10 Best WordPress Image Gallery Plugins

Images play an important role in attracting and retaining the interest of website visitors. The first thing that attracts the attention of website visitors is beautiful and attractive images.

However, with attractive and beautiful images, the presentation of the images is also important. If you are running a WordPress website then using Image Gallery Plugins ease out the task of displaying images on your site or blog.

Here, we go on to showcase 10 Best Image Gallery Plugins for WordPress. So, just stick in here as we present you this awesome collection of Best WordPress Gallery Plugins.

So, if you want to showcase images on your website or blog built on WordPress, there are various image gallery plugins. These plugins give you full opportunity to showcase your images as the way you want like a grid pattern, slide show, a gallery in a single photo and more.

You can use these image gallery plugin if you want to build your photo based website or you can also use it as an add-on to your WordPress blog for presenting images.

Today we have made a list of 10 Best WordPress Image Gallery Plugins. The list consists of both free and paid plugin which will help you in a beautiful presentation of images on your WordPress based blog.

Go through the list and use the plugin to beautify your WordPress blog.

We will be waiting for your comments, likes & dislikes and the Photo Gallery Plugin you using for your WordPress blog for presenting your image.

10 WordPress Image Gallery Plugins

1. Envira Gallery

If you are looking for an easy and powerful WordPress Image Gallery Plugins, then Envira Gallery Plugin will certainly delight you. Envira enables you to create responsive photo and video galleries for your website quickly. Envira is designed for enhanced user experience, so your image galleries will look fantastically great on all types of devices including mobiles, tablets, desktop, and laptop.

It is perfectly optimized for web and server performance and functions as one of the fastest photo gallery plugins for WordPress. Envira is available in free and premium versions as Envira Gallery Lite and Envira Gallery Pro. Its Premium version includes all the gallery features such as gallery templates, deep linking, pagination, image proofing, social media integration, albums, tags, and much more.

Envira Gallery - WordPress Image Gallery Plugins

2. NextGEN Gallery

NextGEN Gallery is one of the most popular WordPress Photo Gallery Plugins. It is rightly called the Mother of WordPress Gallery Plugins. NextGEN lets you add images to a gallery from the media library, a server folder, or from your computer.

It is a very powerful plugin for uploading, managing and displaying galleries. NextGEN Gallery has two front end display styles for many things that you want to change.
NextGEN allows you to set up albums which are a group of galleries. It is helpful for sites that want to group galleries together. The plugin adds a button in the visual editor which facilitates the addition of galleries.

You can even choose how to display the gallery: slider, thumbnails, tag cloud, or image browser. You also get two display options for albums, i.e. Basic Compact and Basic Extended.
Its interface is intuitive and allows you to edit a gallery right from the Visual Editor. However, some users can find NextGEN a little bit complicated when compared with other Gallery Plugins. That said, NextGEN comes out as a free and feature-packed gallery plugin for WordPress.

NextGEN Gallery - Photo Gallery Plugin

3. Justified Image Grid

If you are looking for a powerful and responsive WordPress Gallery Plugin, then you should surely check out Justified Image Grid Plugin. It is one of those Gallery Plugins that can be used to showcase your images in the most beautiful and authentic way.

Justified Image Grid presents your photos into a perfectly balanced horizontal photo grid. Moreover, the images retain their original aspect ratio, so they are displayed exactly in the manner as you intended.

Further up, Justified Image Grid is fully compatible with your existing sources. It allows you to add special effects to your photos, such as softening, desaturation, or black and white. It is mobile friendly and retina ready, giving you complete confidence that your gallery will look flawless on any device, orientation, or pixel density.

Ease of use is another highlight of Justified Image Grid which makes it so special. You get full control over every aspect of your photo gallery. Extensive documentation and support are also provided so that you get the most out of your download.

Justified Image Grid - WordPress Image Gallery Plugins

4. FooGallery

FooGallery is another free and feature-packed WordPress Photo Gallery Plugin. With FooGallery Plugin, you can display your galleries in a variety of formats. The plugin adds a FooGallery option to the WordPress dashboard. You have to choose “Add Gallery” for creating a gallery, then click on Add Media to add images to the gallery. It also enables you to create a gallery from the visual editor.

The FooGallery Plugin provides a masonry layout and a standard thumbnail display. There’s even a Responsive Gallery Template for making your gallery responsive. You can specify a thumbnail size, image link options, and other settings for the gallery templates. Galleries can be added to a page or post with the Add FooGallery button available at the top of the visual editor. A shortcode is also provided for each gallery.

