5 Best Free PHP Image Gallery Scripts

Image galleries or Wallpaper Websites are extensively popular all over the world. People love finding images for their desktop wallpaper or for their various projects.

If you want to setup a Wallpaper Website and you feel it can be a difficult task then just go for image gallery scripts.

Here, we showcase 5 Best Free PHP Image Gallery Scripts so that you can easily set up a unique and user friendly wallpaper or image gallery website.

With these PHP image gallery scripts, you can manage your wallpaper site very easily. Using image gallery scripts you can create Gallery category and sub category, you can also easily upload images to those categories, manage users, enable multimedia support and much more. Using its Admin panel you can even configure the settings so that you get an image gallery website matching your specific requirements.

Also, Image gallery scripts do a lot of great jobs apart from managing images, it can count most popular or most viewed images etc.
The Best Free PHP Image Gallery Scripts presented below can make it easy of managing your wallpaper Website.

5 Best Free Image Gallery Scripts

1. Gallery – Gallery is another very popular Free PHP Image Gallery Scripts. It is a web based open source image or photo organizer. Gallery provides an easy and quick solution. It seamlessly integrates photo management in your website. Gallery is equipped to handle a small personal website and as well as a large community website.


2. Coppermine
– Coppermine is a free PHP based photo gallery script. It is a fully featured and multipurpose image gallery script which uses ImageMagick or GD as image library and MySQL as backend. Coppermine can be downloaded and installed easily on your webspace. It supports an extensive list of features such as extensive multimedia support, user management, picture management, etc.


3. ZenPhoto: ZenPhoto is a powerful and free to use CMS for building multimedia websites. ZenPhoto Free PHP Image Gallery Script supports images, audio and video files. You can include custom pages, and even set up a blog section in ZenPhoto. It is an ideal resource for creating and managing image gallery websites. Thus, ZenPhoto serves as an ideal platform for building portfolio websites of artists, musicians, designers, photographers, film makers, illustrators, etc.

Free PHP Image Gallery Scripts

4. Piwigo: Piwigo is free and powerful open source image gallery software. It is easily customizable. It comes with themes and plugins so that you can easily change its appearance and also can enhance its features. Thus with Piwigo you can give a personal touch to your online photo gallery website. You can organize the photos easily using Piwigo image gallery script and provides many other features too.

Free PHP Image Gallery Scripts

5. TinyWebGallery
– TinyWebGallery is another very powerful php based photo gallery script. Moreover, TinyWebGallery is available absolutely free. It is easy to install, easy to use and does not even require a database (employs xml files). It is loaded with features that can be enabled, disabled and can be even be configured. It has an advanced administrative panel which manages users, images and configuration settings.


We hope you would have liked the above presentation on 5 Best Free PHP Image Gallery Scripts and look forward to your feedback, comments or suggestions.

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