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My name is Ravi Ahuja, and I am from India.

I am a passionate blogger.

Codefear is a blog dedicated to providing useful and interesting information on Software, Graphics, Website Development, WordPress, Photoshop, Scripts, Icons, Fonts, Template, and much more.


Besides writing for Codefear, I write for many other blogs such as Earningguys.comc,,, and

Codefear was started in December 2008 with the sole objective of providing useful and amazing information about anything and everything related to WordPress, Website Development, Software, and Graphics.

Although the web is full of information, still it’s hard to get relevant, up to date, precise, and in-depth information about Graphics, and Website Development.

The same goes with WordPress. There are many beginners and even professionals who want to know what’s happening in the world of WordPress. They want latest in the world of WordPress.

Likewise, there are many developers and graphics designers who look for tutorials and updates to sharpen their skill set. They are always on the lookout for new software, tools, and inspirations.

Well, as I am passionate about blogging, I thoroughly understand the need and requirements of beginners and professionals who search information about these topics.

Usually, when we search the web, we invariably come across pushy product promotions, spammy and useless information. It goes on to waste your time and efforts.

This is not what we want.

Instead, we invariably want unbiased, correct, and in-depth information on WordPress, Software, Graphics, and Website Development. We also need some inspiration so as to motivate us in the right direction.

At Codefear, we understand what you precisely want and so come up with useful articles on WordPress, Website Development, Templates, Software, Tools, etc.

Our articles focus on your needs and provide the latest in these segments. We provide unbiased reviews, product recommendations, list posts, and lots more.

If you are at Codefear, rest assured that you would get the best.

We spend a lot of time researching the web and finding topics that would be of much interest to you.

So, get ready to explore Codefear.

Since Codefear was launched, it is continuously increasing visitors and subscribers. We love to write useful content which is searched by many people.

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