10 Best WordPress Hotel Booking Plugins

WordPress is a powerful and widely acclaimed blogging platform. It has acquired the status of being one of the most popular Content Management System (CMS). Millions of bloggers worldwide are using WordPress as their preferred platform for running their websites and blogs. As a matter of fact, Bloggers and Web Masters from various verticals are using WordPress to run their blogs and even their business websites. Further up, you can enhance the functionality of your WordPress blog or website by using Plugins. Using WordPress Plugins, you can incorporate various useful features to your blog.

I have shown a collection of one useful WordPress Plugin category in the following presentation, namely, WordPress Hotel Booking Plugins. In this presentation, I have included both free as well as paid WordPress Hotel Booking Plugins. I have included some of the most popular, powerful, and highly efficient WordPress Hotel Booking Plugins.

So those of you who are planning to incorporate a reservation and booking system in your WordPress website or blog, using these plugins can really ease your task. Moreover, these plugins are equally good at scheduling and taking appointments. WordPress Hotel Booking Plugins have been empowered with various powerful features to efficiently handle and manage all the tasks related to bookings or reservations. They have an interactive interface and are very easy to use.

Even the Calendars can be extensively customized to suit the layout and design of your website or blog. WordPress Hotel Booking Plugins not only can be used to manage hotel bookings and reservations, but they can also be used to take and manage bookings for restaurants, theatres, cinemas, spas, apartments, clubs, etc. Using these plugins, professionals like doctors, photographers, health specialists, and dentists can even schedule and handle appointments.

So, look at the WordPress Hotel Booking Plugins showcased hereunder, and I am sure you will definitely come across a suitable plugin matching your requirements and expectations.

10 WordPress Hotel Booking Plugins

1. Booking System PRO (WordPress Plugin)

If you are looking to create an effective and efficient reservation or booking system for your WordPress blog or site, the Booking System PRO (WordPress Plugin) will surely ease your work for sure. This WordPress Plugin shows up calendars using which users can check availability and carry on booking. Other than being used for booking, Booking System Pro can also be used for making appointments and as well as for scheduling. You can use Booking System Pro (WordPress Plugin) to take on booking for hotels and restaurants, cinemas, theaters, health clubs, apartments, clubs, doctors, photographers, spas, and in many other sectors, as well. It is thoroughly clean and perfectly easy to use.
Hotel Booking Plugins

2. Online Hotel Booking System (WordPress Plugin)

With Online Hotel Booking System (WordPress Plugin), you can have a powerful and comprehensive booking engine. Using this plugin, you can implement a powerful hotel reservation system for your WordPress website or blog. The plugin provides you with complete booking functionality that is implemented in real-time. The plugin can be easily integrated with your WordPress site and even with any new template. The plugin acts as a perfect e-reservation manager for you, handling all the functions of hotel booking. Using the plugin, you can handle managing rooms, capacity, room types, hotel rates, and advance payment features.
Hotel Booking Plugins

3. Booking Calendar

Using the Booking Calendar Plugin, you can efficiently implement complete online services for your WordPress site. The plugin comes with the most flexible functionality and provides an intuitive interface. It is one of the oldest booking WordPress Plugins and can be used for various businesses. Booking Calendar WordPress Plugin enables users to check out the availability of services you offer (including hotel rooms, houses, apartments, etc.) and carrying out the booking. It comes with thoroughly flexible functionality and has a responsive design for the front end. You can even customize the calendar design so that it can easily fit your website design. Moreover, it is highly easy to use too.
Hotel Booking Plugins

4. Bookings

Bookings WordPress Plugin comes as one of the most powerful and highly flexible reservation schedulers. Using this plugin, you can easily implement online booking services for your website. It is easy to use and provides scores of functionality to handle and administer online booking activities easily. You get thorough control over reservations along with the facility to browse, delete, and modify any reservations done in your system. The Calendar layout is flexible and can be seen in a month, week, and day format. It even provides a flexible tool for the administrators to search through the reservation database easily.
Hotel Booking Plugins

5. Booking System (Booking Calendar)

Booking System (Booking Calendar) is another highly rated free Booking WordPress Plugin. Using this plugin, you can have a fully functional reservation or booking system for your WordPress site or blog. The Booking System (Booking Calendar) provides a Calendar through which users can get details regarding availability and carry out booking hours and dates. The Plugin has been built to help you do booking anytime, anywhere, and anything. Booking System can be used for many services, including booking hotel rooms, restaurants, theatres, and even making appointments with doctors, therapists, etc. The plugin is responsive, and it functions on all devices and browsers.
Hotel Booking Plugins

6. easyReservations

easyReservations is a flexible, easy to use, and highly interactive reservation management WordPress Plugin. Using this powerful booking and reservation plugin, you can easily receive, schedule, and manage your bookings. You can use easyReservations Plugin for any reservable products or services such as hotel rooms, events, car rentals, appointments, and even conferences. It has been loaded with features and is really very easy to use. It provides the facility to add, edit, delete, approve, or reject reservations. You even get to search, group, or filter reservations, and it comes with lots of other useful features, as well.
Hotel Booking Plugins

7. Booking Calendar & Appointment Scheduler

Booking Calendar and Appointment Scheduler come as a free and highly powerful appointment and booking WordPress Plugin. The plugin enables you to accept appointments on your site or blog 24x7x365. The plugin enables your customers to book appointments directly from your website. Its Ajax interface is simple yet powerful, enabling users to book appointments with only a single click. It uses one of the most powerful and comprehensive scheduling software known as Appointy. It has been empowered with features that are being used by more than 40 verticals.
Hotel Booking Plugins

8. WP Hotel Booking

WP Hotel Booking comes as one of the most resourceful and powerful WordPress plugins for booking and reservation. The plugin easily and efficiently handles all the tasks related to online reservations. It is thoroughly easy to set up and equally easy to use. The plugin builds up a fast and secure way for your users to do online reservations and bookings. The plugin is available in several languages such as English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish.
Hotel Booking Plugins

9. WP Booking Calendar

Using this WordPress Plugin, you can run online booking services on your site. Users can check availability and make reservations. They can have multiple options to make appointments and reservations, including options such as hour booking, single day, or even multi-day booking. It comes with integrated Pay Pal support. Using the WP Booking Calendar, users get to make reservations for hotel rooms, apartments, and even other types of service that you offer.
Hotel Booking Plugins

10. BookingWizz for WordPress

With the BookingWizz for WordPress Plugin, you can use and integrate your existing BookingWizz on your WordPress website or blog. Presently it provides two widgets and five shortcodes. The plugin will install and integrate bookingwizz for your WordPress website. So you do not require separate login to handle your bookings, events, and calendars. The plugin requires BookingWizz 5.3.
Hotel Booking Plugins

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  1. The hotel booking engine is vital in adding a professional outlook to the hotels. You can allure a wide number of clients with the upcoming of booking engine for hotels.

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    It might not be in your Top 5, but it’s definitely worthy to
    use as a booking calendar. Here’s my recommendation for WordPress users: the
    plugin Sagenda.
    Sagenda works as a free booking system plugin ideal for
    medical scheduling, book or event reservations. The plugin is recently
    available (released in mid-2014), and it does its job just as well.


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