10 Best WordPress Weather Forecast Plugins and Widgets

WordPress Plugins and Widgets provide an easy way to enhance the functionalities of your WordPress website. You can perform various tasks and can enhance the functionalities of your WordPress site using plugins and widgets. One such popular and highly useful plugins and widgets are the WordPress Weather Forecast Plugins and Widgets.

In fact, you will be surprised to know that over 70% of Internet surfing population checks for weather information and forecast at least once in a day. So, it makes a lot of sense to include weather data in your WordPress posts, pages or in the sidebar. Weather update and information can be highly useful for your visitors.

In the ongoing post, we have listed 10 Best WordPress Weather Forecast Plugins and Widgets so that you can have the most suitable weather plugin or widget for your WordPress Sites.

Using weather information and forecasting plugin or widget you can display weather information to its fullest. You can choose a location or city for which you want the weather update. Weather plugin or widget comes with a host of features which makes weather showcase easy and interesting. They present latest weather information using weather data feed services like Yahoo Weather Feed Data, MSN Weather, etc.

You can showcase current weather information together with a forecast for next few days. The weather information is absolutely reliable and accurate. They provide the options of using the Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature scale. Plus they support Multi-language so that you present weather information in the language of your choice. They are easy to use; simple to install, can also be easily customized. WordPress Weather Plugins and Widgets are highly useful for travel sites, regional sites or even for personal sites and blogs. Most of the plugins showcased below are free while others need to be purchased.

So you can go through this unique and useful collection of 10 Best WordPress Weather Forecast Plugins and Widgets, and we believe that you will get a suitable WordPress Weather Plugin or Widget matching your requirements and needs.

WordPress Weather Forecast Plugins and Widgets

1. Wp-forecast

Wp-forecast is a WordPress Plugin which enables you to display weather data from WeatherBug.com and/or Accuweather.com. You can display the weather forecast in your WordPress pages, posts or even in the sidebar. Wp-forecast lets you choose the location, the language, the forecast days, even you can set the time after which the weather data is refreshed, and as well as you can set many other factors pertaining to weather forecast.
Weather Forecast Plugins

2. WP Wunderground

WP Wunderground is one of the most powerful and yet easy to implement Plugin for your WordPress Content Management System. It provides accurate and in-depth weather forecast using the Wunderground API. You can use WP Wunderground in the sidebar or even in the WordPress posts or pages. Moreover, it looks simply great on different WordPress Templates including the default WP Theme, TwentyTen.
Weather Forecast Plugins

3. Awesome Weather Widget

Awesome Weather Widget allows you to add clean and beautiful weather widgets to your WordPress site. The widget changes colors depending on the present temperature and the design is based off the site: http://weatherr.net/. Furthermore, all the weather data has been powered by http://openweathermap.org . You can use the built-in widget or can even choose to add it somewhere else using a shortcode.
Weather Forecast Plugins

4. Yahoo! Weather Forecasts

Using the Yahoo! Weather Forecasts plugin you get to display your favorite city weather. It is easy to implement and customize and supports multi-widgets. The plugin employs Yahoo! Weather feed data to show you the latest weather forecast of a city. It provides temperature options, and you can set it in the sidebar widget easily.
Weather Forecast Plugins

5. My Weather

My Weather WordPress Plugin lets you display your city’s weather on the sidebar. The plugin provides various options for layouts, widget designs and colors. It uses the openweather.com Database and so can display weather information of more than 60,000 cities. You can select a country and city and provides options to select temperature scale, as well.
Weather Forecast Plugins

6. Alfie WP Weather

Alfie WP Weather is another very powerful and flexible WordPress Plugin that can add weather data to your website and that too in style. It is easy to set up and configure. It comes integrated with Ajax location search. It employs the Yahoo! API to give you real time weather information. Moreover, you can display minimum, custom or full weather information and as well as the forecast.
Weather Forecast Plugins

7. Bonobo – Weather Widget

Bonobo – Weather Widget is a powerful and beautiful weather slider widget. It is easy to implement and customize and comes with 8 colors scheme options. Bonobo – Weather Widget is based on the Yahoo! Weather Feed. It is a Multilanguage weather widget and supports Metro Style with auto temperature options of F and C.
Weather Forecast Plugins

8. WordPress Weather Forecast Widget

WordPress Weather Forecast Widget is a powerful and easy to use weather plugin for your WordPress site. It fetches weather information from MSN Weather and Foreca. WordPress Weather Widget is capable of providing weather data pertaining to current weather conditions as well as is capable of providing four-day forecast. It supports Celsius as well as Fahrenheit temperature measuring scales. It even includes images for an enhanced viewing experience. It is capable of providing weather conditions in any language. WordPress Weather Widget is easy to install and is compatible across various browsers as well as latest WordPress.
Weather Forecast Plugins

9. Weather Widget 3

Weather Widget 3 is a simple WordPress Widget for showcasing weather information and forecasts for cities across the whole world. You can choose Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature units. The widget displays today’s date, temperature with a forecast for next four days. You can customize the color settings. It uses Ajax Technology and is absolutely easy to use and install.
Weather Forecast Plugins

10. WeatherSlider WP

WeatherSlider is a premium weather widget for your WordPress website. It supports three days weather forecast and comes with awesome transitions and effects. You can even set 12hr or 24hr time format. It supports multiple sliders and also supports multiple locations inside one slider. WeatherSlider supports custom location search bar together with geolocation. Moreover, you can have weather conditions in any language of your choice (multi-language supported).
Weather Forecast Plugins

We hope that you would have liked our presentation of 10 Best WordPress Weather Forecast Plugins and Widgets. We look forward to your comments and suggestions.

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  1. Wow, thanks for the awesome overview. I have a quick question. I run a membership site and want to have the weather come up personalized for each members individual location. Do you know if any of these widgets are sophisticated enough to be able to look into the persons profile and get the city and state for their own local weather?

  2. nice WordPress weather widget collection. but i am looking for widget with little realistic cloud and thunder effect.

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