WP Local Plus a Powerful WordPress Directory Plugin

Are you in search for a WordPress Plugin that will allow you to create content packed, dynamic local business directories?

If you are one of those, then you are perfectly at the right place as I showcase to you one awesome WordPress Directory Plugin that will ease the job for you.

Yes, WP Local Plus is that unique WordPress Plugin, which will allow you to create dynamic local business directories.

Let’s move on and learn more about this fantastic WordPress Plugin.

WP Local Plus comes as an automated WordPress Plugin, which creates content packed dynamic business directories. It supports three different types of list types that is places, offers and reviews. The best part of this plugin being that you do not require creating any data manually. Moreover, the plugin has gone international and can be used anywhere around the world.

The plugin will allow you get dynamic business reviews, business listings, coupon offers, Google Maps integration and much more and that too from within your WordPress Blog. You simply have to set it up based on the keyword that you require, and it will extract the data accordingly.

WP Local Plus a Powerful WordPress Directory Plugin

So, WP Local Plus is a very innovative plugin in the sense that it makes the use of publicly available data to build content for your site. Moreover, the page generation is fast so that there is no performance hit for your site.

Besides content building facility, it also provides for built in contextual ad system. So whenever a visitor hovers on a particular keyword, contextual advertising gets into the act. The plugin comes with full Google Maps Integration. You get full Google map functionality and the ability for the visitor to access details of a given place. You can also set the number of listings per page together with ratings and thumbnails. Popup appears whenever a user clicks on a directory listing. It pulls data from Google to create a directory almost instantly.

So if you want to build a directory site you can’t just afford to miss out this awesome Plugin called WP Local Plus. It is a unique and business oriented plugin for sure.

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