Redirection WordPress Plugin to Redirect Broken Pages

WordPress Plugins have become an integral part of site management. WordPress Plugins help to effectively, easily and efficiently manage your websites. Whether it is related to security or search engine optimization or some other work, Plugins play a pivotal role in the overall management of your blog or website. Redirection in one such WordPress Plugin which helps you to track 404 errors and efficiently manage 301 redirections. It helps to prevent visitor loss happening due to page not found, 404 errors.

Well, every blogger or website owner wants efficient management of their site or blog. The results are obvious with higher rankings on search engine results page and a higher volume of visitors’ traffic to their website. In this context, bloggers or webmasters also do not want to lose visitors because of some errors on their site or blog.

Sometimes we need to delete some pages or blog post from our website. There can be various reasons for deleting pages, post or images you have created another quality page for your product or services, you have stopped selling or promoting a product or service etc. Those deleted pages, post or images, will throw 404 error pages.

Just consider this scenario.

A client is searching on Google and finds a relevant link matching his requirements. He clicks on the link and Oops! Instead of landing to your post or page, he encounters a 404 ‘page not found’ error message. This is a frustrating situation for your visitor. He feels annoyed and instantly closes your site never to return to it in the future. This spoils your site or blog image and hampers your searching engine rankings too.

I am sure you would not like the same situation to happen with you. Infact you can avoid facing such a situation by using a powerful and useful WordPress Plugin in the form of Redirection WordPress Plugin. By using this Plugin, you can ensure that your website navigation is absolutely clean, and error free, and you do not lose visitors due to ‘page not found’ error.

There are more than one ways where Redirection is found useful.

Firstly, Redirection WordPress Plugin comes to picture when a page URL has been changed or removed. In such a situation, the Plugin will redirect visitors to a specified page in the event of invalid URL request. Redirection helps to track all the 404 ‘page not found’ error resulting on your website. This is extremely helpful as you get to know all the URLs which throw 404 errors and then can apply the plugin to redirect visitors to related posts or even to your domain. So this helps to retain your visitors.

Secondly, Redirect WordPress Plugin can be used to add external site to your navigation. You are just required to create the page (with a name) that you want to have in your navigation. You can then employ Redirection to redirect visitors to the external URL, when they happen to click on the page name created by you. This feature becomes useful when you have something like a homepage event registration calendar exist on another site.

Using Redirect WordPress Plugin is very easy, you just have to input broken URL and URL on which you want to send visitors. That’s it now Redirect WordPress Plugin will redirect visitors to the new page without showing any 404 error.

Redirection WordPress Plugin

So you see that with Redirection WordPress Plugin you can easily control the flow of your website traffic and would thus do not lose traffic just because of ‘page not found’ or related errors. It is particularly useful when you intend to migrate pages from an old website or when you want to change directory of your WordPress installation. Redirection is easy to install and use and works fine with WordPress 2.6 or higher.

Checkout some of the main features of Redirection WordPress Plugin:

  • 404 error management with the ability to map them through 301 redirects.
  • Maintain logs for the redirected URLs.
  • You can redirect all the URLs that do not exist.
  • Automatic 301 Redirection in the event of change of page URL.
  • Does not require Apache .htaccess
  • Redirection statistics support
  • You can add manually 301, 302, and 307 Redirections
  • Fully Localized
  • You can redirect index.htm, index.html, and index.php access

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  1. Hi to all Guys, I have an issue regarding my wordpress & blogger blogs. I want to redirect their domains which are opens with http and I want to redirect them to www. So do you have any suggestion, I found on net very much but didn’t get any answer. So please provide me solution as soon as possible.

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