10 Best WordPress Poll and Survey Plugins

WordPress is a powerful blogging platform and provides numerous ways by which you can enhance its usability so that you can attract and retain visitors to your site or blog.

By Installing Plugins in your WordPress Blog, you can easily enhance and improve the features of your WordPress Blog.

One such useful WordPress Plugin that is highly used by bloggers is the Poll and Survey Plugin.

Hereunder we have showcased a compilation of Best Free and Paid WordPress Poll Plugins which can enable you easily add polls or surveys into your WordPress blog or site.

Using WordPress Poll Plugin, you can create and manage polls, surveys, quizzes, and tests for your WordPress blogs or sites. WordPress Poll Plugins help you to create an engaging experience for the visitors, and they like to revisit your site or blog again and again.

So, WordPress Polls and Survey Plugin you can retain the visitors for your blog and perhaps even increase the visitors count.

In the following post, you get to see the collection of Best WordPress Polls and Survey Plugins that can prove highly useful and beneficial for your WordPress blog.

So, have a look at the Best Free and Paid WordPress Poll Plugins, and it is quite possible that you include one of them in your WordPress Blog.

10 WordPress Poll and Survey Plugins

1. WP-Polls

WP-Polls make it extremely easy for you to run a poll on your WordPress enabled blog post or page. It is one of the best free WordPress Polls Plugin. WP-Polls implements an Ajax poll system in your WordPress Blog. Moreover, it can be easily customized through CSS styles and templates. WP-Polls provide many options so that you can run and manage polls in your WordPress blog exactly according to your preferences and likes.
WP-Polls WordPress Poll Plugin

2. Polldaddy Polls & Ratings

Polldaddy Polls & Ratings is another very popular WordPress Plugin for creating and managing polls and ratings for your blog posts or pages from within the WordPress Dashboard. Polldaddy Polls & Ratings WordPress Plugin is extensively customizable. It provides numerous styles for polls with the facility to create multiple choice polls. With Polldaddy, you can create unlimited polls and can collect unlimited votes, as well. You can have a close date for your poll and can see the poll results as soon as they come. Its rating menu enables you to set-up ratings in your WordPress blog pages, posts, or comments. You can even customize your ratings.
Polldaddy Polls & Ratings

3. Poll, Survey, Quiz & Form by OpinionStage

The Opinion Stage presents a powerful Poll and Survey WordPress Plugin in the form of Poll, Survey, Quiz & Form WordPress Plugin. It enables you to add a beautiful poll, survey, quiz & form to your WordPress site. Using this powerful plugin, you get an opportunity to discover opinions, boost engagement, and drive traffic to your site easily. It enables you to manage your polls from one dashboard easily. Moreover, it comes with lots of features which make it a formidable WordPress Poll Plugin.
Poll, Survey, Quiz & Form by OpinionStage

4. Democracy Poll

Democracy Poll is a free yet powerful WordPress Polls Plugin. It provides widget and short-code and allows visitors to choose multiples and add their answers. With Democracy Polls you can create various Polls with different features. It enables you to have polls with single and multiple voting. You can set poll’s end date. It comes with powerful admin features and delivers fast performance. It even works with cache plugins. Users can add their own answers. However, this option can be disabled, if required.
Democracy Poll

5. YOP Poll

YOP Poll is a complete polling solution which makes it a powerful WordPress Poll & Survey Plugin. It comes as an easy to use WordPress Poll Plugin for your site. With YOP Poll, you can easily integrate a survey in your site’s page or post. It allows you to have polls with single or multiple answers. With YOP Polls, you can set vote permissions or block voters. It allows you to run multiple polls or can schedule polls. It also provides shortcodes and widget functionality that is perfect for your WordPress site.
YOP Poll WordPress Poll Plugin

6. TotalPoll Pro

TotalPoll Pro is a fully responsive WordPress Poll Plugin. TotalPoll Pro enables you to create and integrates polls into your WordPress Site easily. It is easy to use and provides numerous features with which you can have full control over the polls. Its user-friendly interface lets you create polls instantly within few seconds.
It is made responsive so that your visitors have an optimal viewing experience whether they are using a laptop, Smartphone, or tablet. It provides over five customization settings to give you total control. It provides the option to include custom fields so that you can collect additional information from your visitors.
TotalPoll Pro

7. Poller Master

Poller Master is an ultimate WordPress Polling System. It is a fully responsive poll and survey plugin built on bootstrap. Poller Master enables you to create beautiful polls. It provides detailed stats regarding polls. It allows you to create polls with a single answer or with multiple choices. You can set poll start and end date. You can show countdown, include images, videos, maps, and much more. You can use it in posts, pages, custom post types, theme files, etc. It allows you to create an unlimited number of polls.
Poller Master

8. Responsive Poll

Responsive Poll is yet another powerful premium WordPress Poll & Survey Plugin which enables you to create polls in WordPress easily. The voting results can be displayed in seven different chart types. It allows you to create multiple polls on a single page. It is a fully responsive and customizable WordPress Survey Plugin. It provides three layers of security such as Cookies, IP, and User ID. It is built using Twitter Bootstrap 3.
Responsive Poll

9. MegaPoll

MegaPoll is loaded with features which make it a powerful WordPress Poll and Survey Plugin. It is fully customizable and responsive WordPress Poll Plugin. The Poll Plugin allows you to come up with as much as 10+ Question Types. It provides widget and shortcode so that you can place your poll anywhere on your site. It also provides a detailed user guide. It works in all major browsers. It allows you to create and manage polls or surveys easily. It is easy to install and works on all screen devices. It allows you to set start and end date for your polls. It provides seven animated chart types. Plus, it has many more features.

10. Modal Survey

Modal Survey has been designed to function as a complete survey solution for your website. Using Modal Survey, you can come up with attention grabber polls and surveys. It provides tons of customization options. It allows you to create any customer feedback survey on your website pages easily. Its admin panel provides you with a professional interface with user-friendly tools so that you can have full control on the polls and surveys.
Modal Survey WordPress Poll Plugins

We hope that you would have liked our above presentation of Best Free WordPress Poll and Survey Plugins. We look forward to your comments and suggestions.

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