FooGallery - WordPress Image Gallery Plugin

5. WP Photo Album Plus

WP Photo Album Plus Plugin easily manages and displays your photo albums and slideshows on your WordPress site. It allows you to create albums (containing photos) and sub albums at the same time. It allows you to mix photos and videos throughout the system. Plus, there is no limitation either to the number of albums and photos or the nesting depth of sub-albums.

WP Photo Album Plus provides full control over the display sizes of the photos. You can also specify the way the albums are ordered. It enables visitors to run a slideshow by a single mouse click. Plus, they get to see an overview of thumbnail images of the photos in the album.

The individual thumbnails can be linked to offsite URLs. It allows you to add a Search Sidebar Widget through which the visitors can search photos and albums for certain words in names and descriptions. Besides the full-size slideshows, you can even display a mini slideshow. Plus, you get tons of other features which make WP Photo Album Plus a leading and most sort after WordPress Photo Gallery plugin.

WP Photo Album Plus

6. Flagallery Photo Portfolio

Gallery – Flagallery Photo Portfolio is a powerful media and photo gallery plugin. It provides an easy interface for handling photos, image galleries, audio and video galleries. The plugin enables you to upload images, create a photo gallery, create music and video playlists, and add descriptions for each image, video or mp3.

It’s the perfect choice for showing the best of your product or describing in brief any event. Grand Flagallery is SEO optimized and compatible with Google Reader, FeedBerner, etc. It allows you to easily beautify your site with photo gallery, video player, banner rotator, mp3 player, nivo slider, or nice slideshow widgets.

Flagallery Photo Portfolio - WordPress Image Gallery Plugins

7. WP Canvas (Galleries by Angie Makes)

WP Canvas – Gallery Plugin is a free, simple yet powerful Image Gallery Plugin for WordPress. It enables you to extend the default use of WordPress galleries for displaying carousel gallery, slider gallery, and masonry gallery. The installation of this plugin expands the gallery settings options to include more display options, size options, caption options, and more.

So, the plugin allows you to display a gallery in a masonry format, as a slider, or as a carousel. It also allows you to specify the pop size of an image when it is clicked. Thus, WP Canvas – Gallery Plugin provides a variety of options for displaying images on your WordPress Site.

WP Canvas (Galleries by Angie Makes)

8. Huge-IT Image Gallery

Image Gallery is one of the best plugins among WordPress gallery plugins. It is one of the easiest plugins to use, even if you are a newbie in WordPress. The plugin allows you to create the most beautiful gallery in a few minutes.

With Image Gallery, you can make your website attractive and good-looking. It allows you to add images and videos. You can write descriptions and titles for each image.

Image Gallery Plugin is fully responsive. Its Images Manager allows you to upload bundle of images, with one click image insert. You can use the drag and drop option to change the order of the images. You can choose from seven beautiful views.

Image Gallery comes with advanced compatibility and is compatible with most other plugins. It provides a user-friendly admin panel. Image Gallery is available in both free and paid versions. Its paid version is loaded with extra features.

Huge-IT Image Gallery Plugin

9. PhotoMosaic

PhotoMosaic is also a paid WordPress image gallery plugins. It is an amazing plugin as it creates shortcode of the whole gallery into a single design. Some features are widget support, randomizes, support online shortcode and template tag support. All the things are easily customizable like padding, columns, force order, links to URL, width, height, custom lightbox and more.

PhotoMosaic WordPress Photo Gallery Plugin

10. Awesome Gallery

The Awesome Gallery Plugin helps you to build nice looking galleries in your WordPress site by using images pulled from various sources such as posts, pages, attachments, Facebook, Instagram, 500px albums, and even RSS feeds.

The Awesome Gallery Plugin provides an easy-to-use admin interface. It offers three layout modes – vertical flow, horizontal flow, and classic grid. You get ten style presets, unlimited colors, and lots of options including custom CSS support.

It easily handles hundreds of images. It has fast and powerful built-in lightbox. The Awesome Gallery Plugin is fully responsive and supports high resolution. Plus, it is loaded with tons of exciting features which make it a leading WordPress Photo Gallery Plugin.

Awesome Gallery - WordPress Image Gallery Plugins

We hope that you would have liked the presentation showcasing 10 Best WordPress Image Gallery Plugins. Do share your comments with us.

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