5 Smart Tips To Concrete Your WordPress Security

WordPress Security

WordPress is a rewarding piece of CMS system, and it’s a fact that does not need any second opinion. It’s a content management system that is extremely robust to the core and has all the makings of a successful platform. For any business planning to move online, WordPress comes a real ally. Simply because it offers them an ease and comfort to get their website up and running right off the bat. [Read more…]

A Basic Guide on Creating a jQuery Mobile Application

Add Content to Your Page Template

With the increase in the number of new browsers and platforms, addressing the need of mobile users is becoming challenging for us. However, thanks to jQuery Mobile we can create mobile apps that work perfectly well on new platforms and different device screen. What’s more? jQuery Mobile also helps to add enhanced elements to the app such as touch-friendly UI widgets, Ajax-powered navigation system, etc. This tutorial will make you learn the process of building a simple mobile application using jQuery Mobile. [Read more…]

Create A Popup With Help Of Html5 Dataset API And jQuery

Create A Popup With Help Of Html5 Dataset API And jQuery

Before, in the HTML days developers has limited options to store arbitrary data that were associated to DOM elements. The only method that allowed developers to store arbitrary data was to add data in the form of “class names” or “rel” attributes. Though, it was possible for them to create their own attributes, but the task was tricky. Doing so, in fact, caused a lot of issues such as invalid code and search engine crawlers would ignore the data to name a few. But, thanks to HTML5 we were not only provided with the ability to add custom attributes with the help of data attributes, but also via a new API called as the “Dataset API”. [Read more…]