WordPress Google Analytics Plugins for Tracking Visitors

As a webmaster sustaining your website in the World Wide Web is really tough challenge. You might have a great website, but the biggest challenge for you comes in the form of bringing in visitors to your site. There is no point in having a fantastic website when you fail to attract visitors to your site. Sometimes it may also happen that in spite of your best efforts you do not get enough visitors to your site.

So, what is the reason behind your failure?

In my opinion, most webmasters fail because they do not get the required information on their weaknesses and hence are not able to correct their mistakes. The lack of information is the biggest hindrance that webmasters have to overcome in order to make their website a huge hit with the targeted audience.

In this context, the most vital information they need to have with them is website statistics.

With website statistics, you get to know your site’s performance and as well as compare your website’s performance with other websites in your niche. You get to know exactly how much traffic your website is generating, which web pages are getting the highest hits, how much time your visitors are devoting on your site, what is the bounce rate and so on and so forth.

So, the important thing for you is to get your website statistics.

Well, there are various online tools through which you can get this information. The most popular among them is the Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is a software through which you can gather data pertaining your website’s performance on the Internet.
However, Google Analytics is generic software for collecting data about your website performance; those of you who are interested in a thorough analysis of your website performance can use WordPress Plugins that can be integrated with your site so as to gather data about your site’s performance. The WordPress Google Analytics Plugins are an excellent way for mining data and can be used for tracking your website visitors.

Here under, we showcase to you two of the most widely popular WordPress Google Analytics Plugins for Tracking Visitors. One of plugin is the Google Analytics for WordPress, and the other one is the Google Analyticator.

Both of these Google Analytics Plugins for WordPress provide real time data about website visitors’ demography, the number of visitors a website gets, the time duration that each visitor spends on your website page and lots more. Google Analytics Plugins for WordPress also help you get sponsors and advertisement. The website statistics provided by these plugins help your prospective advertisers to make a correct assessment about your website’s performance. These plugins also help to collect Metadata and track visitor’s preferences. With this information, you can optimize your webpage to be search engine friendly.

So, now let’s have a look at these Google Analytics Plugins for WordPress.

Google Analytics for WordPress

Google Analytics for WordPress Plugin makes your WordPress site tracking really easy. It provides lots of metadata. Google Analytics for WordPress performs automatic tracking of pageviews. You can track how many views you have got per author or category. It can also perform automatic tracking of outbound clicks.

Google Analytics for WordPress

Some of the main features of Google Analytics for WordPress include:

  • Easy Installation, which can be done by integration with Google Analytics API. You just require authentication of the website for which you want to do tracking.
  • Employs Asynchronous Google Analytics Tracking Code.
  • It performs Outbound Link and Downloads Tracking.
  • You can use Custom Variables in Google Analytics for tracking Meta data on pages. It supports custom variables such as authors, post type, publication year, single or multiple categories and tags.
  • You can easily connect to Google Analytics and Google Adsense accounts.
  • Supports tracking of login and registration forms.
  • Supports local hosting of ga.js file.
  • Allows tagging links with Google Analytics campaign tracking.
  • And lots of other features, as well.

Google Analyticator

Google Analyticator is another very useful plugin for tracking visitors to your WordPress Blog. With Google Analyticator, you can add JavaScript Code so that you can do Google Analytics logging for any WordPress Blog. Google Analyticator comes with several widgets so that you can display Analytics data on your blog.

Google Analyticator

Some of the main features of Google Analyticator include:

  • Supports async tracking methods.
  • It displays graphical information about the last 30 days of visitors, top pages, top searches, top referrers, and a summary of site usage.
  • Displays visitor statistics.
  • Supports outbound link tracking.
  • Supports site speed tracking.
  • Supports event tracking.
  • Supports download link tracking.
  • Supports advanced tracking code provided by Google.
  • Easy Installation
  • Easy Customization.
  • Supports Localization.

So you can easily and efficiently track your website performance using Google Analytics Plugins for WordPress. Both Google Analytics for WordPress and Google Analyticator Plugins are highly efficient is providing you with website statistics. However, the final decision is all yours, and it depends on what kind of data or information you require. Knowing your website performance, you can easily take corrective measures so as to improve your website traffic. Both Google Analytics for WordPress and Google Analyticator Plugins can be highly helpful to you when it comes to improve your website’s performance.

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