How to Show Random Quotes in Widgets for WordPress Site

Have you ever thought that adding quotes on your site can be an interesting way to spice up things for your readers? A random quotes section can be both fun and educational for your readers and can go a long way in engaging visitors and supplement your regular content.

Fortunately for you, it is easy to display random quotes on your WordPress site. You can show random quotes in widgets for WordPress site by using the Quotes Collection plugin.

Here, you get to know how to show random quotes on your WordPress site by using the Quotes Collection plugin.

show Random Quotes on your WordPress site
You will come to know how to add random quotes on your WordPress site sidebar easily.

So, get ready to display your favorite quotes on your WordPress website.

In a matter of few minutes, you will come to know how to add random quotes in your WordPress site by using the Quotes Collection plugin.

For any webmaster, one of the most daunting tasks is to make the website stand out from the crowd.

Quotes are one of those little touches that can easily make your site unique and interesting for your readers.

You can use quotes from famous or influential personalities and make your WordPress site stand out from the crowd.

Quotes can be both fun and educational for your readers. Plus, they provide an easy and effective way of adding extra content to your website that you don’t have to produce.

By having inspirational quotes on your website, you can get readers excited about your site’s regular content.

Quotes tend to improve your credibility and perceived authority.

By including humorous quotes, you can have an element of fun on your website thereby boosting up the engagement of visitors. Original quotes help to spread your own ideas.

So, you see that quotes are helpful in more than one ways.

You can include quotes on your website by creating a random quotes section. By doing so, you propel users to regularly visit your site, as they get to see a new quote every time they visit your site.

Moreover, adding random quotes to your site is easy. All you need to do is to use Quotes Collection Plugin.

About Quotes Collection Plugin

Quotes Collection is an easy-to-use and straightforward plugin for displaying quotes on your website.

You can come up with a library of quotes and can add them in the sidebar. You can also use shortcodes for adding quotes to a post or page.

The shortcodes provide a variety of display options and allow you to focus on quotes that are listed under a specific tag or author.

You can even set up a quotes section where you can display a random entry each time when a user visits the page.

Highlights of Quotes Collection Plugin

  • Offers an easy-to-use admin interface
  • Random Quote sidebar widget
  • Four shortcode options
  • Allows you to build and manage a collection of quotes

Steps for adding random quotes on your WordPress site

Here, we will describe how you can use Quote Collection plugin for adding random quotes section to your WordPress site. We have selected Quotes Collection plugin, as it is simple and easy-to-use.

Step 1: Activate the Plugin

Like with any other WordPress plugin, you first have to install and activate the Quotes Collection plugin on your WordPress site.

Activate the Plugin

Once this is done, a new Quotes Collection tab will be added to the admin menu. You have to click on it and navigate to the Options Screen.

There are few settings to configure.

For instance, with the Refresh link text field, you can change the text that shows next to each quote.

Once you have done with the settings and configured the plugin, click on the Update Options button for saving the changes.

Step 2: Build your Library of Quotes

Once you have configured the plugin, you need to build your quote library. Each quote has to be entered individually.

build quote library

However, it’s not necessary to add hundreds of quote right away. You can build your library of quotes over time.

In the Quotes Collection section, you have to click on the Add New tab.

Here, you have to enter the text of the quote. If you want, you can also include its author and source.

After adding a few quotes, you can view, edit, or delete them by using the All Quotes tab.

You can transfer the library of quotes to another WordPress site by using the Import and Export tab.

Quotes Collection

Step 3: Displaying Random Quotes on Widget/Sidebar

You can display quotes in a sidebar widget.

Navigate to Appearance >> Widgets

Here you will find the Random Quote widget option.

You have to drag it into your sidebar.

You get a lot of choices for customizing its appearance.

You can enter a title and can display author and source for each quote.

You can customize using the Advanced options.

Save your changes.

Displaying Random Quotes on Widget

That’s all you have to do for displaying quotes in your sidebar.

The random quotes section will be visible on the front end of your site.

Step 4: Shortcodes for adding Quotes anywhere on your WordPress site

Using Shortcodes, you can display random quotes within your WordPress posts and pages or have multiple quotes sections on your site.

Here, we list out four options that you can use right away:

1. [quotcoll]: It shows all the quotes from your library.
2. [quotcoll author=“Name”]: It will enable you to display quotes attributed to a particular author.
3. [quotcoll tags=”tag1, tag2,tag3″]: It allows you to display entries listed by those categories. You can have any number of tags.
4. [quotcoll orderby=”random” limit=1]: Use it for displaying random quotes. If you want to display more than one entry, just change the limit.

Besides these options, you can also create your customized shortcodes. You need to type or paste the shortcode wherever you like it to show up on your post or page.

This way, you can have a random quotes section in your WordPress site.


Quotes are one of the best ways to spice up your site and offer some additional value to your visitors. A random quotes section helps to boost your credibility and proves the best resource for supplementing your content. It inspires your readers and can create hype about your field or topic.

With Quotes Collection plugin, you can easily add quotes to your WordPress site. We hope that the post helps you to add random quotes to your WordPress site’s sidebar or anywhere on your posts or pages.

What’s your take on the random quotes feature of WordPress sites? Share your views with us in the comments section below.

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