15 Most Expensive WordPress Plugins & Services

WordPress offers one of the most powerful platforms for blogging. Today millions of bloggers from all across the globe use WordPress Content Management System (CMS) to run and manage their blogs.

Although WordPress is a comprehensive CMS solution for managing your blogs, still there are times when you need to extend its functionalities so that your blog(s) stands out amongst the rest of the blogs.

You may require securing your WordPress site, doing SEO related tasks, need to promote it extensively across various social media channels, do email marketing, create landing pages, carry out lead tracking and management, and may require performing many other tasks, as well.

In fact, you can accomplish these tasks by using WordPress Plugins and Services.

Although, you can get a lot of Plugins and Services for free, and at other times they come at an affordable pricing; however, you can also come across an expensive WordPress Plugin and Service.

Well, you can purchase these Plugins & Services or can even say “no” to them.

As a matter of fact, Expensive WordPress Plugins & Services are expensive because they have a high utility attached to them. You cannot afford to ignore them, although you have always chosen to buy them or can even opt for not buying them. The final decision is always yours.

You should remember that a plugin or service though expensive can actually give you a substantial edge over other blogs. This can ultimately prove profitable for you in the long run. You have a managed and secure WordPress site and can be successful in getting high volume of traffic of visitors. Your site can rank high on SERPs that help you in increasing your click-through-rate.

Here under we have listed down some Most Expensive WordPress Plugins & Services.

Use of these Most Expensive WordPress Plugins & Services can help you to enhance your WordPress site in multiple ways thereby eventually giving you more number of visitors and sales.

These Most Expensive WordPress Plugins & Services come with high monthly subscription rate which can usually go above $50 per site.

So, before finally making the purchase of any of these Most Expensive WordPress Plugins & Services, you should thoroughly be aware of their usage and utility. You should make a purchase when you are hundred percent assured of their utility, purpose, value and usage.

The collection of Most Expensive WordPress Plugins & Services (showcased hereunder) has been carefully done so as to include not only the most expensive but also the most valuable plugins and services.

So you can go through the compilation of Most Expensive WordPress Plugins & Services, and we believe that you will surely come across many useful WordPress Plugins & Services.

15 Expensive WordPress Plugins & Services

1. Sucuri

The World Wide Web is not an absolutely secured space. As such Website security becomes the most important task for any webmaster or online business promoter. Website security encompasses various tasks such as web monitoring, malware cleanup and many other tasks. Sucuri services work effectively and efficiently to accomplish these tasks for you so that your website remains free from malwares or any type of hackers’ attack.

It monitors your website round the clock detecting, blocking and removing any type of security threats for your website. Sucuri comes as a comprehensive and trusted solution for protecting your websites from web-malwares. It performs a thorough and fast clean-up of your websites. Sucuri supports a number of platforms such as WordPress, Microsoft. Net, phpBB, HTML, and as well as many other platforms. You can even run a free website scan which instantly reveals its security status and presents you with a security report.

Sucuri offers different pricing plans. You can select a plan based on the number of websites you want to protect. It’s Business Package helps you to clean 6-10 websites at a cost of $289.99 per year. Likewise, with Sucuri Power Package you can protect 2-5 websites for $189.99 per year while its Premium Package helps to protect and clean your single (one) website for $89.99 per year. You need to sign-up, select and purchase a plan, add your website and set up malware monitoring, alerting and other security services.
Expensive WordPress

2. ManageWP

ManageWP is one of the most comprehensive and easy-to-use WordPress Management Platform. ManageWP makes it’s wonderfully easy to manage all your WordPress based websites. It comes with a powerful dashboard, through which you can manage, access, backup and update all of your WordPress enabled websites.

Managing multiple WordPress sites is a time-consuming and moreover, can sometime turn out to be quite frustrating. Missing out on a WordPress site update can actually give an opportunity to the hackers to attack and spoil your website. However, with ManageWP you can rest assured that all your websites are managed and protected well so that they remain free from hackers’ attack or any other security concern. Updating your sites is absolutely easy with ManageWP. It provides one-click updates. It works to provide the highest level of security to your WordPress sites. Using ManageWP, you get to have automated backup and complete monitoring.

