10 Best WordPress Video Gallery Plugins

WordPress is a popular and powerful blogging and Content Management System. Millions of Bloggers from all around the world are using WordPress to run their blogs. However, you can further enhance the functionalities of WordPress by using the right plugins.

You would be glad to know that besides running blogs, WordPress can also be used for running a video or movie website. You just have to use a Video Gallery Plugin. You can embed You Tube and Vimeo Videos in your blog posts or build a fully fledged Video website using WordPress Video Gallery Plugin.

Here under we showcase to you 10 Best WordPress Video Gallery Plugins so that you too can build a fantastic video website.

If you have a video in your blog post, it enables you to attract more followers to your website. The overall appeal of your website increases if you embed videos in it, and it then serves to retain your visitors to your blog. You can easily achieve this by adding a WordPress Video Gallery Plugin to your blog post. With Video Plugin installed on your WordPress site, it becomes extremely easy and simple to embed videos in your blog post.

Here under we have presented a fantastic collection of free as well as premium Video Plugins which will ease your work of selecting the right Video Plugin for your website.

The Video Plugins shown below supports various multimedia file formats such as FLV, MP4, MOV, etc. You can customize the video players according to your requirements. All the video plugins are compatible with YouTube, Vimeo and even with your hosted video applications. They have been loaded with lots of features such as video streaming, fullscreen preview, auto resize functions and come with many other features, as well.

So have a look at the 10 Best WordPress Video Gallery Plugins and we are sure that you will find a suitable video plugin for your website.

10 WordPress Video Gallery Plugins

1. WordPress Video Gallery

WordPress Video Gallery is perhaps one of the best Video Plugins for your WordPress website. You can use this Plugin to transform your WordPress blog into a powerful and fancy video website. It supports many video formats such as FLV, M4A, MP4, M4V, F4V, MOV, etc. It provides options to alter height, width, aspect ratio, skin, volume, and many other functions from the backend. It supports quickly visible options like featured videos, recent videos, and popular videos.
You can even control the number and order of videos (from backend). Some of its other regular features include social media bookmark option, views count for video, managing multiple playlists, and many other features, as well. It is easy to install and administer. WordPress Video Gallery Plugin also supports HTML 5 so that you can play videos in iOS devices.

WordPress Video Gallery Plugins

2. Cool Video Gallery

Cool Video Gallery is another very useful WordPress Video Gallery Plugin. It comes with various features and options such as you can upload videos, add YouTube videos, and can attach media files, as well. You can even have multiple galleries for viewing videos. Cool Video Gallery WordPress Plugin supports various video file formats such as FLV, MP3, H.264, etc. It provides options for adding title and description for your video galleries. Cool Video Gallery supports many video player options such as default volume setting, skin selection, auto-play features, etc. You can even sort videos and as well as bulk delete videos.
WordPress Video Gallery Plugins

3. Video Gallery WordPress Plugin

Video Gallery is an awesome, fully featured, and responsive WordPress Plugin which enables to build a powerful video website. It is compatible with all the major browsers. Furthermore, it supports HTML 5 so that you can view the videos on Android and iOS devices. It provides an extensive admin panel so that you can customize the video gallery with ease. It also provides database back up feature. It also includes the auxiliary shortcodes feature so that you can include a single video in your post without having to access the admin panel.
WordPress Video Gallery Plugins

4. Ultimate Video Gallery

Ultimate Video Gallery WordPress Plugin lets you create a video gallery for your WordPress blog or site using flv videos and/or YouTube. It creates a list of video thumbnails automatically. You can even change the number of thumbnails appearing per page. It lets you configure Player size, Autoplay and size of Thumbnails. Ultimate Video Gallery plugin provides rich functionalities so that you can easily create and manage multiple video galleries on one website.
WordPress Video Gallery Plugins

5. All Video Gallery Plugin for WordPress

All Video Gallery Plugin enables you to build a powerful Video website. You can showcase Video Galleries, add Videos to your post or can have a full fledged video website on your WordPress Platform using the All Video Gallery Plugin. It is easy to install and thoroughly easy to use. In less than an hour, you can build websites such as YouTube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo. Moreover, you can showcase popular, featured, latest, related, and random videos on your site. The popular video formats supported include 3g2, mp4, flv, m4v, mov, sdp, vp6, aac, and many other formats, as well. All Video Gallery Plugin also supports HTML 5 for mobile devices so the videos can be played on mobile devices, as well.
WordPress Video Gallery Plugins

6. Fancy Gallery – WordPress Plugin

Fancy Gallery is a wonderful WordPress Plugin with which you can build video galleries in your website. Using Fancy Gallery you can have an unlimited number of galleries and every gallery can have an unlimited number of albums. With Fancy Gallery, you can add different types of media such as images, websites, and videos to your albums. It provides extensive and user friendly Ajax Admin. It has unlimited layout variations. Fancy Gallery also facilitates multiple image upload.
WordPress Video Gallery Plugins

7. TubePress

TubePress is another very useful WordPress Plugin with which you can easily display video galleries in your WordPress website. You can also use TubePress to display YouTube and Vimeo videos in your WordPress site. TubePress comes loaded with tons of awesome features which makes it a superior WordPress Video Plugin. It supports Thumbnail galleries, and as well as single video embeds. It supports fullscreen playback, related video display, rating display as well as Autoplay. TubePress enables you to adjust Thumbnail height and width and comes with lots of other useful features, as well.
WordPress Video Gallery Plugins

8. CCGallery WP

CCGallery WP is an awesome multimedia gallery plugin. Using CCGallery WordPress Plugin you can easily embed multimedia gallery in your WordPress Theme. You can embed images, audio files, and videos in your WordPress site. You can browse the items in Thumbnail grid mode and as well as Coverflow mode. It has a responsive design which means that you can view the gallery on different devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones with ease. CCGallery WP Plugin also enables you to embed YouTube and Vimeo videos.
WordPress Video Gallery Plugins

9. Nova Gallery

Nova Gallery is a fantastic multimedia gallery WordPress plugin. You can showcase photos, audio, and videos in your WordPress site. It provides two display modes such as Full width and Thumbnail Grid. You can even switch between the two modes. It supports multiple gallery sets. You can even filter items by custom categories or file types. You can also embed Vimeo and YouTube Videos. Now Gallery WordPress Plugin comes with two color schemes such as Dark and Light. Its Gallery Manager lets you manage multiple galleries.
WordPress Video Gallery Plugins

10. SlideDeck 2

SlideDeck 2 is a WordPress Plugin with which you can build content sliders for your WordPress site. Moreover, you need not do any coding for building video galleries in your WordPress sites. You can add text, images, and videos, embed custom HTML and can even pull content dynamically from sources like YouTube, RSS Feeds, and Instagram. SlideDeck 2 is fully responsive and so can adjust to the screen size of your device such as desktop, laptop, tablet and Smartphone.
WordPress Video Gallery Plugins

We hope that you would have liked our presentation of 10 Best WordPress Video Gallery Plugins. We look forward to your comments and suggestions.

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