Elegant Themes Review: Best WordPress Theme Provider

Elegant Themes is a name to reckon with in the world of WordPress Themes.

So, if you are looking for a new WordPress Theme, you cannot just ignore ElegantThemes.

In fact, Elegant Themes has a large portfolio of attractive themes, lots of powerful plugins, and an active user community.

Here’s an unbiased Elegant Themes Review which will help you to shop for the best WordPress Theme for your website or blog.

The fate of your online success largely depends on the design and look of your website as it is the first thing that is noticed by your audience.

Invariably every blogger or webmaster looks for a good-looking, well-designed, and SEO optimized theme for their site.

So, you just cannot pick any theme for that matter.

You need a gorgeous theme working for you that go on to attract and engage your audience easily.

We have chosen ElegantThemes WordPress Themes and Plugins on many of our websites because they do the job well.

Their themes are good looking, gorgeous; SEO optimized and can be customized easily to suit your unique requirements.

Irrespective of the niche you are in, there’s a stunning Elegant Theme for your blog.

Each of the Elegant Themes gives a fresh look to your site.

And here’s the best thing about ElegantThemes.

All the Elegant Themes are available at an unbelievable price range.

You can get full access to all their 87 themes by just paying only $89. It simply can’t get better than that. So, Elegant Themes are your best option as far as premium WordPress Themes is concerned.

About Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes is now eight years old, and have successfully served more than 400,000 customers to date. From a humble beginning out of founder Nick Roach’s college apartment, ElegantThemes have grown become a big name in WordPress Themes whose workforce is spread in several countries.

Presently, they are offering 87 WordPress Themes and five plugins. They offer competitively priced products. Access to all their themes costs merely $89.

Elegant Themes Review

Better still, you can get a lifetime access to all their existing and future products by paying $249 as a one-time fee.

The highlight of Elegant Themes portfolio is the “Divi” theme.

ElegantThemes Divi is by far its single best WordPress Theme available. We have more on Elegant Themes “Divi” a little later.

First, let us find out why Elegant Themes edges out its competitors (such as Genesis, WooThemes, Thesis, etc.) in the world of WordPress Themes.

First of all, Elegant Themes has garnered a huge user base. It is easily one of the most popular premium WordPress Themes providers.

There are already over 292,799 people using their themes. These numbers speak of the immense success that ElegantThemes have had with WordPress users.

Secondly, they have come up with an affordable pricing structure. For just $89, you get full access to all their WordPress Themes including “Divi” and some great WordPress Plugins. All Elegant Themes look gorgeous and have been designed by industry top designers.

Thirdly, Elegant Themes have been studded with great design and superb features. And if this was not enough, you get all round support from their experienced support team who are there for you and help you when you are in any mess with your blog design.

Elegant Themes ePanel

Most of the other WordPress Themes make it extremely difficult to customize the design of your site.

Even for adding a common logo to your site, you need to log into your hosting panel and make a lot of changes.

That’s ok for a tech savvy buy, but a newbie or non-tech user, it’s totally a mess.

However, Elegant Themes ePanel makes it extremely easy for you to customize your site. It lets you make any changes without any coding skills.

Making design related changes become simple for you with ElegantThemes ePanel. You can add logos, Favicon, etc. in a simple way.

Built-in SEO features

Elegant Themes provides built-in SEO options that help you to improve the overall SEO of your site.

Using Elegant Themes built-in SEO options, you can easily modify your custom title, URL structures, Meta keywords, Meta descriptions, etc.

Responsive Design

One of the biggest highlights of Elegant Themes is their fully responsive design. ElegantThemes Responsive design makes your website look beautiful irrespective of the device being used to browse it.

Their Responsive design makes your website adapt to your user’s variable screen size. The result being a nice looking design of your website on users’ tablet and smartphone.

Elegant Themes Design & Graphics

Elegant Themes is known for developing beautiful WordPress Themes. All of its themes are simple, elegant, and professional. You get a huge collection of 87 themes ranging from eCommerce, news sites, corporate sites, and portfolio blogs, multimedia, magazine, and much more.

