Valuable Tips For Creative Mobile Application Design

The success of a mobile application lies in an excellent combination of design and optimal user experience. Lacking any of the elements can be a hindrance in the success of your mobile app designing. Focusing on the creativity of the app designing is the key to compel the users to embrace mobile applications. The design of your application is the foremost interaction point of the app with the users. Therefore, it needs to impress them well.

There are certain aspects that developers require keeping in their minds to design creative apps that could help the web owners in garnering more and more web traffic. Ignoring designing elements may become the reason to lose the valuable users. It is imperative to think about the designs right from the beginning so that it can win the hearts of the users. Here are some of the designing tips that would help you merge creativity in the mobile application designing.

1. Keep The Design Simple, Interactive And Effective

No matter your app design is glossy in look, it would only prove to be interesting for the users if it is useful for them. A simply designed app that is not complicated to handle will create a good impression on the users with a glance only. It will also help them to grow an instant attachment with the app and thus, they are sure to check on the same. Most of the applications serve as a solution to the users in certain ways and therefore, the design of the same should also be simple and effective as well.

Mobile Application Design

2. Adapt To High-Resolution Images

It has become a trend to feature the high-resolution images while developing the applications as it adds to the visual appearance of the interface. Therefore, the key to design successful apps is to switch from low-resolution images to the vivid high-resolution pictures. To let your interface appear more lively and attractive, choose images with 264 PPI (pixel per inch) or more. This resolution is sure to look great even on large-sized screens. Moreover, vector-based images are also a good option.

Mobile Application Design

3. Reap The Benefits Of Popular Icon

For the past few years, there has been a tremendous increase in the usage of icons that are accepted worldwide. Everyone is familiar with the functions of these icons as they have been integrated on several gadgets. Thus, using these icons, for example, “X” to close a file can help in making the app user interface more intuitive. Moreover, if you are interested in using the new icons, it is imperative to define the function of the icon well so that it does not create confusion for the users.

Mobile Application Design

4. Watch Out For The Button Sizes

The size of the buttons for mobile applications matters as it is one of the factors that could help in the success of the app. Moreover, the button size of the of apps is generally limited to finger size so that the users can easily tap the icon for accomplishing any of the tasks. If user behavior is to be observed, they like using thumbs for operating applications as it provides convenient access to the interface. Therefore, prior to designing the user interface of the applications, it is a must to implement the buttons that are easy to tap.

Mobile Application Design

5. Properly Use The Back Button As Per The Platform Expectation

The back button of the application must navigate the app users back successfully. While designing an Android application, the native operating system can serve the cause. On the other hand, if you are creating an iOS app, it is suggested to integrate the back button on the top left corner as users are accustomed to seeing it on that position only. Following the OS -specific behavior is suggested as it helps to develop an interface that lives up to the users’ expectations.

Mobile Application Design

6. Customize Elements For The Users

Providing greater user experience is one of the responsibilities that app developers require to deliver successfully. This can only be done if users are provided to play with the customized designs. Thus, thinking on various aspects in which the user interacts with the app is the most important aspect for the developers. Customized elements are a key to win users’ hearts as they will get better performance while operating the application on their mobile devices.

Mobile app designing is challenging, but it can creatively be accomplished by keeping in mind the elements described here in brief. Mobile applications are creating success stories for diverse brands and thus, you can also garner benefit with the creation of these apps for your specific brand. Applications extend the reach of business and services as they easily influence the people. While designing such apps, the most important thing to keep in the mind is to provide optimal user experience.

Author Bio: Tom Hardy currently works with Sparx IT Solutions-Mobile app development Company. Being an experienced developer at the company, he is engaged in designing the mobile apps that could provide better user experience.

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