8 Best WordPress Review Plugins

Reviews play an important role in shaping up your opinion for a particular product or service. In fact, reviews affect most of the decisions we make in our everyday life.

Whether you are planning to go to a movie, or you want to buy a Smartphone, or it may be that you are buying a new WordPress Theme, or it may be your plan to go to a restaurant, the first thing you do is to check out the reviews.

In many cases, our decisions are largely influenced by the reviews we read.

Nowadays, the Internet has become the preferred platform where people are sharing their opinions on just about anything. There are a plethora of review websites, and people are reading them before making any purchase decision.

In fact, as much as 88% of people trust online reviews more than personal recommendations.

That’s precisely the reason why numerous review websites have cropped up these days.

For example, just have a look at the Amazon success. It is largely because of the integration of prominent customer reviews.

If you are one of those who wants to take advantage of the ‘Review Boom,’ you invariably need to have a dedicated website where users can post reviews. For this, you want to make sure that the reviews look nice.

Well, by using WordPress Review Plugins, you go on to easily add reviews to your website.

To make things easy for you, we have come up with a list showcasing Best WordPress Review Plugins which help you to incorporate the dedicated functionality of adding reviews to your website.

In fact, you can accept customer reviews on your WordPress Site for your own products or as third-party opinions to add to your product reviews. The WordPress Review Plugins that have been listed help you with both types of customer reviews.

At this point, it is essential to state that a good WordPress Review Plugin is empowered with certain essential features.

First of all, it has some approval system which allows you to check all reviews before they go live manually.

Secondly, it offers the desired rating system such as ‘star ranking’ or allows customers to review based on individual criteria.

Thirdly, they provide Schema markup for those cool ‘star’ rich snippets in organic search results.

We can assure you that the WordPress Review Plugins that have been showcased here come with these essential features besides many other features, as well.

Review websites are working wonders for bloggers and small business owners and play a key component in the sales or conversion funnel.

So, let us explore the Best WordPress Review Plugins which can help us to have a review website. We have listed both free as well as paid Review Plugins for WordPress.

8 Top WordPress Review Plugins

1. WP Review

The best thing about WP Review is the fact that it is a premium quality WordPress Review Plugin which is available for free. It is a simple yet powerful plugin which allows you to create review posts easily. The review plugin enables you to apply star, percentage, or point based rating system to your reviews. It is a WPMU-compatible plugin and provides full support for Google rich snippets.

It allows you to customize the reviews with unlimited colors. You can also customize the reviews by using custom CSS. It is a lightweight plugin which allows you to edit the default review fields. You can also add additional fields. Using WP Review Plugin, you can add the reviews before or after the post content. It also enables to display the review on the sidebar.

Price: Free

WP Review Plugin

2. Rich Reviews

The Rich Reviews WordPress Review Plugin enables you to manage and display your user reviews anywhere on your WordPress website. Using the plugin, you can easily gather user reviews for your website, business or individual products/pages and can go on to display the reviews anywhere on your WordPress website.

It allows you to have rating reviews on your website, known as rich snippets, which are the main focus to Google in ranking individual pages in SERPs.

So, Rich Reviews helps you to share your company’s value through positive customer reviews. It helps you to gain the trust of the most qualified customers to your site. As such, you get an opportunity for increasing more qualified traffic to your website.

The plugin allows you to use and customize three types of reviews: global reviews, category, per-page/per-post. You can choose the reviews which you want to add to your website. It has a simple design which makes it compatible across themes and flexible CSS. It provides numerous color options for the star as well as a numerical rating system. Plus, you get many more features with Rich Reviews.

Price: Free

Rich Reviews WP Plugin

3. WordPress Reviews Builder Plugin

The WordPress Reviews Builder Plugin allows you to have in-depth reviews on your WordPress site with ratings, pros and cons, affiliate links, shortcodes, rich snippets, and user reviews. The best thing is that it is available as a free plugin. So, if you are looking for a feature-rich WordPress Plugin and going through a tight budget, then this plugin is best for you.

