Bloom WordPress E-Mail Opt-In Plugin Review

Email list building is an important aspect of Internet Marketing. It is highly useful and recommended for gaining visitors and converting them into loyal customers. So, as a website owner or blogger, you should concentrate on having more email subscribers. In fact, it should be a primary goal for any website owner.

Moreover, it’s a proven fact that Email Marketing establishes an uninterrupted communication channel between you and your visitors. They go onto subscribing to your email list only because they value your content.

Having said this, Building an Email list is not so easy. You are required to do so many things such as – creating an opt-in form, connecting the forms with email accounts, placing the form in proper places, tweaking the form and lots more.

Herein, comes the role of Email Optin Plugin, which can help you to get the things done easily and quickly so that you can successfully build your email list of your subscribers.

One such professional tool that has gained much popularity these days is Bloom WordPress Email Optin Plugin.

Bloom comes as the latest Plugin from the House of Elegant Themes. As you may be aware, Elegant Themes is one of the most reputed places for WordPress Themes and Plugins. With Bloom, they are aiming to capture the Email Optin Plugin Market Space much likely the way they have made their mark in the space of WordPress Themes and Plugins.

So, let’s get started with Bloom Review to see what it has to offer to WordPress website owners and bloggers with respect to Email Optin form landscape. Here, we take a look at its feature and go on to see how easy it is to use.

Why You Should Use Bloom Email Optin Plugin?

Basically, the Bloom Plugin gives you the ability of displaying Email Optin forms on your WordPress website. Once your visitors enter their contact details into your opt-in forms, they are automatically added to your email database or marketing service (such as Aweber). Once you have successfully added your visitors to your Email list, you can then go ahead and email them at will.

Here it becomes important to understand that it is highly essential for you to come up with a list of email subscribers. It enables you to get your first-time visitors back to your site. This way you can establish better connections with your target audience. Another Plus, you can prove your utility by providing them with useful content. Later, you can also go ahead and promote your products and services to them.

Now let us see how “Bloom WordPress Email Optin Plugin” can prove useful to you in building a list of Email Subscribers. In this review, we explore its important features and see what this Email Options Plugin has to offer.

For Bloom to come out as a competent Email Optin Plugin, it should essentially be easy to use. Plus, it should also be empowered with features that most other top Plugins provide in this field.

Blloom Pop-up form

So now let us explore what Bloom has to offer you:

First of all, Bloom comes with Six Types of Email Optin Forms. It includes standard forms (which are displayed after each post), animated fly-in, pop up forms, slide-in forms, locked content form, etc. So with Bloom, you have plenty to work with.

Bloom Optin fly-in

Then with Bloom, you get access to plenty of high-quality pre-built form designs. The best part is that these form designs or templates can also be customized through the design options. You get extensive customization options which allow you to customize every aspect of the form such as title, message, image, font, borders, etc. You can even insert your own custom CSS.

Bloom WordPress E-Mail Opt-In Plugin

Pop-Ups Triggers

Another important feature of Bloom is its ability to provide you with detailed form display settings and triggers. For example, it provides you the option of triggering a pop-up or slide-in form when a user has scrolled past a certain percentage of a page. You can also set how frequently your forms are displayed. You can even opt for hiding the forms on small devices. Its display settings also allow you to choose on which part of your website the form will be displayed. Bloom even supports multiple opt-in forms on one website.

Pop-Ups Triggers

Split Testing

With its effective Split Testing and Optimization, Bloom WordPress Email Optin Plugin makes it easy for you to choose the right opt-in form for your website. It comes empowered with a powerful split testing tool which makes it easy for you to find the best form design for your website which converts most visitors into subscribers.

Split Testing

Email Marketing Integration

Another important and noteworthy feature of Bloom that comes to the forefront is its support for multiple email marketing service. Therefore, it’s great to know that Bloom integrates with most of the popular email list management services such as Aweber, MailChimp, Get Response, and many more. Plus, you can integrate the Bloom Plugin with multiple accounts. The integration process is also pretty straightforward and you would definitely find it easy to do all the settings.

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Email Marketing Integration

Opt-in Form Performance

Bloom also provides you the option to view the performance of your opt-in form from the statistics page. You get to view the number of impressions, conversions, conversion rate for each of your active form on your website or blog. It also provides statistics for the highest converting pages on your site and you can see a number of sign-ups per day. Bloom also enables you to import and export from settings between sites, thereby making it easy for you to deploy your successful designs and settings when you launch your new project.

Opt-in Form Performance


As we can see, Bloom WordPress Email Optin Plugin comes loaded with features making it a top class Email Optin Plugin for WordPress powered websites and blogs. It provides all the main form types and you also get a wide variety of templates as well. So, if you are keen on building your Email list, Bloom is one Plugin that you just can’t ignore.

Download Bloom WordPress E-Mail Opt-In Plugin

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