10 Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins

Well, you might be aware that WordPress is the most widely used Content Management System (CMS) out there.

In fact, the immense popularity of WordPress among developers is largely attributed to its ‘flexibility.’

It allows you to add custom code or use a plugin whereby you get to modify and augment the looks, feels, and functions of your website easily.

So, with WordPress, you don’t have to build anything from the ground up.

For example, you can add live chat plugins and build an effective communication system on your website so that you can have direct contact with your potential customers.

It’s an easy way to let people interact with your site.

Today, we have come up with 10 Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins that allow people to interact with your site – for the better.

Nowadays, customer service forms an important part of a successful business both physical and online businesses.

If you don’t care for their ‘voice,’ they will simply leave your business and go elsewhere.

It has become a usual phenomenon with online businesses where we see millions of people getting connected to the web on a daily basis.

So, it’s important for you to come up with the level of customer service that inspires your customers and makes them go and tell about your business, services, and products to the people that are close to them.

Without top-notch customer service, you will see people abandoning your website to find better services elsewhere.

So, you need to be smart enough to come with creative customer service ideas to inspire people to connect, interact, and engage with your website.

For WordPress users, one of the easiest options for serving your customers better is to use live chat solutions.

It allows your visitors to open up a chatting window wherein they can fire their queries directly to your support agents and get instant answers or solutions.

In fact, Live Chat Plugins are a smart way for WordPress websites for providing instant and quality customer service.

And there are plenty of reasons in favor of using a chat plugin for WordPress sites.

Let’s see why you should use Live Chat for your WordPress site.

First of all, a live chat solution allows you to be available to your customers 24/7.

It shows that you are willing to extend the customer relationship. It also shows that you are confident about your products & services.

Secondly, with a live chat solution on your WordPress site, you open up a channel wherein people can post questions they have, and you make sure that you are available to them answering and comforting them with appropriate solutions.

It helps to increase your conversions and helps to build the much-needed confidence with your target audience.

Thirdly, with a chat option, you can make your site look more official.

It shows that you care about your customers’ problems and are there for them when they need you.

Fourthly, having a live chat option for your WordPress site goes on to build your brand reputation.

It builds a good impression in front of your customers and shows them that you value your customers.

All in all, a live chat option for your site ensures that you are there for your users and customers whenever they need you.

It’s much needed in today’s web scenario which is plagued with fierce competition.

It makes sure that you don’t lose out your valued customers. Moreover, it allows you to respond to their queries instantly thereby giving you an opportunity to build upon your customer relationship goals.

Now, that you know why you should be using live chat plugin, we take up and list out the best options for you.

Here’s the list of best WordPress live chat plugins:

10 WordPress Live Chat Plugins


1. LiveChat

LiveChat is a very handy WordPress live chat plugin that’s really easy to use for your website visitors/customers as well as your support agents.

On the customer side, LiveChat offers a nice chat box at the bottom of the page. The chatbox always remains in sight and can be accessed with a single click.

Once the conversion is done, the users can leave feedback and can even grade their experience with your support agent.

There are also share buttons embedded in the chat box itself that can be used by your customers for giving a shout-out to social media.

However, LiveChat really shines by giving many cool features to you and your support agents.

For example, it allows you to engage with customers directly. You can go ahead and start a conversation and enable customers to come up with a positive experience.

Plus, you can customize the chat window.

It gives you the liberty to control all conversations using a single dashboard, even when you set LiveChat on more than one website.

It also provides a full history of previous chats.

The customer interactions come studded with colorful circles thereby enabling you to see how long the person has been waiting.

Moreover, the LiveChat WordPress plugin can be integrated with your site easily.

WordPress live chat plugins

2. Zendesk Chat

Zendesk Chat is a leading and very popular live chat services for WordPress users. The good thing is that it can be easily installed, much thanks to its dedicated WordPress plugin which is available for free from the official repository.

Another highlight about Zendesk Chat is their stylish chat boxes having beautiful, customizable layouts & themes.

One needs to simply access the external Zopim Dashboard for responding to visitor messages. When you want to access chats on the go, you can choose and install a dedicated iPhone or Android app, too.

Its dashboard comes studded with vital metrics so that you can know chat performances, track the chat history, and know about your visitors in real-time.

A free subscription is available allowing one chat agent to handle unlimited chats. If you have a small website, then this live chat plugin is sufficient for customer support.

However, you can upgrade to its premium options which start at $14 per month. With its premium options, you get many cool features such as chat triggers.

With chat triggers, you can specify the conditions when chat box will auto launch. For example, in case a visitor is stuck on a web page for over a minute.

Zendesk WordPress live chat plugins

3. Olark Live Chat

If you are looking for a fully-featured live chat service, then Olark Live Chat might well truly be the right choice for you.

Although it might not be the perfect WordPress live chat plugins per se, however, Olark Live Chat can be integrated with your WordPress site via a handy widget easily. Simply put, they give you a piece of code which you can embed wherever you wish.

Plus, Olark Live Chat offers many cool and advanced features too.

For instance, Olark offers chat reports through which you can easily track chat frequency, operator responsiveness, as well as customer satisfaction.

Plus, it offers CRM integration with Salesforce, Nutshell, Highrise, and many other CRMs, as well.

You can set rules for showing or hiding the chat box. It allows you to send messages automatically, and assign chats to various departments.

You can search through the chat history.

Then, there’s Helpdesk integration with Zendesk, Groove, Desk.com, and more.

The operators can be grouped by teams, such as support team and sales team.

There’s also White label feature for removing Olark’s branding.

