20+ Best WordPress Facebook Plugins

As a blogger or internet marketer, you must focus on social media marketing, to gain more traffic to your blog or website.
Well, social media marketing has a great potential in popularizing and promoting your website.

Just take Facebook as an example. It has over 1 billion active users. And this is absolutely amazing. If you happen to utilize Facebook to your advantage, just think of the numbers of visitors it can bring to your blog. Your website can become a widely popular with your friends, followers, customers, and the message can spread all across the Facebook.

Likewise, WordPress has also become the preferred platform for most of the bloggers. It is one of the most popular CMS across the world.
A great way of implementing social media marketing for popularizing your online business is to integrate your WordPress site and Facebook. With a WordPress Facebook Plugins, you can easily integrate WordPress and Facebook.

Here under we have collected 20+ Best WordPress Facebook Plugins which can help you to implement social media marketing for your website in a very effective, efficient, and easy manner. Some of these plugins are free to use while others come at a price.

In fact, WordPress and Facebook Integration provide numerous advantages to you as a blogger or internet marketer. Using WordPress Facebook Plugins you can use the WordPress CMS to generate content for your Facebook Pages. You can even synchronize the information and comments across the two platforms. You can add Like buttons, Widgets on Facebook and implement other social media marketing techniques across both the platforms.

We have included some of the best and most interesting WordPress Facebook Plugins.

So you can go through the following presentation on 20+ Best WordPress Facebook Plugins, and I hope you will find a suitable WordPress Facebook Plugins that fulfills your requirements.

20+ Useful WordPress Facebook Plugins

1. Facebook

This is recognized as the official Facebook plugin for your WordPress site. The Facebook Plugin gives you the ability to add new posts to your Facebook Timeline or Facebook Page automatically. With the help of the Facebook Plugin, you can add like, send, and follow buttons to each and every post that you publish so that your readers may share content with their friends. You can even customize and extend it’s functionality by using custom actions and filters.
WordPress Facebook Plugins

2. Ultimate Facebook

Ultimate Facebook is a WordPress Plugin that integrates your WordPress website and Facebook. You can use Ultimate Facebook to auto-post to your wall or fan page. Enable users to login and register with Facebook info, import Facebook comments about a post into your WordPress site, show upcoming Facebook events in your WordPress site and is extensively customizable. Ultimate Facebook comes with BuddyPress profiles support and much more.
WordPress Facebook Plugins

3. Add Link to Facebook

With Add Link to Facebook plugin, you can add links to pages or posts that are published on your Facebook Wall. It is simple to set up. You can even customize the manner in which the links appear on your Facebook page or post. You can also configure a link image or can make Facebook select one for you automatically. You can customize the plugin to suit your requirements and needs. Using Add Link to Facebook you can integrate the Facebook likes and comments with your WordPress site.
WordPress Facebook Plugins

4. JSL3 Facebook Wall Feed

Using JSL3 Facebook Wall Feed WordPress Plugin you can display your Facebook Wall as a widget on to your WordPress page or post. You can even display your Facebook Wall through Shortcode on a WordPress post or page.
WordPress Facebook Plugins

5. Simple Facebook Connect

Simple Facebook Connect plugin integrates your WordPress Site with Facebook easily without requiring you to take a lot of fuss of coding. With Simple Facebook Connect, you can add a number of Facebook functionalities to your WordPress Blog or site. It allows users to comment using their Facebook info. It also implements OpenGraph Tags automatically. Using Simple Facebook Connect you can auto-publish posts to your Facebook profile.
WordPress Facebook Plugins

6. NextGEN Facebook Open Graph+

NextGEN Facebook Open Graph+ is a highly useful WordPress Plugin for enhanced publishing on Facebook. It implements a complete social sharing package on social networking sites such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Its adds Open Graph, and SEO HTML Tags on to the header section of your WebPages. It also provides multilingual social sharing buttons. It is tuned for optimal performance and is extensively customizable too.
WordPress Facebook Plugins

7. SEO Facebook Comment

With SEO Facebook Comment WordPress Plugin, you can embed a Facebook Comment Form in your blog or website. It also adds the Facebook Comments posted on your blog or site to the WordPress database. It even inserts Open Graph Tags into your WordPress Database which is beneficial from SEO point of view.
WordPress Facebook Plugins

8. WP4FB

WP4FB brings about the WordPress and Facebook integration in a highly effective way. It has been optimized to take full advantage of the Timeline feature of Facebook. It enables you to have custom Facebook Fan Page Tabs right in your Facebook Timeline. It features drag and drop interface and includes customizable premium templates with lots of other useful features too.
WordPress Facebook Plugins

