5 WordPress Plugins to Make Mobile Friendly Websites

Apart from the Web Users you also have to meet the needs and aspirations of mobile users.

As a matter of fact, mobile platform has immensely become popular with people from all over the world. Nowadays, more and more people are accessing websites and applications from their mobiles and Smartphones. Mobiles have become a powerful marketing channel for your websites and offer a tremendous potential to gain a large number of visitors.

However, you need to have a mobile friendly website for mobile users.

Hereunder we have come up with an exclusive collection of 5 WordPress Plugins to Make Mobile Friendly Websites.

Each of these WordPress Mobile Plugins is equally powerful, useful and feature-rich. We have included free as well paid WordPress Mobile Plugins. Apart from this, we have taken care to include the best, highly rated, most popular and advanced WordPress Mobile Plugins in our collection of 5 WordPress Plugins to Make Mobile Friendly Websites.

For effective utilization of mobile platform, you need to convert your website into a mobile friendly layout that supports various mobile devices and environment such as Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, etc. For this, you need to use mobile friendly themes for your websites. You need to achieve superb PageSpeed Optimization for your mobile websites. Your mobile websites need to be SEO friendly. The website layout should be responsive so that users face no problem in surfing the content of your website on their mobile handsets.

You can easily achieve the goal of mobile optimization for your websites when you use a powerful and advanced WordPress Mobile Plugin.

The following collection of 5 WordPress Plugins to Make Mobile Friendly Websites gives you an ample choice to choose the most suitable WordPress Mobile Plugin for your site or blog.

So, let’s get started.

5 WordPress Mobile Website Plugins

1. WPtouch Mobile Plugin

Having a mobile WordPress website is one of the most important requirements in today’s online scenario. With WPtouch Mobile Plugin, you can easily create a mobile WordPress website for your website visitors. The plugin helps you to have a simple and elegant mobile theme for mobile visitors of your WordPress website.

With the WPtouch Mobile Plugin, you can easily customize the appearance of your mobile WordPress website. Its administrative panel is powerful yet easy to use. If you desire to present to your mobile website users a stylish, elegant and simple to use website, then WPtouch Mobile Plugin comes as one of the perfect solution.

The plugin enables users to switch between a website’s regular theme and mobile website theme. All this and much more you can do with WPtouch Mobile Plugin without even modifying a single line of code.
Mobile Website

2. Obox Mobile

Obox Mobile is an awesome WordPress Plugin that can instantly convert your website to a mobile friendly layout fully compatible with all types of mobile devices. So, if you want to make your blog mobile ready then Obox Mobile WordPress Plugin is a perfect solution for this. It works perfectly on all modern mobile devices including Android, Windows, iPhone and Blackberry.
Your website visitors get to have customized visuals and experience ultimate usability on their mobile handsets when you install and use this plugin. It comes with retina ready feature which makes all layouts work perfectly well for retina enabled mobile display devices. Obox Mobile even allows you to insert Google Analytics tracking code so that you can access the usage pattern of mobile users with respect to your website. The plugin provides five preset color schemes, advanced admin control, has built-in sharing options, with lots of other fantastic features, as well.
Mobile Website

3. Mobile

Mobile is a WordPress Plugin which allows you to create device aware mobile themes for your website. With Mobile, you can easily optimize your website for mobile users. It has a built-in style manager and many mobile-ready themes. Its style manager lets you customize fonts, navigation, headlines and footer for your mobile themes. Moreover, Mobile WordPress mobile plugin supports various Smartphone and Mobile Platforms. It lets you create mobile themes of your choice or you can even use readymade themes, as well. All-in-all, you can easily create an enhanced mobile version of your website.
Mobile Website

4. WP Mobile Splash Page Editor

WP Mobile Splash Page Editor WordPress Plugin lets you design super-fast loading, efficient and beautiful landing pages for various mobile platforms. The plugin provides you unlimited styling options so that you can design your mobile landing page according to your specific requirements. The landing page you create is fully responsive meaning your mobile website is fully optimized for viewing in different mobile devices.

With WP Mobile Splash Page Editor, you get incredibly fast loading speed for mobile site conversion. So, PageSpeed Optimization is properly addressed in this Plugin. Moreover, it is easy to edit content. You just require clicking on any button to trigger the popover and then can easily edit the content. If your visitors expect mobile web performance optimization, using WP Mobile Splash Page Editor you give them exactly what they need that is superfast loading mobile websites and applications.
Mobile Website

5. MobilePress

With MobilePress WordPress Plugin, you can easily create mobile friendly version of your WordPress website. It comes with different custom themes and provides many mobile friendly settings. MobilePress has been restructured to include many enhanced capabilities and features which make it a powerful and awesome WordPress Mobile Plugin. It is easy to install and equally easy to use.
5 WordPress Plugins to Make Mobile Friendly Websites

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