Moreover, Elegant Themes have an awesome framework that provides for the widget-ready sidebar, easy to navigate search bar, custom thumbnail images, and gravatar ready, plus many more features.

Most of the ElegantThemes provide many layout options, so you get the opportunity to select the best layout option based on your niche, audience and other requirements.

Elegant Themes Theme

However, if need be, then you can tweak your design with their simple, easy to use customization panel.

Elegant Themes are studded with high-resolution graphics and variable color schemes. The themes are colorful and do not distract the viewers when they browse your site’s content.

The header is stylish with unique font combinations and bold titles for attracting viewers. All-in-all, ElegantThemes has a rich collection of beautifully designed themes to attract and retain viewers’ attention and interest.

Elegant Themes Pricing

Elegant Themes offer as much as 87 premium themes for a low price of $89 wherein you get access to all themes, support, updates, and future releases for one year. This makes Elegant Themes the most economical premium WordPress Theme providers. It means that you are just paying $0.79 per theme. It’s only at ElegantThemes that you get such a big collection of beautiful WordPress themes at a remarkably low price.

Elegant Themes comes with three membership plans:

  • Personal ($89 per year)
  • Lifetime Access ($249 one time)

So, if you are on a tight budget, then Personal pricing option is for you wherein you get access to all the 87 themes for one year by just paying $89 every year. It is not compulsory to pay $89 every year. If you don’t need support and regular theme updates you can cancel the subscription.

However, if you like to access the plugins made by Elegant Themes, then you should go with the Developer pricing option wherein you have to pay $89 per year.

ElegantThemes Support

Elegant Themes has a well-equipped support system for helping its users. Its customer support assists you in case you face problems during the installation process. Moreover, users get the help from the support forum where they can post their queries and questions.

The forum is immensely user-friendly. It is categorized by the type of themes, so it becomes easy for you to follow up when you need assistance on a particular theme. You get assistance in all the technical issues related to your themes or plugins.

Elegant Themes Divi

Divi Theme is truly multipurpose WordPress Theme from Elegant Themes. It’s the Elegant’s flagship theme with which you can create just about any website.

Divi comes as a versatile website building tool and lets you create blogs, business homepages, eCommerce stores, and everything in between.

The most beautiful thing about Divi is the fact it is ideal for newbie WordPress users who can create custom websites without ever having to write a single line of code.

However, Divi is also very popular with professional web designers who take good use of this tool for building sites for their clients.

Divi has become the preferred WordPress Theme for web designers, bloggers, and webmasters largely because of its high-quality templates and the powerful drag-and-drop page builder tool.

Divi provides lots of layouts so you can easily start your website. Plus, you can customize the layouts using its intuitive drag-and-drop user interface. You can even create custom designs with Divi easily.

Elegant Themes Divi

Irrespective of your skill level, Divi does a fantastic job of democratizing web design. Using the Divi layouts and the builder’s point-and-click interface you can create gorgeous custom page designs. The tasks become even easier for experienced designers.

Another highlight of this Elegant Theme is the Divi Leads tool. With Divi Leads tool you can do split testing experiments on your site’s design and content. So, by using this tool, you come to know which headline or color scheme best inspires your visitors.

With Divi Leads, you can have multiple variations of your website and its content. It’s an invaluable addition to your toolkit.

Elegant Themes Divi facilitates real-time design. When you make a change, it is instantly updated right there and then. Moreover, Divi is fully customizable. You can adjust colors, fonts, sizing, spacing, and can even apply custom CSS.

Divi provides Click & Type opportunity. You don’t have to open up a settings panel for adding text content. Simply click onto your page and start typing.

Divi provides responsive editing and even facilitates custom changes to specific mobile breakpoints. It comes with 46 different content elements so you can build anything you can imagine. Divi has over 20 pre-made layouts to kick start your design process.

All-in-all, Elegant Themes Divi is one of the most versatile WordPress Theme that you will ever need.

Elegant Themes Discount

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