use to create beautiful layouts and content. It is not only incredibly fast but also provides a built-in onboarding tour to acquaint you with its interface quickly.

With Beaver Builder, you get a live drag and drop interface. You can get a perfect layout by simply dragging elements from the right sidebar and dropping them on your page. What’s more, you can even click on any element in a page for changing or editing its properties.

It is studded with basic as well as advanced modules that help you to add almost anything. It provides modules for adding sliders, backgrounds, content blocks, buttons, carousel, among many other things.

Its biggest highlight is the fact that Beaver Builder is very easy to use for beginners. It’s by far the easiest page builder option in the market. Beaver Builder also comes loaded with pre-made templates to help you get started. Its pricing options start from $99 for unlimited sites.

Beaver Builder Drag and Drop Page Builder

7. Avada

Avada is a responsive multi-purpose WordPress Theme and comes with almost everything that you need in creating a website.

The best thing about Avada is the unlimited design options you get for any kinds of projects you are working. Moreover, the main framework is responsive and super flexible. It makes sure that your website looks stunning on any device.

Avada provides an advanced theme options panel together with an amazing page option with tools to set up inimitable websites even if you are not well versed in coding skills.

It’s flexible and powerful framework has been powered by Fusion Core Plugin that provides an amazing set of tools such as Fusion Builder, visual page builder, Mega Menu, the shortcode generator, Fusion Slider, and more.

Using the Fusion Builder, you can visually drag and drop elements and build a distinctive web page that’s unique in every respect.

The drag and drop tool is studded with builder elements (shortcodes) to give you amazing customization options. With Avada, you get multiple layout options for your header, pages, blog, and portfolio so that you can have the greatest flexibility in the design and setup of your website.

Avada supports WooCommerce plugin so that you can showcase your products or services online easily. It is also compatible with bbPress and lets you set up a forum with ease. Lastly, Avada is 100% SEO friendly.

Avada Drag and Drop Page Builder

8. Elementor Page Builder

Elementor is one of the top WordPress Page Builders (Plugin).

It offers an easy and fast way to design WordPress websites.

This WordPress Page Builder Plugin is available in both “Free” as well as “Pro” versions.

Elementor is for building beautiful pages quickly and easily.

With Elementor, there’s no more drag, drop & wait.

It lets you design on the frontend with instant, real time results.

Elementor is a fully free & open source frontend page builder.

It offers full access to all the design features you might need.

Elementor is easy to use. It offers the best user experience and allows you to design at record speeds.

It’s a WordPress Page Builder with which you can reach high-end designs without coding. The resulting page code is optimized and compact for every screen size and device.

It can be used for designing any page or custom post type on WordPress.

It’s a Page Builder that allows designers to reach high-end premium designs without using CSS or Code.

With Elementor, you can deliver complete websites to clients faster than ever. Elementor is for having pixel perfect design. You can get the exact design you had in mind on the pixel level.

One can choose from more than 400+ unique icons and go on to customize them to fit your style. You can make your page more visually appealing with these unique and awesome icons.

Elementor’s border and background settings allow you to control everything that is inside and around your widgets.

Elementor is loaded with 800+ Google Fonts.

You can experiment with matching different fonts like never before.

Elementor offers automatic color control so that you can get consistent color pallet through the various pages within the website.

The plugin has a high-quality code. It has been built using the best code architecture. Moreover, Elementor makes your pages SEO optimized out of the box. It fully supports languages and RTL pages. It even supports translation plugins such as WPML and Polylang.

Elementor leverages the power of the WordPress community and helps to incorporate new widgets, plugins, and integrations. With Elementor, you can create your very own custom CSS for sections, rows, columns, and widgets, and add them easily to your page.

Elementor’s Template Library has a wide variety of beautifully crafted templates that fit every industry and need.

Plus, Elementor offers total customization over layout.

You can use Elementor with your favorite or customized theme.

All in all, you will enjoy designing WordPress websites with Elementor.

Elementor Page Builder WordPress Plugin

9. PageLines Pro

PageLines Pro is a powerful and fully-featured drag and drop theme builder. It delivers fully responsive layouts, custom typography, styling, as well as front-end editing features in an easy-to-use interface. PageLines supports rapid and easy to hand off development.

Some of its notable features are as follows:

  • WooCommerce integration
  • Fully responsive layouts
  • SEO and social media optimized
  • Unlimited page layouts
  • CSS animations
  • Lots of shortcodes
  • Custom Typography

PageLines Drag and Drop Page Builder

10. Page Builder by WooRockets.com

Page Builder by WooRockets.com or WR Page Builder comes as a simple and highly effective Drag and Drop WordPress page builder plugin. With WR Page Builder, you can build a complete WordPress site within few minutes without needing to code a single line of code.

It provides an intuitive user interface and is extremely simple and easy to use. Page Builder offers a whole new experience for building pages and even an entire online shop with its visual drag and drop functionality. It functions as an advanced editor and can be used for both post and pages.

WR Page Builder offers full page elements, widget support, built-in shortcodes, and much more options. It provides an unlimited number of style variations. It also offers a live preview mode.

With WR Page Builder, you can create your unique pages using the most up-to-date layout. It is fully responsive and goes on to support all screen sizes and mobile devices. It offers tons of customization options.

WooRockets Drag and Drop Page Builder

11. WPBakery (Visual Composer)

Visual Composer (WPBakery Page Builder) is a leading and one of the most popular WordPress Page Builder Plugin. It allows you to build any layout you can imagine with intuitive drag and drop builder. The best part is that you require no coding skills whatsoever. With Visual Composer, you get full control over your website.

Visual Composer allows you to create beautiful and stunning pages using its award-winning drag and drop builder. Moreover, Visual Composer allows you to work with any WordPress Theme of your choice. Visual Composer helps you with ready to use content elements, templates, and Add-ons.

With its built-in skin builder, you can create unique design literally in seconds. It provides access to the online template library. Visual Composer comes with advanced Grid Builder together with 40+ predefined styles.

Furthermore, you get the responsive design and mobile-ready layouts. All in all, Visual Composer lets you create and manage your WordPress content easily and quickly.

Visual Composer Drag and Drop Page Builder

12. Artisan Themes

Artisan Themes provides you the best and the easiest way to build your WordPress websites. Artisan Themes takes a modular approach to create and customizing WordPress sites. With Artisan Themes, your WordPress site will look awesome. It allows you to focus on designing a great web experience for your users.

It offers 20+ types of modules that are based on popular sites sections. You simply have to handle modules like you handle a regular post. Add the content, select a layout and it’s done.

With Artisan Themes, you can build any kind of WordPress website. It’s easy option panels, and modular pages make it superbly easy for you to design any professional website, in no time whatsoever. You even get ready-made sites with every Artisan Theme. With Artisan Themes, your WordPress site turns truly awesome.

Artisan Drag and Drop Page Builder

We hope that the post, 12 Best Drag and Drop WordPress Themes and Plugins, proves immensely helpful for you. If you liked these Drag and Drop Plugins and themes, do share it with your friends and colleagues. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

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