Know Which WordPress Plugin is Slowing Speed with P3

It is really a frustrating experience to find that your website loads slowly.

If this is happening with your website, it’s time to take action against this critical issue.

Unresponsive website, slow to load website is detrimental to your blog’s online image. It is the last thing that your users want when they log to your website and find it is unresponsive or is taking hell lot of time to load.

If this has become a normal scenario, it could even lead to users shunning your website.

You get to crack this issue pertaining your website if you want happy and satisfied users and want that your users continue to use your website.

You need to be quick to resolve the issue of slow and unresponsive website.

To get to know what is really plaguing your website’s slow speed you can even consult your hosting provider. What comes out of this exercise is the fact that it is one of the plugins that are responsible for the slowness of your website.

Yes, the Plugins are the cause for your slow website!

And this is a big finding that can help you to move on for finding its resolution.

Contrary to popular belief that Plugins augment the functionality and usability of your WordPress powered website, Plugins may also be a cause for some serious havoc pertaining to your website.

They can be a cause for slowing down your website.

So you see that there are positives as well as negatives of using Plugins. They can have a profound negative impact on the performance of your website.

In this regard, it becomes very much important for you to identify those plugins that are having negative impact on the performance of your website. Many times it happens that the plugins are poorly configured or there are too many of them causing WordPress websites to load slowly.

You got to find out such plugins which are making your website slow.

P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) is one such WordPress plugin which helps you identify those plugins which are making your website slow or more specifically which plugins are slowing down your website.

This plugin from GoDaddy shows you reports which tells you which plugins are slowing down for the website speed. P3 creates a profile of all the plugins on your WordPress site and provides you with an analysis of their impact on load time. You can then analyze the reports and can narrow down problem plugins and speed up your WordPress site.

The plugin helps you generate a performance report of your site and you get a list of all those plugins which are slowing your website. Once you install and use the plugin, you can be sure of a tremendously fast website. With P3 in place, you will experience no more performance issues plaguing your website. P3 helps to eradicate such plugins which are causing slowness for your website.

Once the plugin is activated by clicking on the “Start Scan” it shows the visits from your IP Address. PHP user defined function calls are monitored while the server generates your WordPress pages. The information is recorded in a report file which you can view later. The reporting done by the plugin is available to you in a vivid format.

Plugin Performance Profiler Plugin
The report is presented to you in different formats. You get a report in the form of Runtime by Plugin. Then you have Detailed Breakdown. You even get Simple Timeline, Detailed Timeline, Query Timeline, and even Advanced Metrics. When you click “Stop Scan” the plugin stops functioning and is dormant again.

The plugin provides an option of running either an automatic scan or manual scan. The manual scan lets you choose which page to scan while, with automatic scan, you can simply scan the home page. Once the scanning is complete, you get to see the results. It lists down the total number of active plugins, plugin impact, plugin load time, as well as MySQL queries per visit.

In the Runtime Chart, you get to see which plugins are causing your website to slow down. This is a quick and easy way to see which plugins are making your website run slowly. The Detailed Breakdown lists down the time in seconds which each plugin takes to load on your page. You even get to know the load time of your WordPress and its theme. With its Timeline Tab, you get to know when WordPress Themes, and Plugins increased your page load. Likewise in the Query Timeline Graph, you get to know when the MySQL queries were called. With the Advanced Metrics displays the summary of your website performance. It shows the website load time, plugin load time, WordPress load time, theme load time, memory usage and your total load time.

The Bottom Line

So, P3 helps you to note problem plugins which you can deactivate to increase the performance of your website or reduce the load time of your website drastically. It has a profile folder which stores which stores information regarding every scan that you performed. This helps to check whether the load time has decreased or increased after removing or installing plugins. Seeing its usability, P3 Plugin Performance Profiler is highly recommended for every blogger or webmaster if he wants that his website should have low load time fantastically with respect to their WordPress website.

DownloadP3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) Plugin

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