WordPress Video Player Plugin LeadPlayer with List Building Feature

As you may appreciate, lead generation and list building stands at the core of internet marketing.

However good might be your products and services; they are of no use if you are not able to market them properly to generate leads and sales. All your internet marketing efforts go in vain if you are not able to convert your visitors into leads and get sales out of them.

So, generating leads and building email list comes out as the base for building a successful online business.

It has been seen that most of the internet marketers, e-entrepreneurs, and webmasters adopt the traditional text-and-image approach to generate leads and build their email list.

However, this is not the only method for lead generation and building email list.

There’s another more effective method for accomplishing it. Well, you can embed video in your website explaining the benefits of your products or services and boost up your lead generation and sales.

There’s a tool which makes it thoroughly easy and effective to embed videos in your website. LeadPlayer is one such excellent WordPress Video Player Plugin that makes it easy to embed videos in your website and helps you to with lead generation and list building. Moreover, LeadPlayer has earned the status of being one of the best Video Player Plugins for WordPress Platform.

So, if you are planning to incorporate videos in your blog or website, LeadPlayer comes out as a viable choice for you. It is a great investment if you want to use videos for generating leads and list building. Moreover, it effectively combats the two biggest video conversion killers. It makes sure that people watch through your video facing minimum of distractions.

WordPress Video Player Plugin LeadPlayer

LeadPlayer has been developed by LeadBrite, the famous web brand that has made LeadPages and WelcomeGate. This WordPress Video Player Plugin enables you to host your videos using YouTube and still do away with most of the YouTube interface, thereby giving you a simple video-player. So, when you are using LeadPlayer, there is no need to take the pains of building video library for it.

LeadPlayer allows you to place opt-in boxes in your videos anywhere. This feature lets you easily build your email list. LeadPlayer even lets you include Call-To-Action Buttons in your videos which can easily direct the viewers to a separate landing page or webpage and thereby facilitate lead generation. Viewers can also opt-in directly on your videos through the autoresponder.

LeadPlayer provides you the freedom to pick whether your viewers can skip the opt-in or can even make the opt-in mandatory to be able to view the entire video. One of the ultimate features of LeadPlayer is that it allows you to add a thumbnail to your video.

LeadPlayer has been integrated with YouTube and is capable of listing the videos that you want. Moreover, LeadPlayer also integrates with MailChimp, GetResponse, Aweber, iContact, PayPal, and many other technologies, as well. If you are concerned about security issues, then you rest assured as although LeadPlayer uses YouTube for free video hosting, it is also capable of preventing videos to be leaked back onto the YouTube.

Moreover, LeadPlayer is a cost-effective alternative of embedding videos in your website or blog as, unlike Vimeo or Amazon S3, it does not carry any bandwidth costs.

Talking about the interface, LeadPlayer has been enriched with lots of customization options. You get the option of hiding the timeline bar in your videos. You can also set auto-start feature which plays the videos instantly, once the landing page is opened by the customer. So you can set the videos to auto-start.

On the ease-of-use, it can be said that although LeadPlayer involves a learning curve but after using it few times, LeadPlayer becomes thoroughly easy to use. On the support front, LeadPlayer provides a comprehensive support. For example, you get the vast amount of video training on their website which successfully answers almost all of your queries.

Overall, after seeing the comprehensive and splendid features of LeadPlayer, the verdict goes highly in favor of LeadPlayer. If you want to employ your videos for lead generation and want to build email list, then LeadPlayer comes as a viable tool. Using LeadPlayer WordPress Video Plugin you can easily embed videos in your website or blog and be successful in providing an awesome experience to your viewers.

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