Make WordPress Mobile Site with WPtouch Pro

User-friendliness is one of the most important features of your website that drives traffic and enhances user experience. With mobiles and smart phones becoming key user devices it is now utmost essential that bloggers and website owners pay attention to making their website mobile friendly that will not only drive traffic but will also pave the path for user engagement leading to higher conversions and revenues.

Here, I introduce you to WPtouch Pro which is one such powerful WordPress Plugin that makes your website mobile friendly. Using WPtouch Pro you get to create stunning Smartphone and tablet versions of your website and that too without changing your desktop theme. WPtouch Pro makes your website multi-device ready and so you get an opportunity to channelize website traffic in a more profitable way.

Your website gets the look and feel that is simply loved by your visitors irrespective of the device dimensions that they use. It makes you prepared for website traffic that comes from users on Smartphones and tablets. WPtouch Pro not only makes your website presentable on mobile phones, it even imparts touch-friendly aspect to them which is so important for usability on mobile devices. WPtouch Pro takes care of all these issues and much more.

Make WordPress Mobile Site with WPtouch Pro

Let us look in detail about various aspects and features of WPtouch Pro.

The WPtouch Pro Plugin

WPtouch Pro comes in the form of a premium Plugin for WordPress powered websites. It enables you to create awesome and stunning tablet + Smartphone compatible versions of your website. It allows you to retain the desktop version of your website and helps you to come up with a mobile-friendly version of your website meant specifically for smartphones and tablets. It even provides numerous set of themes which can be configured to fit your website content.

It’s Set of Offering

WPtouch Pro comes empowered with powerful style controls with which you can easily configure the look and feel of your website according to your own set of requirements. It enables you to organize various elements of your website such as fonts, colors, logos, and images. You even get to organize display options for tags, categories, author bio, etc.

It provides you the right set of tools so as to format the content of your website as per your needs and demands. It even supports JavaScript and HTML5. Moreover, it delivers the capability to create your own mobile themes and you can also upload child themes based on existing themes. If you want to showcase custom menus on your mobile devices, WPtouch Pro enables you to do that, as well.

That’s not all, as WPtouch Pro has lots more in store for you. It supports services such as AdSense and AdMob, and if you want to use any other ad service, you can simply drop in the custom code. It goes onto supports and intelligently scales videos and allows you to disable the plugins that do not function well on mobile devices. Last but not the least WPtouch Pro also supports for custom post type, as well.

WPtouch Pro

What are the Options?

Firstly, WPtouch Pro can be availed as a free version. However, this comes with limited functionality. Having said this, the free version can be used as a previewing mechanism before you get to own the full version. With free version, you do not get any documentation, no custom icons, no menus, no post types as well, and no option for adding advertisement on your mobile site. Then, WPtouch Pro offers Pro Single License for use on single website. Its Pro 5 Pack can be used on multiple websites whereas its Pro Developer version can be used if you require developer docs or PSDs. Except the free version, all the other versions have been localized in several languages, such as German, Chinese, Spanish, French, Japanese, etc.

It’s Working

Once you install and activate WPtouch Pro Plugin, you can move to its Settings Page to explore what it has in store for you. On the Settings Page, you get five tabbed sections, each having its own sub-sections. Its General Page is self-explanatory and lets you to specify the regionalization and language settings. It even provides the option to override WordPress default settings. You can even enable or disable push notifications and can successfully configure the mobile advertising settings. It also provides Backup, Restore, and Compatibility section.

Through its Theme Browser page, you can select themes. It provides default theme as well as Skeleton template which can be used as a framework for developing your own themes. Its Classic Theme has a good look-n-feel and comes loaded with ample functionality so as to prove useful for anyone’s purpose.

Its third page comes in the form of Active Theme which allows you to set up theme options, configure theme appearance, styling, custom post types, menus, etc. The fourth page is Menu + Icons. It provides options to handle menus and icons. You get multiple icon sets which look decent and will serve well for most users. Plus, you can also upload your own set of icons and can have up to three custom menus in the header. Its fifth is dedicated about Licensing and Activation.

Finally – The Verdict

Using WPtouch Pro can turn out to be highly advantageous for professional bloggers and website owners as it provides the opportunity to effectively harness the website traffic coming through mobile devices such as Smartphone’s and Tablets.

Looking at its powerful features, it can be rightly termed as a perfect WordPress Plugin for creating superb mobile versions of your website. Its powerful customization options provide you the flexibility to come up with stunning mobile friendly websites capable of converting random visitors into loyal subscribers.

All-in-all, WPtouch Pro is a powerful, feature-rich, and useful premium WordPress Plugin for creating awesome Smartphone + Tablet versions of your website.

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