6 Best Free WordPress Google Map Plugins

Google Maps have their own usability for the website users. They help in providing the exact location of your business. Well, when you have Google Maps listed on your WordPress website, you pave the way for a wider distribution, high free traffic as well as high rankings on Google Search Results. Today, no business website can afford to miss out Google Maps integration on their website.

Using WordPress Google Map Plugins you can easily integrate Google Maps in your WordPress based websites.

Hereunder, I have come with highly useful collection showcasing you 6 Best Free WordPress Google Map Plugins with which you can easily have Google Maps integrated on your WordPress websites.

These WordPress Google Maps allow you to put up a map in your website for your stores, restaurants, business addresses, locations, online directories website and many more. The WordPress Google Map Plugins allow easy integration, and customization of Google Maps in your WordPress site’s posts, pages or you can have them as easy-to-use widget. Using Google Maps you can display local images and provide directions to your visitors in a matter of few seconds.

Hereunder, you get a compiled list of some of the most popular, easy-to-use, powerful, and feature-rich WordPress Google Map Plugins that you can use on your WordPress website.

So let us see the 6 Best Free WordPress Google Map Plugins, and I believe that you will surely get a suitable WordPress Google Map Plugin matching your requirements for your WordPress website.

Free WordPress Google Map Plugins

1. Leaflet Maps Marker

Leaflet Maps Marker WordPress Plugin enables you to easily integrate Google Maps in your WordPress site. It comes as a free Plugin which allows you to have a map in your WordPress website. Not only Google Maps, the Leaflet Maps Marker allows you to use maps from Google Earth, OpenStreetMap, Bing Maps, KML, APIs, and Augmented Reality Browsers, as well.

With Leaflet Maps Marker WordPress Google Map Plugin, you can easily share, organize and pin your favorite places on your WordPress powered website. So with Leaflet Maps Marker WordPress Plugin you can easily showcase your business location on your website and augment your chances for a large volume of search traffic and leads on your website. The Plugin helps to provide exact location of your business in many innovative ways to your website visitors.

WordPress Google Map Plugins

2. WordPress Store Locator

WordPress Store Locator is surely one of the best free WordPress Google Maps Plugin. Using this Plugin you can have an excellent and powerful location management system in your WordPress powered website. It provides you with various WordPress-integrated map making tools so that you can easily create store finders, store locators, and other location address maps in your WordPress website.

Using the WordPress Store Locator WordPress Google Maps Plugin you can easily display and manage all your important stores, product locations and points of interest situated anywhere on Earth using Google Maps. The chief feature of WordPress Store Locator Plugin is its capability to manage several store locations from the ease of your WordPress Admin Interface. It also features several add-ons which further boosts its capabilities. WordPress Store Locator WordPress Plugin is also referred as a locator map, address map, store finder, shop finder, address location map, or zip-code search.

WordPress Google Map Plugins

3. Pronamic Google Maps

Pronamic Google Maps WordPress Plugin makes it possible for you to easily add Google Maps into your WordPress pages, posts or custom post types. Using the Pronamic Google Maps you can easily add location Meta data to post, page or custom post type. With the Plugin, you can add in the post editor a Meta box having a Google Map. Its drag and drop feature allows you to add a marker on the map so as to save location Meta data for a post or page.

Moreover, Pronamic Google Maps is superior when compared with other WordPress Google Maps Plugins as it uses the Google Maps API version 3 instead of Google Maps v2 API. This means that you do not have to use the API Key and so do not need to configure the Plugin. As it employs Shortcode, you get to easily add Google Maps in your post content. Plus: it does not create any extra tables in your WordPress database which means no cluttering of your WordPress database. Besides this, the Plugin has many more features and functionalities including mashup () function, custom post types, GEO microformat standards, etc.

WordPress Google Map Plugins

4. CP Google Maps

CP Google Maps WordPress Plugin allows you to easily integrate Google Maps in your blog and have geolocation information in your posts. The CP Google Maps makes it possible for you to insert Google Maps in the best possible position in your blog. Moreover using CP Google Maps you can insert Google Maps in your WordPress posts or pages in multiple languages. It serves various controls and configuration options related to Google Maps.

With its varied setting options, you can have versatile and adaptable Google Maps in your WordPress posts and pages. The CP Google Maps Plugin defines location information using physical address and point coordinates. The Plugin can successfully deal with a large volume of markers or dots. Further up, it allows for extensive Markers customization.

The CP Google Maps Plugin comes with several customization options such as height, width, alignment, margins, map type, map language, the number of points that are plotted on a Google Map, as well as you can enable and disable map controls. The CP Google Maps WordPress has been based on the latest Google Maps JavaScript API v3.

WordPress Google Map Plugins

5. WP Google Maps

WP Google Maps is one of the most easy-to-use WordPress Google Maps Plugin. With WP Google Maps Plugin, you can easily create custom maps together with markers containing categories, locations, images, links, and descriptions. So with WP Google Maps Plugin you can easily insert fully customized Google Maps in your WordPress Posts and Pages using the supplied Shortcode. It is perfect for your contact pages, coverage maps and other WordPress posts or pages. The WP Google Maps free version enables you to create Google Map with the number of markers you like.

Moreover, you get to have fully responsive maps using WP Google Maps WordPress Plugin. When you talk of editing of map markers, it is super easy to edit map markers with just a click of a button. You can showcase as much as four types of Google Maps such as roadmap, terrain, satellite, and hybrid. Plus: you can define the height, width, and zoom level of your Google Map. It also provides Store locator functionality. You can add Polygons, Polylines, and Routes to your map. The WP Google Maps WordPress Plugin employs the latest Google Maps V3 API.

WordPress Google Map Plugins

6. Comprehensive Google Map Plugin

Comprehensive Google Map Plugin is a simple, intuitive, easy-to-use, and elegant Google Map Plugin. It comes as a fully documented Google Map Plugin which installs as a widget and a Shortcode. Further up, the Comprehensive Google Map Plugin supports a user friendly interface which makes it super easy to configure Google Map. It is fully compatible with jQuery Tabs, so you do not get any poorly rendered map on your WordPress site. It also supports the OpenStreetMap imagery. Moreover, the Comprehensive Google Map Plugin comes with more than 250 amazing custom marker icons together with numerous configuration options to select from. Plus: end-user’s current GPS location can also be entered to the map together with support for many more powerful and useful features, as well.
Google Map Plugin

Don’t forget to share which WordPress Google Map Plugins you use or like.

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  1. By using these word press plugins, its easy to install Google maps to your website. You can easily show your proper location on maps in your contact page where you have placed your address. I might like to try these apps on my website to add the location of my business.

  2. I personally use WP Google Maps but Pronamic Google maps is quite good too. These maps can be added to contact us or on about us page through which your client can easily find you.

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