How to Know What WordPress Theme is This?

Your website is the biggest asset you have in the online world. And I am sure you would want to have a website that instantly grabs the attention of your visitors.

So, you can’t simply mess up with your WordPress Theme.

At times you go on to look at your competitors’ websites and come out exclaiming, “What a Nice Website.”

These are the websites that have grabbed your attention.

It might be the general elements such as the look-and-feel of the websites, or some smooth pop-up animation coming your way or it might be the specific subscription form that hangs in the right after the blog post. There is more than one element in these websites which have appealed to your taste and needs.

Then you immediately turn to look at your website and find out that your website is not having those elements.

There’s one aspect of WordPress that makes it an awesome Content Management System. It’s that it allows you to have a Theme of your choice.

So, when you come across a WordPress Theme that immediately grabs your attention and appeals to your taste and needs, you instantly want to have it for your website.

After all, your website is your bread and butter.

So, you want to ensure that it looks perfect in every sense and appeals to your visitors. You would not like to lose your visitors just because your website is not appealing.

Well, with WordPress you can certainly have the Theme of your choice. However, for this to happen, you first have to know what WordPress Theme is that which you want to install for your website.

So, precisely you want to figure out, “What WordPress Theme is this?”

Here, we have an answer for this dilemma as we help you out, How to know what Theme is this?

Once you have figured out the WordPress Theme of your choice, you can then go ahead and purchase that Theme and use for your website.

It then becomes as simple as this.

Today, it’s time to know what WordPress Theme a target website is using.

Here, we go on to list out the well-known tools that you can use to gather such info and can easily come to know what WordPress Theme is this.

However, before listing out these tools, we would be showing you an easy manual method by which you can instantly come to know what WordPress Theme is this.

At this point, we want to make it clear that the tips that have been shown here only work for ready-made themes. Any custom designed theme might fall out the scope of your research.

So, now let’s head over to the manual method of identifying what WordPress Theme a website is running.

View the Page Source

The tech savvy guys will certainly appreciate this method as they are already familiar with accessing the source code of websites for various purposes.

In fact, you come to know the names of WordPress Themes and Templates that are being used by the website by inspecting the Source Code.

Moreover, this method works for all Content Management Systems.

Here are the steps you need to take to accomplish that:

  • First, you need to visit the desired website with your browser
  • Right-click anywhere on the page
  • Select “View Page Source” for getting the specific source code of that page
  • Find the CSS File which is usually known as style.css
    (It is normally located in /wp-content/themes folder.)
  • Finding it manually might take a lot of time. So, simply open your browser’s search bar with “Ctrl+F” and type in “style.css.”
  • You will find style.css as part of a hyperlink
  • Open the link in a new tab/window on your browser
  • You will now access the style file with the name of WordPress Theme right at the top

WordPress Theme Name

It will show up information such as the theme name, version, description, author, links, and licensing information. The link is available for every WordPress website. Opening the link will show up the theme information to you.

You can use this method for accessing WordPress Theme information for a website even if you are not a coder, a developer, or a web designer. You simply have to locate the style.css file and find its URL via the source code view. You will then get to know the WordPress Theme that is used on the target website.

Third-party websites for automatically listing WordPress Themes and Plugins on a target website

Sometimes the manual method via ‘View Page Source’ may not go well with many webmasters. The HTML code could look scary to many, and they never come to know what they are actually doing.

So, if you are one of those who hates looking up the code, then there are several online tools which automatically list the WordPress Themes and plugins that are being used on a target website.

Specifically, they are third-party websites which inform you the WordPress Themes and plugins being used on a target website.

They also provide lots of other valuable information about a target website. Moreover, they are easy to use. You simply have to paste the URL into the search bar.

Here, we have featured some of the most popular automatic tools which come as a third-party website and help you to gather information about the desired website.

WordPress Theme Detector Tools

1. What WP Theme Is That

What WordPress Theme Is That comes as a free online tool that helps you to know what WordPress Theme a site is using. It provides information about the parent as well as the child themes being used on a target website. Additionally, it also detects what WordPress Plugins are being used. You just have to enter the URL or domain to search for the desired information you are looking for a website.

What WP Theme Is That

2. WP Theme Detector

WordPress Theme Detector is another free online tool that allows you to detect the WordPress theme and plugins currently being used by a website. You simply have to enter the URL or domain of your favorite WordPress site and hit the button. The tool will fetch the information about the WordPress theme and plugins being used on the target website.

WP Theme Detector

3. What Theme

If you are getting curious about which theme a particular website is using, then head straight to What Theme. The free online tool helps you to uncover the theme that is being used by any given website. What Theme can be used to detect WordPress, Ghost and Shopify themes. Although What Theme is relatively new, it still packs in a lot of potentials when you want to quickly know what WordPress Theme is being used by a website.

What Theme

4. Scan WP

Scan WP is a free online tool for detecting what WordPress Theme a website is using. It quickly detects theme and plugins being used on a WordPress site. All you need to do is to enter a WordPress site URL and leave the rest to Scan WP. It provides all the information you need to know about a particular WordPress website. It will give you the WordPress theme name, the theme price, the theme version; all the plugins used, each plugin price, and lots of other useful information, as well.

Scan WP

We hope that the post – How to know what Theme is this – was helpful to you. Now, you can easily detect which theme is being used by your favorite WordPress sites. If you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to share it with your friends. We look forward to your comments and suggestions.

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