5 Best WordPress Social Content Locker Plugins

In the Internet Marketing Context, Social Signals are becoming important each day. So, it is wise for bloggers and website owners that they should be active to promote their content on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and other Social Networking Platforms.

Social Content Locking Plugins is one such easy and the immensely beneficial way which can help to drastically increase your social traffic and website rankings to new heights. Here, we go onto list 5 Best WordPress Social Content Locker Plugins, which you can select to enhance the presence of your blog on social media channels.

In fact, Search Engines like Google are considering social media presence as an important factor in the success of any blog or website. So to harness the benefits of social media, Bloggers can go for using WordPress Social Content Locker Plugins, which tremendously help to increase their online social presence.

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These Social Content Locker Plugins go on to lock the site or blog content and require users to take an appropriate action in order to unlock and surf the content. Moreover, by doing so, these plugins actually increase the inquisitiveness and build the interest of users in your blog content. The Plugins enable site administrators to designate actions for users such as liking the Facebook page, Twitter page or Google page. They also offer content locking through email subscription and even by sharing the blog post.

So, these plugins set up an environment for visitors in which they have the choice to either skip the content or perform the required actions in order to access the content. This whole process turns out to be a mutual benefit for both visitors and bloggers.

On one hand visitors can get access to useful and important articles once they opt to perform the small action while the bloggers get an opportunity to reap huge returns by increasing their social presence.

Thus in short, by using WordPress Social Content Locking Plugins Bloggers can increase visitor engagement.

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So, let’s see what are the 5 Best WordPress Social Content Locking Plugins we have compiled especially for you.

5 Top WordPress Social Content Locker Plugins

1. Social Share & Locker Pro WordPress Plugin

Social Share and Locker Pro WordPress Plugin can prove a vital instrument in your overall social marketing strategy. It is available as a premium plugin and offers numerous special features from the beginning. It is loaded with both opt-in pop-ups and content locker features. Its powerful Social Locker Module provides you an excellent opportunity for a bigger Social Network exposure and viral visitors.
The Plugin provides depth of options such as multiple sharing buttons, Follower Buttons, Different Display showcases, Social Content Locker and more. Its Social Locker is a dynamic tool which allows you to set Delay Time or to AutoUnlock some content after a while. You can even set the Locker to Reset after a certain time so that your visitors need to share your page again. Moreover, using the Plugin is simple with its shortcode feature. If you want to customize, you can do it with the help of the Visual Composer.
WordPress Social Content Locker Plugins

2. One Press Social Locker

One Press Social Locker is one of the most admired Content-Locking Plugin for WordPress with its most amazing styles and advanced analytics. Using this powerful Plugin, you can go ahead on the path of driving traffic, building quality followers, and improving your website ranking. It helps to build your social presence by asking visitors “to pay” for your content with a Like/Tweet/+1 so as to access your content, to download, to have a discount, to watch a video or any link.
One Press Social Locker comes as a free premium plugin and also offers premium functionality at no cost. It has been loaded with superb features such as numerous social buttons, SEO Compatibility, analytics, etc. Moreover, it is compatible with Visual Composer which lets you customize the social locks as per your requirement. Plus, it has no impact on the theme loading speed and can be optimized for mobile devices. Its premium version is also available.
WordPress Social Content Locker Plugins

3. Social Locker for WordPress

Social Locker is another very powerful WordPress Content Locking Plugin. It locks your site’s valuable content behind a set of social buttons until the visitors like, share, +1, or tweets your page. It helps to increase the social performance of your site and helps to gain more traffic from social networks. It even improves SEO Ranking and builds quality fans and followers.
The Plugin delivers 8 social buttons catering to all major Social Networks in the same interface. These include buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. You can use them together or separately for customized results. It even provides Sign-In buttons for collecting emails of visitors or for building your subscription list.
WordPress Social Content Locker Plugins

4. Viral Lock

Viral Lock is a popular and powerful WordPress Social Content Locking Plugin. It’s an excellent Plugin for making your site more socially prominent by requiring your user to share your link to unlock content. It provides options for Facebook like Google+1 or Tweet to instantly show up the content. It requires no configuration and is fully integrated with the WordPress Editor. It even allows users to write a comment with their like or G+ for extra exposure. Supports full localization and work with both pages and posts. It uses cookies so as to remember which of your users have already shared your link.
WordPress Social Content Locker Plugins

5. Facebook Viral Content Locker for WordPress

The Facebook Content Locker is an excellent WordPress Social Content Locker Plugin, which locks up your content inside your WordPress posts or pages until a user connects with their Facebook Account. It also provides the facility to activate the “Share on Facebook” option in order to unlock the content thereby forcing your users to share your post link on their personal Facebook wall. It supports Shortcode and allows exporting users’ data to CSV. You can even customize the title and message on locking page. It is one of the easiest methods to reserve premium content for connected users.
WordPress Social Content Locker Plugins

Hope that you found this post on 5 Best WordPress Social Content Locker Plugins immensely useful.

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