ManageWP comes as a free solution (with limited features) for upto 5 websites. For more websites and additional features, you can choose its Standard Package, Professional Package or Business Package. The annual cost of managing 5 websites through Standard Package is $43.20 while the cost of Professional Package for 5 websites is $129.60 annually, and Business Package can be had for $259.20 annually for managing 5 websites.
Expensive WordPress

3. Scribe

Scribe is content marketing software. It can be regarded as an ultimate optimization tool for result oriented online marketing. Scribe works on the online marketing formula that smart content creation together with more social sharing leads to higher rankings on search engines, which ultimately brings, in more traffic and leads. It makes content marketing a reality by following three easy steps of Research, Optimize and Connect. Scribe provides research tools so as to discover topics and language styles that are liked by your target audience.

It gives you profitable topics together with keyword phrases. Scribe helps you to analyse your content and provides valuable tweaking strategies so that you can rank your content higher on SERPs. With Scribe, you can cross link your content, gives website suggestions for the guest-posting, link building and alliances. It helps you to utilize social media sites to gain social signals for your content.

Scribe offers different plans and pricing options. It’s Agency Plan gives you high volume value at a price of $247 per month. Professional is the most popular plan of Scribe and comes at a price of $97 per month. For Enterprise level plans, (larger plans) you need to get in touch with their sales team.

Expensive WordPress

4. VaultPress

VaultPress offers one of the best ways to secure and backup your WordPress websites. In fact, VaultPress WordPress Plugin comes in line with the finest plugins for securing and backup of your WordPress Sites. Using VaultPress Plugin you can rest assured that your site is absolutely safe and secure. It ensures that you’re each and every post, page, picture, comment, setting, revision is kept safe. It allows you to backup your content in real-time.

Every time you come up with an update, publish a new post, get a comment, you know that VaultPress is backing it up. With VaultPress, you can easily restore the backup of your site by just clicking a button. It further assists you by performing security scans on a regular (daily) basis. VaultPress helps to detect, review, notify and repair security threats.

VaultPress comes with various plans and pricing. It offers plans such as Lite, Basic and Premium. VaultPress Lite Plan comes for $5 on a monthly basis for a single site. You get daily backup, automated site restores and much more. It also has a Basic Plan with which you can do real-time backup, automated site restore, disaster recovery, etc. This plan costs $15 monthly per site. In addition to these plans, it offers a Premium Plan, as well for a price of $40 monthly per site.
Expensive WordPress

5. Link Trackr

Link Trackr is another powerful Internet Marketing (web-based) software. Link Trackr provides you with effective online marketing system so that you are available to build a successful online business.

It comes with powerful tools for link cloaking and link tracking. Using Link Trackr, you can easily mask and cloak affiliates links as well as carry out a vivid tracking of the links that you attach in your web pages or posts. You can track PPC Campaigns, Banner
Ads, Affiliate Links, and all sorts of Advertising clicks.

With Link Trackr, you can do affiliate sales tracking as well as can do split testing of your landing pages. You can even enhance your social media marketing efforts so that you get more traffic and buyers.

Link Trackr comes in various plans and pricing. You can start with its Basic solution which comes at a price of $9/month. Link Trackr popular plan, Pro comes at a price of $19/month whereas its Hyper Plan is for $ 39/month and Xtreme can be purchased at $69/month. You can downgrade or upgrade plan anytime.

Expensive WordPress

6. The Auditor

The Auditor is a powerful WordPress Plugin that helps you to tighten up the security and diagnose issues relating to your WordPress site before they become problems. Using The Auditor, you can log events and activities of your WordPress site and can even get a detailed audit trail, as well. It comes in two parts. One is the event logger, and the other one is the viewer. With event logger, you get to track content changes and key options. With the viewer, you get to see the activities happening on your website.

