Themify WordPress Themes Review

As a blogger I had always wanted to have premium WordPress Themes for my blogs that are attractive, simple in use and easy to customize. And luckily so my search did not end up in vain as I came across Themify WordPress Themes. Its rich features excited me and I soon realized that I have found WordPress Themes that I was searching for.

Yes such is the quality and deliverable of Themify WordPress Themes.

Presently I am using Themify WordPress Themes such as Postline and Pinboard I am proud to say that I am thoroughly satisfied with their performance, functionality and features.

Why I say this, I will surely let you know too.

First of all Themify presents us with a wide choice of WordPress Themes and that too for every type of category that you can imagine. It has themes to suit any kind of websites. Be it a blogging website, Ecommerce website, Portfolio website, Corporate, Magazine, Multimedia, Post Format and Restaurant websites. It has Responsive Themes too. In short Themify has WordPress Themes for every category. So you never have a shortage of theme choices with Themify WordPress Themes.

Themify WordPress Themes Review

Moreover each and every Themify WordPress Theme comes with Themify framework, shortcodes, custom widgets, documentation and as well as support. So you get to have all the necessary tools to run a fully functional and feature-rich WordPress website through the use of Themify Themes.

Now I will illustrate to you some of its powerful and salient features so that you may come to know its rich and varied functions that make Themify WordPress Themes the first choice for hundreds of website promoters, web designers and bloggers all across the globe.

Themify Framework

Recently Themify Framework has been updated to 1.2.2. and has included many new features. Themify Framework 1.2.2 includes hooks which lets you to easily add content and functions. That not all, as it also comes with New Image Uploader, fully supports RTL languages, includes sidebar changes and has streamlined code for all the themes.


You can do all sorts of settings from the Control Panel of Themify WordPress Themes. It allows you to do general settings as well as Theme Specific settings right from the control panel itself very easily and effectively. The settings can be related to logo image, header code, footer code, feed setting, etc. I was little surprised when I saw Themify themes control panel, you can change about everything of theme from heading fonts, there font size and color this is not limited to heading but text, menu, sidebar, link color and on and on. You can make changes as you like in just few clicks.

Themify WordPress Themes Review

Themify WordPress Themes comes with different Skin options so that you can have different looks for your Theme and that too without having to change its core functionality. You can swap the skins which are available under the Skins Tab. These skins come with different color options and you can change your site color in seconds.

CSS Styling

Themify WordPress Themes gives you full control over the theme style. Its Themify Framework lets you edit any style property ranging from font styles to background images as well.

Import & Export

With this feature in place you can have fast, clean and easy backups of all your settings. With Export you can create a downloadable file which you import later when you require it.


Themify WordPress Themes comes with rich documentation right from installing themes, starter guide, customization & set up to theme documentation, etc.


Themify WordPress Themes provides Support Forums to quickly answer your queries and problems related to Themify Themes whether it is its usability, configuration, installation, upgrading or any other.

And that’s not all as it comes with various kinds of widgets as well which adds various types of useful functionality to your WordPress website.

So you see that using Themify WordPress Themes can really help in coming up with an attractive, feature rich, easily customizable and user friendly WordPress websites. Well I am a thoroughly satisfied user of Themify WordPress Themes and I am quite sure you would too join me once you start using Themify Themes.

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