8 Best WordPress Translation Plugins

Most beginners are not familiar with the fact that it is possible to create a multi-lingual WordPress Site. In fact, there are numerous WordPress Translation Plugins that enable you to create multi-lingual content for your WordPress Website. In this article, we have listed out 8 Best WordPress Translation Plugins for your website.

Actually, WordPress Translation Plugins can be categorized into two main categories.

Firstly, there are WordPress Translation Plugins, which allow you to create multi-lingual content on your website. The quality of translations that you get with these plugins is much better than translations produced by machine-generated online translation tools.

The second category of WordPress Translation Plugins employs online translation services for translating content. The main drawback with these plugins is the fact that the quality of translation produced is not as good as it should be.

The importance of having a multi-lingual website springs from the fact that out of total internet users only 26% understand English. So, if you are using English for your website, you are missing out on nearly 2.5 billion people. And that’s a big number. These are the people who could be reading your content, signing up for services, buying products, and much more. That’s only possible when you provide them with content in a language that they know and understand.

So, it’s a good idea to make your WordPress Site Multi-lingual. Moreover, language is playing a key factor in turning a user into a client. In fact, it is one of the most critical factors for attracting a user to your offer.

The WordPress Translation Plugins listed below will help you out in making your site multi-lingual without any fuss and do which will go a long way in turning your users into clients.

Now, let us explore these 8 Best WordPress Translation Plugins. These excellent plugins will help you to create and handle multilingual content easily.

8 Useful WordPress Translation Plugins



WPML is one of those powerful WordPress Translation Plugins, which helps you to build multilingual sites easily. One of its chief highlights is the fact that it is equally good for blogs as well as corporate sites. There is an ample number of reasons which makes this WordPress Translation Plugin an outstanding one.

It lets you translate posts, pages, menus, taxonomy, custom types, and even the theme’s texts. It supports more than 40 languages and even allows you to add your own language variants. With WPML, you can place translations on the same domain, a sub-domain, and even on an entirely different domain. Most importantly, WPML supports both auto-translate and self-translate categories.

WordPress Translation Plugins

2. Google Language Translator

If you are looking for a simple yet powerful WordPress Translation Plugin, Google Language Translator is that plugin where your search will come to a fruitful end. It is built upon the well-known Google Translate service. Moreover, it is easy to set-up. You just need to download it, install and configure; that’s it.

It can translate more than 80 languages. You can choose to which languages you want to translate your text. It allows you to insert the translation tool anywhere via short-code. The shortcode can be added to posts, pages, and widgets. It even allows you to show or hide Google toolbar as well as Google branding.

WordPress Translation Plugins

3. Polylang

Polylang is another very useful and free translation plugin for creating bilingual or multilingual WordPress site. You can write posts, pages, create categories and post tags as usual, and then can go ahead and define a language for each one of them. It supports RTL language scripts and WordPress language packs are downloaded and updated automatically.

Further up, it supports most WordPress Themes. It can be used to translate posts, pages, menus, post tags, media, categories, and widgets. It supports custom post types, RSS feeds, post formats, custom taxonomies, and all default WordPress widgets. The admin interface is multilingual and allows the user to set WordPress admin language in its profile. It allows users to switch between languages through a widget in the navigation menu.

WordPress Translation Plugins

4. qTranslate-X

qTranslate-X is another very popular WordPress Translation Plugin. It conveniently produces different translations of your content. It translates widget titles and other custom fields via short-code. It makes the creation of multilingual content as simple as working with a single language.

Some of its notable features include:
It provides one-click local switching between the languages.
It comes with built-in languages such as English, German, Chinese, and much more.
It delivers language customizations without changing the .po/mo files.
Language tag encoding.
Multilingual dates.
Theme custom fields can be made translatable.

WordPress Translation Plugins

5. GTranslate

GTranslate is another very powerful WordPress Translation Plugin for making your website multilingual. It employs Google Translate automatic translation service for translating WordPress website with Google power. It can translate your website to more than 100 available languages and so makes your website accessible to more than 99% of internet users.

Some of its main features include:
It delivers Google Automatic Translation
Translates the site on the fly
Mouse over effect
Hides “Suggest Better Translation” pop-up
Google Analytics integration
And Much More

WordPress Translation Plugins

6. Multilanguage WordPress Translation

Multilanguage WordPress Translation Plugin enables you to create a multilingual WordPress website. With the help of Multilanguage plugin, you can create multilingual pages, posts, menus, widgets, categories, etc. It does not integrate any automatic translation service so all translation must be done manually using the Multilanguage Translation plugin.

It should be noted that the plugin works only with the themes and plugins that are developed with WordPress Codex Standards. It provides you the facility to choose from the default 87 pre-installed languages. It provides a customizable language switcher as a widget.

WordPress Translation Plugins

7. Google Website Translator

Google Website Translator is a free WordPress Translation Plugin that automates the entire process of language translation. It is easy to use the plugin. You just need to install, and activate the plugin, then specify your website’s native language and finally select the languages that you want to offer.

Its intuitive admin panel makes the process super quick. You have to place the dedicated widget “Prisna GWT” in the sidebar. Visitors can choose their language from the drop-down list. The translation is then provided to the user in his preferred language.

WordPress Translation Plugins

8. WPGlobus

WPGlobus assists you in making bilingual or multilingual WordPress blogs or sites. Its multilingual tools help in translating posts, pages, categories, tag menus, and widgets. Translation of texts is done manually.

It serves as a foundation for other plugins in the family. It enables you to add one or many other languages to your WordPress site using custom combinations of language name, locales, and country flags. It allows you to switch the languages at the front-end.

WordPress Translation Plugins

We hope that this presentation on Best WordPress Translation Plugins proves immensely useful for you in selecting the right translation plugin according to your requirements.

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