9. Facebook Tab Manager

With the help of Facebook Tab Manager, you can create landing pages that can be displayed within Facebook. Moreover, the content can be displayed within the tabs that show up on Facebook business pages. So using Facebook Tab Manager you can have interesting layouts and functionality in your Facebook pages without having to dwell deep into programming skills. Facebook Tab Manager utilized the feature of Facebook that supports iframe tabs. Tab content can have any type of WordPress content which includes output from Shortcodes and as well as other plugin functions.
WordPress Facebook Plugins

10. Facebook Likebox Slider for WordPress

Facebook Likebox Slider for WordPress is one of the most popular Social Slider WordPress Plugin. It is easy to install and configure and comes with fabulous tabs design. It provides the option of live preview, has many presets, provides mobile devices support, has multi tabs layout, splendid all-round support and assistance and comes with many more awesome features.
WordPress Facebook Plugins

11. Facebook Page Photo Gallery

Facebook Page Photo Gallery is a WordPress Plugin that can be used to get Facebook Page Photo Album. It fetches Facebook Page Photo Album in the form of a JSON object. It employs Fancybox to have the gallery in WordPress. Facebook Page Photo Gallery Plugin specifically uses public photos showcased in your Facebook Page.
WordPress Facebook Plugins

12. Advanced Facebook Content Locker

Advanced Facebook Content Locker is an advanced content locker which helps in creating numerous numbers of content locker that can be applied on all pages collectively or individually on some selected pages. This plugin helps to increase Facebook follower and shares.
Facebook Plugin

13. Facebook Like Button Plugin

With Facebook Like Button Plugin, you can easily add Facebook (Follow) button to your WordPress site. You also get to add Facebook Like Button. You can select the button position and can also use a standard image.
WordPress Facebook Plugins

14. Facebook Members

Using Facebook Members WordPress Social Plugin you can have Facebook Likebox and Facebook Recommendation Bar functionality in your WordPress blog or website. It helps Facebook Page owners to gain likes from their WordPress website. So you can have more traffic to your website by having more Facebook Fans.
WordPress Facebook Plugins

15. Facebook Traffic Pop PRO

With Facebook Traffic Pop PRO, you can have extensive control and can improve performance to the O.G. of Traffic Pops. Using Facebook Traffic Pop PRO you can configure the Share button. It comes with a Delay Timer which specifies the pop up waiting time before it allows visitors to read the content of the page. It has lots of other features too such as selective API loading, page selection, mobile detection feature and also supports many other useful features.
WordPress Facebook Plugins

16. Facebox Like Box Widget

This social plugin that is Facebox Like Box Widget enables Facebook page owners to gain and attract likes from their WordPress site. Thus, you can know how many users like the page, and how many of their friends like it too. You can read the recent posts and even can like the page without actually visiting the page.
WordPress Facebook Plugins

17. Facebook eCommerce Shop

Facebook eCommerce Shop is a premium WordPress Plugin which allows you to create a store on Facebook. And that’s not all as you can use this WordPress Plugin as Facebook Page Tab Application, for creating a mobile store, and as well as standalone WordPress Theme. It can be easily installed on any type of WordPress website and is extensively customizable too.
WordPress Facebook Plugins

18. Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox

Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox WordPress Plugin enables you to display a preconfigured Facebook Fan Page – Like Box inside a lightbox. It needs no API Key and gives you the options of displaying the Facebook Lightbox onload with or without a delay together with lots of other useful features.
WordPress Facebook Plugins

19. Social Traffic Pop for WordPress

Social Traffic Pop for WordPress is one of the best WordPress Plugins for social media marketing. It is easily one of the most popular Social Traffic Pop for your WordPress Site.
Some of it’s key features includes:
Has the inbuilt capability to lock page usability until pop up is closed or until a social action is done.
Pop up is fixed at the centre as the page scrolls up or down.
Provides the optional close button.
Support Like Button together with Google +1
Fully Customizable CSS
Works on all types of WordPress Sites.
And much more…
WordPress Facebook Plugins

20. Facebook Like to Download for WordPress

With the Facebook Like to Download for WordPress Plugin, you can transform the like button into a download button. With this, you provide your users the content they like and thus increase the social traffic many folds.
WordPress Facebook Plugins

21. Obox Social Commerce

Obox Social Commerce is a WordPress Plugin which you can use to convert your WordPress E-Commerce website into a Facebook compatible destination so that customers can shop through your Facebook Fanpage. You need to install your plugin into your WordPress site and need to add it as an app in Facebook. So whenever a customer visits your shop on Facebook, he would get to access the Social Commerce layout.
WordPress Facebook Plugins

I hope that you would have found the presentation on 20+ Best WordPress Facebook Plugins highly useful and beneficial. I look forward to your comments and suggestions.

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