10 Best WordPress Job Board Plugins

Although WordPress is a highly powerful and widely popular Content Management System, it can also work as an Application Framework. WordPress can be used as Job Board Software for posting job vacancies and for taking job applications from your users with the help of WordPress Job Board Plugins.

In the following post, we showcase a collection of Best WordPress Job Board Plugins which can be used to post job vacancies and for submission of resumes and job applications.

WordPress Job Board Plugins provide an easy way out to integrate a fully fledged job board directly into your WordPress Site. We have taken care to include highly useful and popular Job Board Plugins in the list that follows. Some of these WordPress Plugins come for a price while the rest can be downloaded for free.

They are easy to use and can be installed like any other WordPress plugin. You can also customize the application form fields. Admin can sort the job applications, approve, reject or can even delete job applications. You can also set job expiry date, as well. They are loaded with features and are highly advanced and powerful.

Nowadays, many businesses want job board directly integrated into their WordPress site. It makes sense as your users can view job postings and can apply for a job listed directly on your WordPress based website. So in a way, you save on your efforts to promote your separate job site. You can utilize your already existing (and of course new users, as well) pool of users and show them the job listings available to you. You can post your own job openings or can even act as a mediator and showcase other job vacancies too.

So have a look at the following Best WordPress Job Board Plugins and we are pretty hopeful that you will get to have a suitable WordPress Job Board Plugins matching your business requirements and aspirations.

10 WordPress Job Board Plugins


1. WPJobBoard

WPJobBoard is one of the most innovative WordPress Job Board Plugin. This job board software works with almost every WordPress Theme. It can be easily customized and provides seamless WordPress Integration. WPJobBoard comes with easy, one-click installation just like any other WordPress Plugin.

You can install WPJobBoard on any new or already existing blog. It has multiple marketing features. It can send automatic email notification and can also distribute jobs to job aggregation sites. It provides rich editing features, as well. You can add new fields to job board forms and can rearrange their order using drag & drop facility. Moreover, WPJobBoard provides extensive documentation and support too.

Price: Paid

WordPress Job Board Plugins

2. Posts Table Pro Job Board Plugin

Posts Table Pro is a very flexible plugin that is popular for creating a WordPress job board. It can list job vacancies in an interactive search box with whichever columns of information you require for your jobs. The job portal comes with a keyword search and multiple filters, making it easy for users to find a suitable job vacancy.

It’s suitable for listing a small number of jobs at your own company, or a wider jobs directory featuring vacancies from multiple employers. As well as showing text-based information about each job, you can add extras such as download buttons and website links.

Barn2 Media, the company behind Posts Table Pro, have published a step-by-step tutorial showing you how to build a WordPress job board from scratch. This comes with a video and full setup instructions, including tips on extra plugins you can use to add features such as online job applications and a ‘Submit a Job’ form with PayPal payments.

As an added bonus, Posts Table Pro is much more than just a WordPress job board plugin. You can also use it to create tables listing other types of content elsewhere on your site, so you effectively get several plugins for the price of one. For example, you can create a searchable index of blog posts, a knowledge base or resource library, or even a list of products or upcoming events.

Price: Paid

WordPress Job board Plugin

3. Job Board Manager

Job Board Manager is a super lightweight WordPress Plugin that allows you to integrate Job Board easily into your WordPress Site. By using this WordPress Plugin, you enable employers to submit jobs easily and helps employees to apply easily for jobs directly through your WordPress Site.

The best thing about Job Board Manager is its enhanced customization features. It enables you to add your own values for some options through filter hook. Further up, it allows you to create unlimited themes for job archive page and job single page through filter hook. Plus, it comes with several other powerful features.

Price: Free


4. Simple Job Board

Simple Job Board is a powerful and robust WordPress Job Board Plugin. It enables you to integrate Job Board easily onto your WordPress Site in a simple and elegant manner. It comes as a thoroughly lightweight plugin, and its extensibility and ease of use make it a leading WordPress Plugin in the category of Job Board Plugins.