All-in-all, The Auditor helps you to track productivity, provides diagnosis of problems related to your site, improves support, and bolsters the security of your site. The Auditor can be purchased for $249.
Expensive WordPress

7. Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is a widely popular WordPress Plugin that lets you create powerful and complex contact forms very easily. Moreover, you require no programming skills and so using Gravity Forms becomes really very easy. The user interface of Gravity Forms is highly intuitive, and it looks much like core WordPress.

It hardly takes few minutes to build and publish a WordPress Contact Form. You just require selecting the fields, configuring the options, and with the help of built-in tools, you get to embed the contact forms on your WordPress site. With its form editor, you can easily create simple as well as complex forms. Using Gravity Forms, you can even create multi-page forms as well as order forms.

Gravity Forms comes with three different purchase plans. Personal Plan comes for $39 and supports 1 site. Business Plan, which supports 3 sites can be purchased for $99 and its Developer License which supports unlimited sites comes for $199. You need to go for their license renewal if you wish to get the updates continued even after a year. The Personal License can be renewed at a price of $29.25, whereas the Business License can be renewed for $49.50 and the Developer License gets renewed for $99.50.
Expensive WordPress

8. Ithemes BackupBuddy

ithemes BackupBuddy is a powerful WordPress Plugin which lets you have backup, restore and move your WordPress site. BackupBuddy can backup files, themes, SQL database, plugins and even the entire WordPress Installation. It lets you schedule the backups of your site or blog. Using BackupBuddy you can carry out off-site backup to Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud, DropBox, Email, or FTP Server. You can even download the backup onto your desktop.

ithemes BackupBuddy performs the Restore function, as well. You can easily use the restore function. You require uploading importbuddy.php Together with your backup file and BackupBuddy restores your WordPress site. You can restore themes, plugins, widgets and many other elements, as well. BackupBuddy can also be used to move your WordPress powered website to another server or domain easily.

BackupBuddy comes in three pricing plans such as Personal which provides 2 licenses at a price of $80. Its Business Plan comes for 10 licenses at a price of $100. The Developer License provides unlimited licenses for $150.
Expensive WordPress

9. Booking Calendar

If you are looking to start online booking system for your hotel rooms, apartments, or services then WordPress Booking Calendar Plugin can be a great option. This plugin allow you to add booking and reservation feature on your WordPress based blog along with that you can add appointments thru this plugin. This plugin can be useful for Hotel, Reservation, Doctors and many other service providers. You can also accept online payment with its PayPal payment integration.

Now talking about the pricing, and this is amazing because this plugin comes from the free version and goes up to $999 Multiuser version. In between paid version starts from $199 and other version cost $175, $375, $585, and the final $999. Each version has some more features, and this plugin comes under some of the most expensive WordPress plugins.
Expensive WordPress

10. WP Compare

WP Compare is one such powerful WordPress Comparison Plugin using which you can easily create WordPress based fully featured price comparison websites. It features a full template based system and is fully integrated with WordPress. WP Compare enables you to import single as well as multiple products and can even do full automatic import. WP Compare offers the facility of automatic update (from within the WordPress Dashboard) as and when a new update is available. With WP Compare, you also get the facility of unlimited installations, and unlimited use. Moreover, WP Compare can be used with any WordPress Theme that you like.

WP Compare WordPress Plugin can be purchased for 24700 Euro (for a onetime payment) and get to have unlimited installations as well as get unlimited updates.

Expensive WordPress

11. mailpoet premium

mailpoet is a newsletter WordPress Plugin which allows you to send newsletter right from your WordPress dashboard. With mailpoet one can add a subscription form in the sidebar or within post. mailpoet manages everything from subscription to unsubscribe, scheduling emails, autoresponders and much more. mailpoet comes as free and paid version. Free version only offer 2000 subscribers and paid version have no limit. Paid version comes with many more features like click tracking, spam score, bounce email handling, more email templates etc. Overall mailpoet can do what email marketing software should do.

