Manage Multiple WordPress Installs with ManageWP

Are you having multiple WordPress blogs or websites?

If your answer is “Yes”, then hold on as this post can be of immense value to you.

Well managing multiple WordPress sites can prove to be really bothersome, tedious and time consuming affair. Actually managing your WordPress sites involves lots of varied tasks right from publishing of posts, to upgrading themes and plugins, backing up the database and many other tasks, as well.

How about a single dashboard through which you can manage all your WordPress sites or blogs?

In fact, you can manage your multiple WordPress websites all from a single dashboard.

The solution comes to you in the form of ManageWP through which you can handle WordPress operations for your sites easily and effectively.

The main purpose and utility of using ManageWP is that it helps you to save a lot of your time which otherwise you would have used in doing WordPress Management tasks for your sites. ManageWP makes multi-site management a reality for you.

Manage Multiple WordPress Installs with ManageWP
With ManageWP, you don’t have to remember and search different passwords for your sites to manage them on WordPress platform as you can access and manage your each and every websites through the single dashboard of ManageWP. The tool’s layout is thoroughly easy to use and navigate.

Its UI is highly interactive, and you get to manage all the elements of your WordPress websites. ManageWP enables you to perform bulk operations remarkably easy. Whether it is related to posting of articles across multiple sites, or it is related to adding users. With ManageWP, it is easily possible with just a click of a button.

To start using ManageWP, you need to add your various websites to it and further are required to install a Worker Plugin in your sites, which ManageWP hooks itself to. This is done as a security measure. You may feel that this may require a considerable amount of work initially, but in reality it is nothing when compared to the time and effort you save once you start using the ManageWP. If it takes 30 minutes to manage multiple (Updating themes, plugin etc) WordPress installs manually then same task can be done in 1 minute with ManageWP, a big time saver.

If you manage multiple client sites, then this is a must have tool.

Once you have your websites in, you are provided with the Dashboard with which you can manage all your WordPress sites or blog. ManageWP Dashboard is based on WordPress, so the use and navigation are not a problem at all. On the contrary, the dashboard is extremely intuitive and easy to use. On the dashboard, you get to have features such as recent posts, backup tasks, and shows up the available updates, statistics graph for page views, and much more.

ManageWP is a web based application and also comes as Android and iOS app. You can manage all your WordPress based website on the move.

From the Plugins & Themes section you are able to manage themes and plugins as well as can install and activate new ones. With one click, one can update themes and plugins across all your WordPress installs.

You get the option to choose selected websites, groups, or can work for all of your websites. Apart from this, managing users is easy too. You can append or delete users across several of your sites. You can do a backup of your sites manually or can even schedule the backups. You can exclude useless files such as cached information and can choose to store the backups using online cloud storage facilities or can even email the backups to yourself.

Not just managing WordPress install, ManageWP also offers security of your WordPress website with integration. It also checks for your website uptime. If something went wrong, ManageWP will alert you so that you can take action according it.

ManageWP Security

ManageWP is a full featured WordPress service and comes in various pricing plans. ManageWP can be used by small entrepreneurs as well by large corporations. So by using ManageWP, you can actually improve the management of your multiple WordPress sites and get an opportunity to save your precious time which you can then use for doing some other productive work.

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  1. Managing multiple WordPress sites can be frustrating and time consuming. Unless you are hosted with a managed WordPress hosting provider like WPEngine , keeping all of your WordPress site up to date becomes your responsibility. Sometimes, one missed WordPress update is all it takes for hackers to potentially ruin all of our hard work. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a single dashboard that lets you easily update plugins, write new posts, monitor for traffic and downtime, check your analytics, do SEO analysis on posts, create backups, and much more without logging into each site individually? If you like the sound of it, then you will really love this article. In this article, we will show you how to efficiently manage multiple WordPress sites using ManageWP .

    1. Hello, Yes if you are managing multiple WordPress site then it is very time consuming process if there is new WordPress or WordPress plugins update. Managing all these from on place can save lot of time.

  2. Adeline I. Sampson

    This is the feature that makes me swoon. Swoon, I tell you! The ManageWP Clone Wizard lets you quickly make copies of your websites or deploy websites from the backup files. First you just select the site you want to migrate/clone and then you select your destination.

  3. When you sign up for a Free ManageWP account, you will also have access to all of our premium features for 30 days. The free account allows you to manage up to 5 websites. At any time you can upgrade to one of the paid plans, adding more features and websites.

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