It allows you to create customized job board according to your requirements and lets you to manage various job offers directly through your WordPress Site. Moreover, using Simple Job Board you can easily add multiple job listings, and even multiple job features and customized application form for each single job listing. Plus, you get many other powerful features with this Plugin.

Price: Free


5. JS Job Manager

JS Job Manager ranks amongst the best WordPress Job Board Plugins. It is easy to use and thoroughly configurable plugin and goes onto accommodating both job seekers and employers. It is suitable for every type of business or company which wants to establish its presence over the internet where job seekers come to view jobs and can forward their job application. It allows you to integrate a platform to your WordPress Website from where employers can advertise their jobs and job seekers can upload their resume. JS Job Manager comes as a “click and installs” plugin with over 250 configurations and 45 shortcodes.

Price: Free


6. JobsCareer

JobsCareer is yet another very powerful WordPress Job Board Plugin. Using JobsCareer, you get a complete job portal at your disposal. It is easy to install and run the plugin with plenty of options. One of its major highlights is that it offers separate roles for users, candidates, and employees. It incorporates features that enable candidates to search jobs that best suits their professional career. It enables candidates to manage their profile, upload their resume, make a cover letter, and shortlist jobs. Employers can too manage their company profile, post a new job, shortlist candidates, etc. Plus, it provides plenty of options for Admin so that they can easily manage jobs on their WordPress Site. So, with JobsCareer Plugin, you get a complete job site at your hands.

Price: Paid


7. Job Manager

Job Manager is a powerful and feature-rich WordPress Plugin for managing job lists and job applications on your WordPress Website. Job Manager comes loaded with features which enable you to handle your organization’s hiring process easy. Using Job Manager, you can post job details, accept resumes, do applicant tracking, and even manage interview process.

It enables you to fill jobs under multiple categories, customize fields, provides the powerful templating system. It provides powerful job management platform, application management system, and simple Admin Interface for creating, editing and updating jobs. Moreover, it is thoroughly customizable to fit your requirements.

Price: Free


8. WP Job Manager

WP Job Manager is an extremely easy to use, lightweight and open source WordPress Job Board Plugin. With WP Job Manager it becomes simple to add, manage and categorize job listings. It is shortcode based and can work with any type of theme. It enables you to showcase individual jobs in different formats. You can have a list of jobs and job submission form.

It even delivers an employer dashboard through which logged in users can view, edit and delete their job listings. Its comprehensive Admin UI provides access to actions such as edit, mark filled and deleted together with functionality for searching and filtering. Its Frontend forms enable users to submit and manage job listings.

Price: Free


9. Jobs & Experts

Jobs & Experts is an excellent WordPress Plugin for adding job board functionality to your WordPress Site. It delivers an intuitive and responsive frontend interface which enable users to post job details easily. It provides all the features you need to describe your project.

With Jobs & Experts, you get a comprehensive and powerful Job Board, which enables professionals to tie up with you for your next big project. It provides a perfect platform for users to showcase their skills. They can share their avatar, bio, work details, contact information and link to social profiles. It comes with powerful features which can be integrated beautifully with every theme.

Price: Paid


10. HireHive Job Plugin

HireHive Job Plugin is yet another very potent and excellent WordPress Job Board Plugin. It lets you add job listings easily to your WordPress Website. With HireHive Job Plugin, you can easily integrate your own jobs page directly into your WordPress Website.

Its interactive UI enables you to add easily and edit your job vacancies and secure candidate management to your WordPress Site. You are able to automate much of the recruitment process and can easily create your own jobs page. It has comprehensive customization features and gives you the freedom to customize your job page exactly the way you want. With HireHive, you can easily manage job applications of candidates.

Price: Free


We hope that you would have liked our presentation of Best WordPress Job Board Plugins. We look forward to your comments and suggestions.

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