Using the plugin, you can turn any post into a review with a single mouse click. The reviews are then available directly below the text editor. It provides review boxes which can be split into multiple parts. It has space for pros and cons as well as a rating out of 10. It also allows you to add a thumbnail image to the review box and two affiliate links.

Price: Free

WordPress Reviews Builder Plugin

4. WP Customer Reviews

The WP Customer Reviews Plugin provides you a reliable and easy method for receiving reviews from your visitors. The plugin allows you to receive customer testimonials about your business/service and enables you to write reviews about a product by setting up a specific page on your blog.

It is fully compatible with WP Multisite so that you can receive customer reviews in all the sites of your network. The plugin has an approval system wherein the reviews or testimonials submitted by your customers need to go through admin approval before they can finally appear on your website.

As the WP Customer Reviews Plugin has been empowered with the multi-step anti-spam system, it goes on to prevent spam reviews. Moreover, it is a fully customizable plugin and provides multiple shortcodes, custom field, and hReview microformat support. It works with caching plugins and custom themes. It supports Business as well as Product review types.

The best part is that WP Customer Reviews is available for free.

Price: Free

WP Customer Reviews Plugin

5. Comment Rating Field Plugin

The Comment Rating Field Plugin allows your site visitor to submit a rating along with their comment optionally. It goes on to add a 5 star towards the end of a comment form in WordPress. It is meant entirely for the site visitors and allows them to leave their ratings through comments.

The best part is that it is easy to use. It allows you to decide where you want to enable user comments. Another good aspect about this plugin is the average rating feature for all the ratings submitted under individual posts or pages. So, if you want to allow your visitors to vote via comments, then the Comment Rating Field Plugin will prove a very effective one.

Price: Free

Comment Rating Field Plugin

6. WP Product Review Lite

WP Product Review Lite allows you to have in-depth reviews in your posts with ratings, pros and cons, rich snippets, affiliate links, and user reviews. It comes as a free WordPress Review Plugin and enables you to create well-styled personal reviews as well as allows you to accept reviews from other customers. The Plugin allows you to enable user reviews so that your readers can add their reviews by using custom criteria specified by you.

Some Key Features include:
You can have user reviews for your posts via comments
Allows you to rate products by using your own set of criteria
Allows you to have an aesthetic review box at the top of your post

Price: Free

WP Product Review Lite

7. Reviewer WordPress Plugin

The Reviewer WordPress Plugin has all the features that you look and expect in a premium WordPress Plugin. Priced at just $25, the Reviewer WordPress Plugin is affordable and easy to use the review based plugin.

Besides having regular review capabilities such as listing pros and cons and rating features, the plugin can also build review comparison charts so as to help your readers in the decision making process.

It comes with as much as nine customizable templates which help you get going and even lets you create your templates for the reviews. The plugin allows you to create powerful user rating system and even a good looking recap box for your full post review.

It also offers numerous responsive themes which you can fully customize. You can set criteria for your review, colors, font sizes, labels, score range, add pros and cons, add custom tabs and links, summary, and much more. It comes with powerful admin features and allows you to manage user review privileges, manage reviews, tables, moderations, and much more.

Price: $25

Reviewer WordPress Plugin

8. Taqyeem – WordPress Review Plugin

Taqyeem comes as a premium review and rating WordPress Plugin. It is a powerful WordPress Review Plugin that helps you to publish beautiful rating and review posts. You can easily add beautiful ratings and reviews to your pages, posts, and custom post types. It is a flexible review based plugin which allows you to customize the color, font, image, and another style for each review.

It provides plenty of customization options for creating a perfect rating addition to your website. The plugin supports several custom widgets such as best reviews, recent reviews, and random reviews. It includes po and mo files so it can be easily translated into other supported languages. Several add-ons are available that help to extend the plugin’s features. Taqyeem can be purchased for just $22.

Price: $22

Taqyeem - WordPress Review Plugin

We have featured the Best WordPress Review Plugins. Let us know which of the review plugins have impressed you the most. We value your comments and opinions. So, don’t forget to share your experience with us.

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