10 Attractive WordPress Recent Post Widgets

Is your website a victim of high bounce rate?
Are you not able to retain your visitors?
Are you not able to engage your visitors?
In spite of your best efforts, are you not able to popularize your blog posts among the target audience?

If such questions plague you, then I would like to tell you that you are at the right place.

Hereunder, I have presented a list of 10 Attractive WordPress Recent Post Widgets that can help you to boost traffic to your blog and as well as provides an opportunity to reduce the bounce rate of your blog or website.

Well, using the WordPress Recent Post Widgets you can display your recent or popular posts collection in your WebPages or posts, in an attractive and compelling style.

Although, you might be running an awesome website with quality posts and unique and valuable content, it is of use if your visitors do not get to notice them or fail to read your posts.

You are just missing out a wonderful opportunity to build upon and retain your visitors.

If your visitors fail to derive value from your blog or website, it’s a defeat for you. A visitor loss is equivalent to a lost opportunity whereas a satisfied visitor happens to grow and popularize your online business.

Well, you can shape up your success by using an Attractive WordPress Recent Post Widget. When you showcase a list of your recent or most popular posts in each of your webpage, you simply go onto to increase the exposure of your blog or website for your visitors.

A visitor might not click down menu or search for recent or popular posts on your blog. Moreover, he can just bounce out of your website. This means a loss for you. However, with WordPress Recent Post Widgets you can showcase a collection of your recent posts in the sidebar or across the length and breadth of your webpage thus making it easy for them to browse your content or posts.

Using an Attractive WordPress Recent Post Widget you can quickly gain the attention of your visitors and stand a great chance to increase your pageviews.

Although WordPress comes with an in-built Recent Posts Widget; however it lacks features much needed to attract and hold the attention of visitors.

Whereas when you use an Attractive WordPress Recent Post Widget, you can showcase your popular posts along with thumbnails, excerpt, comments, date, and can showcase recent posts across various categories. You can customize the widgets and can use different templates with varied color schemes and backgrounds.

Moreover, the recent post widgets are rich in features. All this go on to add an attractive value to your recent posts showcase, and you are successful in gaining the attention of your visitors.

Hereunder, you get a vivid collection of 10 Attractive WordPress Recent Post Widgets which can surely help you in enhancing the presentation of your recent posts collection on each of your webpage. Some of these widgets are free while others come at a price. You can go through the collection of 10 Attractive WordPress Recent Post Widgets, and I believe you will definitely find a suitable WordPress Recent Post Widget according to your requirements.

10 Useful WordPress Recent Post Widgets

1. Top Stories – Most Viewed / Recent Posts Widget

Top Stories is one of the most popular WordPress Widget for showcasing recent posts in your blog. Using this WordPress Widget you can easily show most commented or viewed posts in your blog. You get comprehensive customization options. You get numerous sidebar and color combinations. Plus you can choose the number of posts you want to show in the sidebar. Moreover, you can set time interval within which you want to show your popular posts. You also have comprehensive filter options. You get the facility of filtering content by time lapse as well as by category posts.
WordPress Recent Post Widgets

2. Coliris

Coliris is another very popular recent posts widget for your WordPress website or blog. It has been empowered with numerous powerful features which makes it a preferred recent posts widget for bloggers and webmasters. Coliris enables you to display recent posts on a colored style and can include thumbnails in it. It provides unlimited color variations and is a perfect solution for showcasing recent posts on your online magazines or blogs. Coliris has been empowered with advanced post filtering techniques, has a fully responsive web design and comes with many other advanced features, as well.
WordPress Recent Post Widgets

3. Custom Post Widget

Custom Post Widget is a powerful premium post widget for displaying recent posts in your WordPress blog or website. Using the Custom Post Widget you can show recent posts, popular posts, most commented posts, tag based or even other custom posts in your WordPress blog or website. Custom Post Widget supports multiple instances so you can use multiple widgets in one sidebar widget area. You can adjust thumbnails width and height. Moreover, it comes with highly customizable control panels. On the whole, Custom Post Widget has awesome features including custom style and script, full widget options, default post thumbnails, and many other features, as well.
WordPress Recent Post Widgets

4. Better Recent Posts Widget Pro

If you are looking for an enhanced and powerful recent post widget, Better Recent Posts Widget Pro is one such widget you can consider for your WordPress blog. The widget has been empowered with features which enable to control which posts you want to display and how you want to display the posts. You get to have featured thumbnail display together with thumbnail size control, as well. Better Recent Posts Widget Pro come with the post title display, post author display, comment count display as well as post date display. The widget even comes with multiple instances support together with many other features, as well.
WordPress Recent Post Widgets

5. Tabs Widget for WordPress

The widget helps you to display a tabbed panel which showcases different content types on your WordPress website or blog. You get to display recent posts, popular posts, as well as your latest tweets from your Twitter Timeline. Tabs have the capability to rotate one after the other thus giving extensive exposure to your content. Posts can include featured images as well as the excerpt. It supports multiple widget instances. You can have an unlimited number of tabs and can even set or disable rotation speed. You can even choose the number of posts you want to show on each tab. You also get the facility to set thumbnail position and size. Together with these features, Tabs Widget for WordPress has many more features in store for you. Moreover, it is compatible with almost all the major browsers.
WordPress Recent Post Widgets

6. Enhanced Recent Posts

Enhanced Recent Posts is a powerful WordPress Plugin which greatly enhances the features of the built-in “Recent Posts” widget. It provides various options, which you can use to extend the feature list of “Recent Posts” widget. It provides options for excluding and including categories. It provides options which enable you to select number of posts displayed. That’s not all as Enhanced Recent Posts provides many other useful options, as well.
WordPress Recent Post Widgets

7. Newstastic recent posts scroller

Newstastic recent posts scroller WordPress Widget provides you with an easy and effective way for displaying recent posts on any of your webpage with a slider for paging. The widget has incorporated a lot of new features and options including layouts. Newstastic recent posts scroller displays your posts in a vertical or horizontal format from all or selected categories. You can even select other options as to what you would like to have on your recent post list and can also set the height, width, etc.
WordPress Recent Post Widgets

8. Recent Post Thumbnail Slider Widget

With this widget, you can display featured image of any posts and pages in widgetized sidebar as slider effect. It provides great slider customization options, post management options, as well as other customization options. Recent Post Thumbnail Slider Widget has been empowered with many advanced features. You can give Thumbnail Dimension including thumbnail height and width. You can select the number of related items that you want to show. You can even include multiple slider effect such as fade, move and random. You can even adjust slider speed and have the option to give slider auto run. The widget includes many other features, as well.
WordPress Recent Post Widgets

9. Recent Posts Widget Extended

This is an easy-to-use, flexible, and advanced recent posts widget. Recent Posts Widget Extended allow you to display recent and popular posts with thumbnail, post date and excerpt. The widget even allows you to display recent posts from all or specific category or tag. Thumbnails are customizable according to size and alignment. The widget supports get_the_image function and read more as well as post type option too.
WordPress Recent Post Widgets

10. Flexible Recent Posts

With Flexible Recent Posts Plugin you can display recent posts using flexible template system. You can define template for each post entry and can go onto set needed taxonomy. You can set number of posts to display. It provides built-in shortcodes using which you can insert important information related to current posts such as title, date, featured image, excerpt, author, permalink, comments.
WordPress Recent Post Widgets

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