Pricing of mailpoet has four options, free version, which allows only 2000 subscribers, single site license which cost $99 per year, Four Sites license costs $249 per year and unlimited site license costs $399 per year. mailpoet price makes it one of the most expensive WordPress plugin but compared to email marketing service providers mailpoet is very affordable.

Expensive WordPress

12. RAMP

RAMP is a new and powerful commercial product from Crowd Favorite, which can be used to bring more security and professionalism to the process of Content Deployment to WordPress. RAMP comes as a WordPress Plugin that you need to install on staging as well as on production sites. You require generating an authorization key on your production site and then add the URL and key to your staging site. This way you can communicate back and forth between your production and staging sites.

You can use RAMP to create and send content to your production website by organizing them in batches. With RAMP, you can schedule and roll out all your content at once. Using RAMP you can deploy almost any type of content that can be created by WordPress. RAMP also supports rollback, allowing you to rollback changes that you have already made.

RAMP provides thoroughly easy, professional, and efficient way of publishing content. RAMP comes at a price of $249 for a single site and is priced at $999 for unlimited sites.
Expensive WordPress

13. Video SEO for WordPress

Video SEO for WordPress from Yoast is another expensive yet powerful, and highly useful WordPress Plugin that you can use for your video sites. It shows video results rather than putting up results similar to non-video sites. Video results help to attract the attention of a searcher, your results rank better in search engines and you thereby gain a lot of visitors to your site.

Video SEO for WordPress is a must have plugin for every video blogger for sure. It supports many Video Platforms including YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, Blip, and many others. You can snippet previews and provide for MediaRSS enhancements. It also supports for automatic generation of XML Video Sitemap. You can use Video SEO for WordPress Plugin to get video results, which rank better in the SERPs and generate high click-through-rate, as well.

You get to have a lot of purchase options for Video SEO for WordPress. You can have the single site license of Video SEO for WordPress for $69.00, for upto 5 websites for $129.00, and get unlimited license for $249.00.

Expensive WordPress


ORBTR is a highly powerful Plugin that provides an extensive online marketing automation for your WordPress sites. ORBTR can be installed as a WordPress Plugin and also acts in the form of a software-as-a-service. Features such as leading management and tracking are delivered in the form of a service via the ORBTR API.

ORBTR offers a whole lot of functionalities which help to automate several of your online marketing tasks. You can accomplish extensive lead tracking and monitoring tasks. You can create professional and attractive landing pages with ORBTR, get customizable templates for building landing pages, and can even use JetPack forms as well as Gravity forms for lead generation.
With ORBTR, you can carry out email marketing such as create an email newsletter customize templates that you use for your emails, save emails directly into your MailChimp, set-up autoresponders, etc. You can integrate ORBTR with several services like HighRise, Sugar CRM, MailChimp, Salesforce, and many other services, as well. ORBTR even helps you to create mobile versions of your site as well as landing pages. You receive updates of ORBTR as and when they are available and get to have technical support, as well.

ORBTR can be purchased at a price of $99 / mo.
Expensive WordPress

15. WP Engine

If you are looking for a WordPress Hosting Solution that’s fast, secured, scalable and provides round the clock support whenever you need it then WP Engine comes as one of the most reliable, stable, advanced and powerful WordPress Hosting Solution. Although, on a first glance, you may find WP Engine Hosting Plans quite expensive when compared to rest of the WordPress hosting providers but considering their worth and the value, they are the perfect solutions as far as WordPress Hosting is concerned.

With WP Engine, you don’t have to worry about your WordPress sites. WP Engine ensures that you get fastest possible WordPress sites irrespective of the volume of traffic for your sites. The major highlights of WP Engine are their superb support, super fast speed, and top notch security. So with WP Engine you never have to worry about crashing issues or other security related problems. With WP Engine, you get complete peace of mind guaranteed.
Expensive WordPress

We hope that you would have liked our presentation of Most Expensive WordPress Plugins & Services. We look forward to your feedback, comments, and suggestions.

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