10 Best WordPress FAQ Plugins

Having a FAQ Page is the best way to handle common questions that are usually asked by customers, potential customers, or even blog commenters. They not only improve your site’s SEO but can also route visitors to other content on your site.

For having a great FAQ page that is elegant as well as useful, you can use WordPress FAQ Plugins.

So, if you want to have a FAQ Page on your website or blog, here’s a superb compilation of 10 Best WordPress FAQ Plugins for you which will help you to add FAQs to your WordPress site.

In fact, user retention and visitor engagement are always on top of mind for any webmaster.

However, what is the most effective way to achieve this?

Well, if you are single handily managing all the affairs of your website, probably the best way to bring user retention and increase visitor engagement is to have a separate support section in your website.

Although most of the webmasters do include a standard contact page on their website or blog, this is not the best way to handle users’ comments, questions, and concerns.

It can become a tedious job to handle tons of messages each day.

Instead, you can opt for including a FAQ (frequently asked questions) section on your website.

This is probably the best way to offer support on your website or blog. This way your user retention and engagement is increased and you are never overwhelmed with their questions and concerns.

It usually happens that you receive same questions from your users. It is not a good idea to answer them separately again and again. Instead, you can have a separate section in your blog specifically dealing with these frequently asked questions. Having a FAQ serves you two fold purposes.

It saves your time and effort in answering these questions, and your visitors get the answers to their questions instantly. They don’t have to wait for your email with the answer to their questions.

So, FAQs are a fabulous way to answer your users’ questions and an equally great way to retain visitors and increase their engagement.

With WordPress FAQ Management Plugin, you can easily add FAQ section in your website or blog.

Here under we have presented a list of 10 best WordPress FAQ Plugins by which you can easily add a FAQ section on your blog or website.

10 Top WordPress FAQ Plugins

1. Ultimate FAQ

With Ultimate FAQ Plugin, you can create FAQs in a list or accordion form. Moreover, the plugin allows you to create unlimited FAQs and FAQ categories on your site. You can display an entire FAQ page, most recent, most popular, or specific FAQs using shortcodes provided.

Ultimate FAQ is studded with lots of cool features which are absent in many other plugins. For example, you can view statistics on how many times a FAQ is viewed. It provides a search form which enables users to search for your questions and answers.

You can also export FAQs to PDF for creating a user manual. It allows you to have social media share links. The FAQs can be displayed in a variety of styling options on any page.

The Ultimate FAQ Plugin is available in both free and pro version. The Pro version provides more styling and customization options, easy drag-and-drop ordering, more.

Price: Free & Paid

Ultimate FAQ WordPress FAQ Plugins

2. HTML5 Responsive FAQ

The HTML5 Responsive FAQ WordPress Plugin makes it wonderfully easy for you to have FAQs on your site. The best part is that it is fully responsive and compatible with all responsive themes. It allows you to create multiple category FAQs and include all together in one page or have them category wise.

You can also customize the look and feel of the FAQs to match them with your theme style. You can easily change the design, colors, and fonts with this plugin to integrate the look and feel of your FAQ page with the rest of your site. Moreover, it is easy to use and be added to any post, page, or widget through the supplied shortcode.

Price: Free

HTML5 Responsive FAQ - WordPress FAQ Plugins

3. WP Awesome FAQ Plugin

WP Awesome FAQ Plugin is another fabulous WordPress FAQ Management Plugin. Using the Plugin, you can create unlimited FAQ Items together with title and description. Once the plugin is installed, it creates a Custom Post Type named “FAQ” automatically. The Plugin provides accordion based Jquery UI.

Price: Free

WP Awesome FAQ Plugin WordPress FAQ Plugins

4. WP Responsive FAQ with Category

The WP Responsive FAQ with Category plugin is available in free as well as paid versions. With the free version, you get the usual functionality such as unlimited FAQs, FAQ categories, and animations. It can be easily incorporated into your site by using the plugin’s shortcode.

The plugin provides an easy way to add a responsive FAQs page to your site. Its pro version is available for $9 and provides advanced functionality such as Visual Composer Support, drag-and-drop reordering, animations, additional designs, and colors.

Price: Free & Paid

WP Responsive FAQ with Category WordPress FAQ Plugins

5. Spider FAQ

Spider FAQ is one of the most flexible and user-friendly WordPress FAQ Plugin. It allows you to create informative and easy to reach FAQ content with images and categories. Spider FAQ is a free FAQ plugin for WordPress and allows you to have fully featured FAQ section on your website or blog.

