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Managing subscribers can be a hard job in WordPress particularly when you have them in large numbers and want to send newsletters to them on a regular basis.

However, a simple, powerful, and easy-to-use WordPress Newsletter Solution can help you easily create Newsletters and hence manage your subscribers in a smart way. The central idea is that creating Newsletters in WordPress should be as easy as eating a cake.

Today I have showcased one such easy-to-use WordPress Newsletter Plugin named MailPoet Newsletters, which assists you in creating newsletters in a fly.

With MailPoet Newsletters, you can create newsletters, autoresponders, and can post notifications, as well. It even lets you drop posts, images, and as well as social icons in your newsletter.

There’s no denying the fact that there are numerous third party newsletter services available on the World Wide Web for WordPress Platform, but MailPoet Newsletters WordPress Plugin is a class apart as it can be tightly integrated with WordPress which makes things quite easy for you.

With MailPoet, you can create one time newsletters and can even create automatically recurring newsletters from the comfort of your WordPress Administrative Panel. It comes with a drag and drop interface which is used for creating newsletters and is compatible across different mail browsers as well as it is mobile friendly too.

MailPoet WordPress Newsletters Plugin functionality is awesome as it allows you to manage multiple subscribers’ list. That’s not all, as for each of your list; you can set up multiple newsletters. Plus: users get to have subscription buttons on your site which you can easily add using a widget, PHP, shortcode, an iFrame, with HTML.

MailPoet WordPress Newsletters Plugin

The MailPoet Plugin has many standard newsletter perks. For instance in its free version, MailPoet depicts basic statistics and in its premium version it showcases many advanced stats, as well.

Besides the above the Plugin features notifications, autoresponders, many free email templates and can even import support from MailChimp, Aweber, and others too.

MailPoet is quite an advanced Newsletter WordPress Plugin empowered with lots of useful and powerful features. With MailPoet WordPress Newsletter Plugin, you can easily compile your blog posts in the form of a stylized email newsletter. It has a well designed streamline process for sending email newsletters to your subscriber list.

Once you use MailPoet, you will be surely impressed by its capabilities as a Newsletter Plugin for your WordPress Platform. With MailPoet, you can write custom posts, and it also allows for easy dragging and dropping of existing posts. When you add a post to a newsletter, the Plugin functions to pull in all the information related to the post such as post’s title, excerpt, images, and links.

Once the Plugin is installed and activated, you’re WordPress Admin Panel will feature a new section labeled MailPoet. The biggest highlight of MailPoet WordPress Plugin is the ease with which it lets you create email newsletters. With MailPoet, the blog posts can be directly embedded into the newsletter.

MailPoet WordPress Newsletters Plugin

Moreover, that’s not the final word as you can automate blog posts embedding and can go on to ping emails to your subscribers together with a weekly showcase of new blog posts. You also get all the usual mailing list features and Autoresponders with the MailPoet WordPress Newsletters Plugin. MailPoet gives you the vivid description of statistics related to all of your email campaigns.

Tracking and analytics is a key feature of MailPoet so whatever stats you want about your email campaigns; you readily get it on MailPoet. Another key feature of MailPoet is that it is regularly updated, so if you are looking for advanced features, you are never let off with MailPoet WordPress Newsletter Plugin.

All-in-all, MailPoet is an easy-to-use, feature-rich, advanced, and powerful WordPress Newsletters Plugin. MailPoet comes as a free version as well as has more advanced paid version too. It may not be the best one in business, but MailPoet is surely one of the best WordPress Mailing List Plugin.

Download MailPoet WordPress Newsletters Plugin

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