Each chat conversation box provides a detailed breakup of your customer’s activity on your site. You get to know what pages they have surfed as well as what they did on those pages. It also allows customers’ to leave their feedback and rating.

And that’s not all.

Olark has a lot to offer as far as your live chat needs are concerned, so to speak.

Olark WordPress live chat plugins

4. Tidio Live Chat

Tidio Live Chat is one of those live chat plugins which is very easy to get up and running. You need to activate the plugin simply, and you’re all set to go.

It offers three chat box designs which can be further color customized to suit your branding.

Chats can be handled from a Tidio Chat tab, which is accessed right from the WordPress dashboard. However, chats can also be handled by installing a dedicated desktop, iOS, or Android app.

In case, you are unable to chat, then in such scenarios, you get the offline messages right into your inbox. Similarly, when a visitor leaves the chat, the conversation can be continued via email.

It comes in a free version with one agent and one chat open, and no other restrictions. Premium plans start at $12 per month.

Tidio WordPress live chat plugins

5. Formilla Live Chat

Formilla is another leading free live chat solution.

It is suitable for websites having modest traffic figures.

Its free package allows one agent, one concurrent chat, and up to 30 total chats/mo being handled through Formilla’s bespoke interface.

For those who find 30 chats/mo won’t suffice their needs, they can upgrade to its premium plan starting at $8/mo.

The premium users get to access chats through Android or iOS apps and through the Formilla interface. Premium users are also provided with customizable chat boxes and real-time visitor monitoring.

Plus, there are many more impressive features, including proactive chat, offline email forms, and chat queues when operators are involved tackling other queries.

Formilla WordPress live chat plugins

6. SnapEngage

The best thing about SnapEngage live chat service is that it is suitable for businesses of all sizes. Plus, they offer a great set of tools. Their customers include big brands like HubSpot, PBS, Wacom, Tesla, and many others.

There are many notable features in SnapEngage.

They offer integrations with leading CRMs.

They come with the call-back-request feature.

There is a facility of automated chat invitations and customizable chat widgets to match your website.

There’s also an added feature in SnapEngage.

They offer an SMS to Chat feature which is an add-on service to their live chat software. It enables your visitors to communicate with your support team through text directly.

However, its pricing is a bit on a higher side with plans starting from $60 for 4 agents.

SnapEngage WordPress live chat plugins

7. Pure Chat

Pure Chat is a unique live chat plugin in the sense that it offers beautiful and eye-catching chat boxes. Further up, you can customize any part of the chat box with eye-catching animations, unlimited colors, and custom images available.

Moreover, Pure Chat comes as a 100% free live chat plugin.

The beautiful and customizable chat boxes are just one of its distinct features. Pure Chat has more to offer. In fact, Pure Chat is a very capable live chat plugin. It offers many features such as proactive chat triggers, powerful analytics, and multi-chat management.

You get the liberty to schedule when the live chat function is online and when it is offline. The live chat box can be converted into an opt-in form for any MailChimp email list.

Its free version offers up to 15 chats/month.

However, if you want more, you can go with its premium plan starting at $15/month with three users and unlimited chats. The chats are managed through Pure Chat dashboard or mobile apps.

Pure Chat WordPress live chat plugins

8. WP Live Chat Support

Finally, we have a live chat plugin which is completely free.

Yes, WP Live Chat Support is a 100% free live chat tool.

However, it also offers a Pro version with additional features for $39.95.

WP Live Chat Support comes with six pre-defined chat box skins which can be customized to suit your website content. You get the liberty to choose where the chat boxes are displayed on the screen. Moreover, the visitors can drag it somewhere more convenient, if they want.

All chats are managed through an intuitive dashboard.

Plus, its free version is powerful enough to grant an unlimited number of simultaneous chats.

WordPress live chat plugins

9. Quick Chat

Quick Chat is another very useful and easy-to-use WordPress chat plugin. Quick Chat plugin supports private chat, chat rooms, user list, avatars, words filtering, caching plugins, smilies, and more.

It is a self-hosted chat solution meaning that all your chat messages are stored locally in your WordPress database itself and so are fully under your control.

So, there are no limits or monthly fees for a number of chat messages or users. It is limited only by your web server capabilities.

Quick Chat supports an unlimited number of separate chat rooms. It provides admin widget for chatting with other admin users from the backend of your site.

Its user interface is translation friendly. Plus, there are many more features that you get in Quick Chat.

Quick Chat WordPress live chat plugins

10. Awesome Live Chat

Awesome Live Chat is truly an awesome live chat plugin.

It allows you to set up as many operators as you need.

You can have chat box skins in both fancy and classic styles. You can paint the skins in different colors.

The best part is that it needs no 3RD Party Service.
Everything is hosted on WordPress.

So, you get everything under your setup.

Visitors get to open up multiple tabs and continue from where they left off. They may also receive a chat transcript. When offline your chat becomes as a contact form. Visitors can even send you offline messages. It serves Geo Locations. Get to know where your visitors come from, by country, flag & IP.

Moreover, you get a simple and clean dashboard. You can adjust the plugin using the dashboard easily. Plus, it is responsive whether on the desktop, mobile or tablet. It is available for Mac OS X, and PC Client. The regular license comes at a price of $25.

WordPress live chat plugins

With this, we conclude this roundup of Ten Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins. As you can see, most of the live chat plugins featured above come with a free plan. So, you can always give them a try!

We hope that this post proves immensely useful to you. We look forward to your valuable feedback. So, please leave your comments below. And don’t forget to share the post.

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