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ElegantThemes is out with a new theme Origin WordPress Themes. Origin WordPress Theme is perfect for showcasing your artwork, photography, portfolio lovers or blog. This theme is similar to the theme of Pinterest.

Origin WordPress Theme is basically a grid based theme in which you can display your photographs easily. You can also create a blog on this theme which display various kinds of photographs. You can adjust this theme easily if you have to make any photography website or blog.

Origin WordPress Theme as per the demand of the day is responsive theme. It can easily adjust itself with the size of the device then whether it is a desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet. This theme will automatically adjust it with the size and layout of the screen you do not have to scroll or zoom.

The theme has a feature of permanent update; it will be updated to the latest version of WordPress making it effortlessly run. It is compatible with almost all the internet browser. In Origin WordPress Theme, you do not have to customize the theme according to your area it will customize on its own automatically edit all the PHP files.

Origin WordPress Theme

There are many color available for the theme you can change the color of your blog or website according to your need.

Origin WordPress Theme also has the features that are all the Elegant Theme Member have like ePanel Theme Option; you can customize your website without even making a single change in the codes like manage advertisement, SEO control, layout, navigation, integration, general settings and more.

There are various short codes that help you to customize your blog create a beautiful website without many efforts like add buttons, image slider, toggled content, social media icons (Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and more), boxes, password protection, custom list, columns, tooltips, author info and many other also.

Origin WordPress Theme have pre build page templates also that supplement lot of work. You can easily add the content you require to these in built template. There are pre built contact form page, sitemap, member login, advance search, blog feed and full width.

There is an unique quality of ElegantThemes Origin WordPress Theme is that you just have to spend $39 in buying Origin WordPress Theme, and you will get all the elegant themes free with this Origin WordPress Themes. This is not the end you will also get all the upcoming themes also free for a year. You just have to pay once and then have the benefit for complete one year.

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