The user experience is perfectly taken care of as the FAQs are organized in an elegant interface and easy to navigate style. Users get a well-designed and informative FAQ section. Moreover, it is highly customizable, and you can organize them for easy navigation and user friendliness.

Key Features of Spider FAQ:
• Allows you to customize the order and organization of the FAQ section
• The FAQ section is searchable
• Existing categories can be used for FAQs
• The FAQs can be provided with images.
• Full image and HTML support for each FAQs
• WYSIWYG editor for FAQs
• Like, Unlike buttons and Hits for FAQ
• SEO-friendly plugin
• Button for collapsing/expanding all the FAQ questions
• And Much More

Price: Free

Spider FAQ WordPress FAQ Plugins

6. FAQ by WD – Responsive FAQ plugin

The FAQ WD WordPress Plugin helps you create an elegant FAQ section on your website with details such as services, terms, and conditions. FAQ WD offers you to have an unlimited amount of questions and assign them to categories. You can have an accordion view for your FAQs thereby saving space and offering users to navigate to the relevant question. You can even apply FAQ-specific search box so that users can easily search for the questions they are looking. The Category order for the FAQ section can be modified in Order section through its drag-and-drop functionality.

Some of the key features of FAQ WD are as follows:

• Unlimited FAQs and category support
• Compatible with WordPress standard themes
• Search box
• Responsiveness
• Categorized display of FAQS
• FAQ creation date display option
• Option to expand/collapse FAQs
• Support for comments
• Option to display the question author
• FAQ sharing (Facebook, Google+, Twitter)
• Rating option for the Q&A

Price: Free

Responsive FAQ plugin

7. WordPress FAQ Plugin

The WordPress FAQ Plugin lets you manage frequently asked questions (FAQ) for your WordPress site. It provides a fully featured administration dashboard through which you can handle question groups and questions. It also provides a configuration section through which you can customize the plugin according to your needs and requirements.

Moreover, it integrates effectively and easily with the new WordPress Administration Interface. The FAQ Plugin enables your users to browse the FAQs in an easy fashion with its sliding accordion feature.

And that’s not all as users can submit questions and can search the FAQs, as well. It provides a search form wherein users can key in the keyword(s) to find questions which they are looking for within the FAQ Database. Moreover, the Plugin can be used to translate the questions into your preferred language.

Price: Paid

WordPress FAQ Plugin

8. FAQPlus

If you want an advanced and powerful WordPress FAQ Plugin, then FAQPlus can be your best choice. It offers unlimited FAQs, 25+ animation effects, multiple layouts, unlimited colors, Font Awesome Support, unlimited colors, easy drag-and-drop ordering, and more. Using FAQPlus, you can have FAQs on any WordPress post, page, or widget by simply inserting the provided shortcode.

The tech-savvy guys can style the FAQs with custom CSS. You can have different styling for each question within a single FAQ section. Plus, it supports text, image, videos with drag-and-drop for reordering the FAQ items. FAQPlus can be procured from CodeCanyon for $19. You get future updates and six months of support from the developer.

Price: Paid

FAQPlus WordPress FAQ Plugins

9. Accordion FAQ WordPress Plugin

Accordion FAQ is an affordable Plugin that has all the features that you look in a WordPress FAQ Plugin. It can be purchased at CodeCanyon for $16 with future updates. The plugin addresses user concerns and increases your conversions with an FAQ page. It allows you to create multiple FAQ pages. You can have an accordion style FAQ page or a list style FAQ page.

It’s a thoroughly professional FAQ plugin and enables you to display questions and answers in an elegant style. It also allows you to create custom templates to your liking. Accordion FAQ is well documented and translation ready. It’s easy to setup, and if by chance you face any problem, you have got documentation to guide you through the installation and setup of the plugin.

Price: Paid

Accordion FAQ WordPress Plugin

10. Sugar FAQs

Sugar FAQs is one of the most comprehensive WordPress FAQ Management Plugin. The plugin provides FAQ custom post type with which you can easily add FAQ sections to your WordPress blog or website. It displays the FAQs in a slick accordion style which is a stylish, and effective way to answer your customers’ frequently asked questions.

The Plugin is highly flexible and fits flawlessly within any WordPress theme. The users can submit their questions using FAQ submission form. When a question is submitted, a new FAQ is created and has the status of Pending Review. The Admin then reviews the question and can either publish it or reject it. FAQs can be added just like you add any WordPress Post.

Price: Paid

Sugar FAQs WordPress FAQ Plugins

We hope that you would have liked our presentation on 10 Best WordPress FAQ Plugins. We look forward to your comments and suggestions.

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