10 Best WordPress Backup Plugins to Safe your Blog from Disaster

Website backup is very important task for every webmaster, any sudden failure on Web server can destroy you website and without backup you can’t restore it. It is your prime responsibility to keep your WordPress website safe. So you should not only build a big website but should ensure that it remains secure from all kinds of threats, dangers, and errors. You can encounter a server error, or your site can be a victim of hacking. The only way to secure safety for your WordPress website is to use an effective and efficient backup solution.

Hereunder we have listed down ten awesome and powerful WordPress backup plugins which are capable of safeguarding your website by helping you to take a backup of your files and database and other types of WordPress content, as well.

If you are running WordPress blog then you not just need backup of files but backup of WordPress database too. For WordPress blog, WordPress files are not that important to backup (Unless you have made changes on that files) because you can download WordPress again. You just need a backup of your Theme files and database files.

Here are my ten favorite WordPress Backup Plugins to take database and files backups. With the help of these auto backup plugins, you can backup your database and store them on your computer, web server or email them on your email account.

10 Best WordPress Backup Plugins

1. WordPress Database Backup (WP-DB-Backup)

WP-DB-Backup is one of my favorite database backup plugin. It can easily backup your core WordPress database tables. You may also backup other tables in the same database. Not just that you can schedule backup process and can get your database files on your email.
WordPress Backup Plugins

2. blogVault

blogVault is a subscription based backup plugin/service, which allows to backup and restore your WordPress blog in seconds. blogVault helps to take regular backups of your website, helps migrate sites, and restore broken or hacked sites.
With its easy to use interface one, can easily create a backup or make auto backups, restore or migrate sites. blogVault can store 30 days backup history and one can also save backups to Dropbox. blogVault price starts from $9 per month or $89 per year.
10 Best WordPress Backup Plugins to Safe your Blog from Disaster

3. BackUpWordPress

The BackUpWordPress Plugin enables you to have a backup of your entire website. You can take a backup of your website database and even lets you have a backup of the files that you choose based on your particular requirements. It is easy to use and requires no setup at all. It can be used on Windows as well as Linux server. BackUpWordPress Plugin can handle multiple schedules and can work perfectly well even in “shared host” environments. It provides you the option of having backup files emailed to you. It also comes with thorough support should you require it.
WordPress Backup Plugins

4. VaultPress

VaultPress is one of the top notch and solid WordPress Plugin for having a backup of website’s database and files. VaultPress has simple to use interface. It is easy to set-up, and you can install it like any other WordPress Plugin. You get up-to-date backup of your WordPress website. The database is backed up many times a day, and the files are backed up every time they are changed. So you get to have daily as well as real-time syncing of your WordPress Content. Moreover, VaultPress helps to keep your website safe by performing security scans so as to keep away threats.
WordPress Backup Plugins

5. BackWPup Free

BackWPup comes as a free WordPress Plugin which can be used to take a backup of your entire WordPress Content. It stores the backup of your WordPress Installation into cloud storage services such as G-Drive, DropBox, and others. In fact, it also provides FTP backup options, as well. So you get lots of storage locations to backup important areas of your website. Using BackWPup Free you can backup database, files, themes, plugins, uploads, etc. It takes backup in the following formats such as tar, zip, tar.bz2, tar.gz.
WordPress Backup Plugins

6. WP-DBManager

With the WP-DBManager, you can manage your WordPress database. The plugin helps you to repair database, optimize database, restore database, backup database, delete backup database, and can even execute selected queries. You have a daily backup emailed to you. It performs automatic optimization and repair of database. Although the plugin is not as simple as you would expect it to be, however, looking at its overall performance and capabilities it is altogether a worthy plugin to have for backup and management of your database.
WordPress Backup Plugins

7. Online Backup for WordPress

Online Backup for WordPress Plugin delivers quite a many backup options for your WordPress website. You can back-up the database locally (on your server) with encryption. You can have database emailed to you, and it even provides 100MB of free online storage. Moreover, together with backing up your website data, Online Backup for WordPress also protects your WordPress sites. You can take a backup of your site’s database which includes settings, posts, pages, and comments and can also take a backup of the file system which includes themes, plugins, attachments, media, etc. You can schedule daily or weekly backups as per your requirements.
WordPress Backup Plugins

8. WordPress Backup to DropBox

This simple and easy to use plugin allows you to backup your WordPress website, its database and media on to the DropBox. It completes the backup task in few minutes. You have to schedule the backup by selecting the day, and time of backup. As soon as the backup task is completed, the plugin sends the files and database directly to your DropBox. You get 2GB of free space on DropBox for backup. You can select where you want to store the backup within DropBox and can even exclude files and directories which you do not want to include in the backup. The plug-in creates automated backups and also functions as a complete secure plugin.
WordPress Backup Plugins

9. BackupBuddy

BackupBuddy is a multifunctional WordPress Plugin in the sense that it can backup, restore and move your WordPress sites. With BackupBuddy, you can have a backup of your entire WordPress installation including files, database, plugins, themes, and widgets. It helps you to take regular backups of your site. Using BackupBuddy you can even schedule backups and can store the backups onto DropBox, Rackspace Cloud, Amazon S3, on FTP Server, and even in your email. Its Restore functionality helps you to restore plugins, themes, and widgets, etc. With its move functionality, you can easily move a WordPress website onto another server or new domain.
WordPress Backup Plugins

10. Snapshot

Snapshot is one of the most powerful, easy-to-use, and quick backup plugin which let you backup all your WordPress Content including files, database, pages, posts, taxonomies, comments, etc. It can schedule backup automatically and allows you to store your backup on the Dropbox, S3, or SFTP. Snapshot is probably one of the best and the easiest backup and restores system that you can have for your WordPress sites.
WordPress Backup Plugins

Safeguarding your website is the most important task for any webmaster and these WordPress Backup Plugins can help them a lot. Which WordPress Backup Plugin you use to take backup of your Website, please do share your opinion.

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  1. Great Article! This is exactly what I needed. Finding and using experimenting with new plug-ins can be very addicting but also time-consuming. I just love finding new plug-ins. There are many on here I was not aware of and you just saved me hours upon hours of time.
    Your articles are great and I have a dedicated folder on my browser just for these WP resources and tips. Thanks for your contribution to the wp community (and all of us).

  2. Thanks for your post on backing up WordPress and its plugins.
    A someone new to blogging and WordPress but not new to computers, I know how important backups can be, especially as the blog is something I’m doing in hopes of starting a business.
    Your video was an added bonus showing how it all works.

  3. Great list; I use many of those but will certainly try Vault as I use WPBackUp and haven’t had a response to a support request for two weeks !A recent plugin that I found is Dropbox Photo Siteloader. If you use Dropbox to collect your photos or receive photos from brands/PRs you work with, this plugin pulls all your selected photos from Dropbox folders into your media library. No more downloading and re-uploading !

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