RocketTheme’s Camber WordPress Theme

RocketTheme has come out with yet another stunning and absolutely fabulous WordPress Theme titled as “Camber”. Camber WordPress Theme from RocketTheme has many wonderful features which can make it a preferred WordPress Theme choice for the web designers and bloggers alike.

In the competitive world of web site designing, you are always faced with the challenge of keeping your website up-to-date and trendy. The website theme used for your WordPress site matters a lot as it the layout which decides how your web content and images are arranged on the web page. Presentation of a website is all that matters the most, as the final goal of any website is to drive the visitors to the site and then finally make them stay on their site. If you do not have an interesting and trendy theme set for your site you may lose many visitors just for this reason only. Camber WordPress Theme is the latest addition from RocketTheme which can be the right solution for your web designing needs and can provide you an excellent theme for your web layout.

Camber WordPress Theme provides you with some excellent set of features. It has “Color Chooser” stylish controls with which you can easily adjust the color schema of the theme and make it of your liking and preferences. Camber WordPress theme from RocketTheme gives an option of 15 Preset styles with different colors, overlays and patterns. Camber has several RocketTheme Plugin integrated with it like RokGallery, RokTabs and RokNewsPager.

Camber WordPress Theme

The main features of Camber WordPress Theme include among others, the following set of features:

  • RokGallery Plugin Integration
  • Gantry Framework
  • 15 Preset Styles
  • Loading Transitions
  • RocketTheme Plugins Styling
  • Custom Content Typography
  • Fusion with MegaMenu
  • Triple Level Splitmenu
  • 78 Widget Positions
  • 29 Widget Variations
  • FF, Safari, Chrome, Opera, IE7+ Compatible
  • W3C XHTML 1.0 / CSS Valid

So with such brilliant features Camber WordPress Theme from RocketTheme can become an ideal template choice for your website. Its elegant and trendy design can definitely enhance the overall presentation of your site.

Download Camber WordPress Theme

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