Get Rid of SSL Trouble with Super Stripe WordPress Plugin

When Cloud Computing was introduced to the netizens of this world, they were overawed by the power it yielded. They feasted on the way in which it could reduce cost of infrastructure even as it increased the resourcefulness and functionality of an application or service. Today, there is already a lot of talk about how a cloud-backed plugin can help you take secure credit card payments on your WordPress website without having to bother about the SSL certificate.

It is well known that the Payment Card Industry (PCI) has got a fetish for Secured Socket Layer (SSL), and it feels that only SSL can provide the perfect ‘firewall’ to websites that trade in hot plastic money. However, Super Stripe, the latest plugin for WordPress, has just made it possible for websites to trade in plastic currency irrespective of whether they have an SSL or not.

There are benefits aplenty for Super Stripe

Well! There can’t be a dearth of benefits, especially assuming that we are talking about a cloud-backed set up. You can not only process innumerable payment forms via WordPress short codes but can also send notices of payment to an infinite number of addresses. To add, Super Stripe prevents poaching of digital downloads that are hosted on the Amazon S3 server and automates AWeber and Mailchimp to add customers. Its ability to comply with PCI despite SSL certification remains its high point nonetheless.

You might be dealing in products or services or just conducting certain promotions within your digital premises. For a small transaction fee, you can skim past the cumbersome method of SSL certification. Those sellers who need to begin virtual selling quickly (especially those who want to cash in on a marketing fad or fashion can’t wait to get themselves an SSL set up). They can find Super Stripe to be a great aid.

Super Stripe WordPress Plugin

Bypasses SSL-IP issues successfully

It is not that you can’t set yourself an SSL certification but often it does require you to tide through a few obstacles. Well! Procuring a new IP address is just one of the hindrances. Following protocols of migration is another bottleneck with a capital B. What Super Stripe does is not something unheard of. Cloud computing has garnered its share of repute in the web world today. It’s just that this plugin has found a way to use the power of Stripe gateway (cloud-backed) ahead of its WordPress peers.

Reasonable transaction costs

It would be an injustice to the article if we overlook discussing Stripe at all. Stripe is a powerful payment gateway which does not ask you to create a merchant account in the first place. In addition, it facilitates direct payouts to banks and takes care of your storing cards and subscriptions too. 2.9% +30 cents may not be too big a surcharge to pay to avoid the difficulties of SSL certification. JavaScript libraries, iPhone and Android applications and third-party plugins for Drupal and WordPress all support Stripe. Super Stripe is one such WordPress plugin.

Cutting through API changes

While some say that an API (a program that readily interacts with another) change can jeopardize the effectiveness of Super Stripe, there is a majority vote that WordPress will preempt the effect by introducing an advanced version of the plugin.

Easy checkout

Super Stripe works in an elementary way. All you need to do is ask your user to submit the Buy Now form. Once he does so, he is automatically redirected to Super Stripe’s secure server. After the completion of checkout formalities, the user is once again redirected to the website’s Thank you page. This is actually one of the most-sought format for websites as users are not lost midway, thus hindering multiple purchase.

The only bottleneck

A tailor-made email receipt is sent to the customer. It’s an invoice cum welcome note and creates the right ambience for business exchange. It is needless to say that over the virtual domain, such reassurances do matter a lot. Perhaps the only bottleneck associated with Super Stripe is its geographical limitation. It is restricted to USA and Canada because these are the only two countries where Stripe gateway works (is it not the better part of the western world anyways?)

In the final stretch

It is worth noting that you can run test transaction for this WordPress plugin. By deactivating the LiveMode attribute, you can easily continue doing test transactions without incurring any fee. You can successfully transit to live mode once you have performed your Due Diligence. Today, WordPress websites are no more only blog-centric. They have become a true microcosm of adaptability. Super Stripe has provided WordPress another ignition- and just in time- or else it might have found difficulty in fighting the essential liberties associated with Magento or Drupal platforms. Ground thinking suggests that it may be befitting to get registered with Install the plugin next, use the API key, place the short code and there you go.

Author Bio: Diksha Arora is a writer/emarketer working with PixelCrayons, a Web/mobile development firm. Seeking WordPress website development or planning to hire iphone developer? Get in touch with PixelCrayons today!

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