10 Best WordPress Security Plugins

WordPress is one of the highly used blogging platform in the world. Bloggers from all around the world prefer using WordPress to run and manage their blogs and sites. WordPress offers many advantages, which makes it a widely popular blogging platform throughout the world.

WordPress provides powerful Content Management System, is extremely feature-rich, easy to use Admin Panel, lots of theme options together with the facility to install and use plugins which further enhances the capabilities and features of your WordPress powered website.

Having said this, WordPress is not a fool-proof secure platform. It is vulnerable to security threats such as attacks from hackers, login attacks, brute force attacks, botnet attack, viruses, malwares, spam injections, website errors, code anomalies, and other security threats, as well. On a personal level, you can undertake to perform tasks which help protect your website.

For example, you can set a strong password for admin login so that hackers cannot break into your system. You should not use the default login name ‘admin’ for logging to the backend of your WordPress site. You should update your themes, WordPress installation, and plugins on a regular basis (as and when they are available). Well, these measures might be good but in no way fully protect your WordPress site.

The other effective option is to use WordPress Security Plugins.

Here under we have listed Best WordPress Security Plugins which you can install and use to enhance the security of your WordPress sites. The WordPress Security Plugins listed below have been empowered with many powerful security functionalities. The list includes varied Security Plugins. They help to secure your website by limiting login attempts and works to patch many security holes in your WordPress site. You can scan your site for vulnerabilities and fix them quickly. They help to detect malware, spam, viruses and other kinds of security threats. They protect your site database by having a backup.

You can go through the collection of Best WordPress Security Plugins showcased hereunder, and we believe that you will definitely find Security Plugin(s) matching your requirements and security concerns.

10 WordPress Security Plugins

1. Better WP Security

Better WP Security is one of the best WordPress Security Plugins. It provides the most effective and easiest way of securing your WordPress site. With Better WP Security, you can enhance the security of your WordPress site in seconds. This security plugin combines techniques and security features and works efficiently to patch most of the security holes in your WordPress site.
It comes with one-click activation for features and works to keep the attackers away from sensitive areas such as login, admin, etc. Better WP Security comes with a host of security features. It scans your site for vulnerabilities and fixes them quickly. It has the ability to turn off the login for a definite time period, can rename the admin account and includes many more features.
WordPress Security Plugins

2. Google Authenticator

The Google Authenticator plugin enables the two-factor authentication which helps to enhance the security for your WordPress site. For this, you need to install the Google Authenticator app on your Android, iPhone or Blackberry Smartphone. Initially you can activate the two-factor authentication feature for your admin account as Google Authenticator essentially works on a per-user basis. You have to set the App password feature in the Google Authenticator plugin.
WordPress Security Plugins

3. Limit Login Attempts

By using the Limit Login Attempts Plugin, you can secure your WordPress site by limiting the number of login attempts. In WordPress, you get unlimited login attempts by default which makes your WordPress site vulnerable for brute-force attack. But once you install and use the Limit Login Attempts Plugin you can easily plug this security hole.
Limit Login Attempts prevents an Internet address from retrying to logging after specified attempts have been made. Limit Login Attempts are fully customizable so that you can set the number of login attempts after which no further attempts for login is possible. It also informs about the remaining retries over the login page.
WordPress Security Plugins

4. Wordfence Security

Wordfence Security is a free enterprise class security plugin which can be used for your WordPress site. Wordfence Security comes with a firewall and provides for malicious scanning of URLs, performs anti-virus scanning, includes live traffic with geolocation, and more. It has the ability to scan themes, files and plugins. It can block malicious networks. Wordfence Security can scan the strength of admin as well as user passwords, thus enabling you to enhance the login security. It includes many more security features, as well.
WordPress Security Plugins

5. BulletProof Security

BulletProof Security is a WordPress Security Plugin which protects your website against security threats such as CSRF, XSS, Base64, SQL Injection hacking, RFI, CRLF, and Code Injection. It comes with HTTP Error Logging, Security Logging, Website Maintenance Mode, and with many other website security check features including .htaccess WordPress protection.
WordPress Security Plugins

6. Akismet

The Akismet WordPress Plugin helps you to check the comments to find out if they are spam or not. The comments are checked using Akismet web service to see if they fall under the spam. You can then review the spam in your blog’s “Comments” Admin section. It provides for status history of comments, includes Spam or Un-spam reports, and many other useful security features, as well.
WordPress Security Plugins

7. Sucuri Security

Sucuri Security WordPress Security Plugin helps you to scan your website for security issues such as malware, spam injections, hidden eval code, .htaccess redirects, website errors, database connection issues, disabled sites, code anomalies and much more. Sucuri Security comes as a completely free WordPress Security Plugin.
WordPress Security Plugins

8. BackWPup

With BackWPup Plugin, you can easily do backup for your WordPress site. It can perform flexible and scheduled backups for your WordPress sites to any location that you prefer. The backup files include the whole installation, and even you’re wp-content. You can store the backup files on the same server or can use external Backup service, as well. You can have backups in tar, zip, tar.bz2, tar.gz formats. Besides doing backup, BackWPup can even repair and optimize Database. It is available in free as well as the pro version.
WordPress Security Plugins

9. 6Scan Security

With 6Scan Security, one can safeguard their WordPress site on autopilot. 6Scan Security plugin comes with firewall, automatic backup and analytics. It continuously scans your WordPress install for security vulnerabilities. If there is any problem or attack, it automatically takes care of such a situation. 6Scan Security plugin protects against brute-force password hacking and blocks IP with numbers of failed login attempts. There are lots of great features in 6Scan Security, which can make your blog more secure.
WordPress Security Plugins

10. BBQ: Block Bad Queries

As the name suggests Block Bad Queries, blocks malicious URL requests which contains bad strings like eval and long request-strings. BBQ is a good solution for the WordPress sites which do not use .htaccess. BBQ is based on the 5G/6G Blacklist. BBQ is available as WordPress Plugin and standalone script.
WordPress Security Plugins

Please share your favorite WordPress security plugin so that we can enhance this best WordPress security plugins list.

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