12 Best Video Sharing Scripts

Well if you are influenced by the immense popularity of video-sharing sites such as YouTube, DailyMotion, Metcalfe, Vimeo and others, and are planning to start your own, then you have surely landed at the right place.

Here, we would present you 12 Best Video Sharing Scripts.

Video sharing websites use pre-built video stream feature script. Nowadays, you can find many pre-built video sharing scripts for free as well as paid.

However, that’s where it becomes difficult for you to select the right video sharing script which matches your requirement set. It should be perfect and powerful for your website.

That said you don’t need to worry a bit.

Here, you get to witness the top & best video sharing scripts.

They have been loaded with powerful features such as FFmpeg video conversation, import from YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, and more.

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They support advertisement, user upload, mobile support, embed script, and more. Plus, they have powerful backend features.

Here, we have shared some of the best PHP scripts that help you to create a powerful video sharing website. Even Facebook, the world’s most powerful social media platform, has been built using PHP.

Here we have featured the best PHP scripts for starting video sharing website like YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, etc. These are the best video sharing scripts.

So, if you want to start your very own video sharing website, then the first and the foremost important task include selecting the right kind of Video Sharing Scripts.

These Video sharing scripts are essential as they provide the important platform on which your online video website is created and maintained. There are various features which are required in a video sharing script.

Primarily it should be easily usable and customizable as well. Its frequent updates should be available, it should almost be 100% Open Source and should support multiple languages too and should preferably be affordable.

Thus today we bring to you 12 Best Video Sharing Scripts that would help you immensely in selecting the best video and media script for creating your online video site.

Top 12 Video Sharing Scripts


1. ClipShare

ClipShare is an industry-leading PHP video sharing script. It helps you to create outstanding video sharing websites.

In fact, ClipShare is a very popular PHP video script ever. It is packed with impressive features.

It is equally suitable for professionals as well for a newbie.

It is easy to use, easy to install and configure and offers very helpful customer support, staff and members.

With ClipShare, you can build websites or communities where members can easily upload, host, share and watch videos in HD.

It’s perfect for uploading, hosting, sharing, and browsing photo galleries.

You can build websites/communities where members can easily upload, share, host, and play web-based games.

It offers the opportunity to build websites or communities where members can easily host and manage their video/photo blogs.

So, ClipShare turns out to be very powerful, flexible, and reliable photo, video, and game hosting/sharing platform. With ClipShare, you can make highly profitable tube websites, like YouTube, Vimeo, Hulu, Flickr, Instagram, 9gag, or Photobucket.

It offers a responsive interface that is perfect for watching and uploading videos or photos. It adapts to any screen size and offers a perfect experience for desktops, laptops, tablets, and Smartphones.

The script is search engine optimized. It offers search engine friendly URLs, well-organized content, clean valid HTML code for better indexing and ranking in search engines.

Moreover, it is fully customizable. You can customize the functionality and layout of your website, adding new features, if required.

ClipShare Video Sharing Scripts

2. ClipBucket

ClipBucket is a popular Open Source Multimedia Management Script (MMS). With ClipBucket you can easily get started to build and run your own video sharing website like Metacafe, Hulu, YouTube, etc. It comes with versatile and advanced features and aptly caters all your video management needs.

It’s a Video Sharing / Video on Demand (VOD) solution for sharing of videos. It has been studded with various powerful features such as HLS, mobile video upload & playback, adaptive streaming, HTML5 Player, Advertising, and many more.

ClipBucket offers the opportunity to launch your own branded multi-screen video-on-demand platform. In fact, ClipBucket is one of the best live streaming solutions.

It allows you to add Preroll, Midroll, Postroll, as well as Banner Ads by using local videos and images.

You get to have detailed statistics about your website such as Users, New Users, Videos, and Photos. Moreover, ClipBucket offers end-to-end security thereby ensuring that your video content can only be watched by authorized viewers.

Plus, ClipBucket support structure helps you round the clock assisting and resolving your queries. There’s live chat, 24/7 support ticket for all premium users, and the corporate clients get the benefit of a dedicated account manager for direct contact and response.

ClipBucket Video Sharing Scripts

3. PHPVibe

Over the years, PHPVibe has evolved much and is now recognized as a powerful Video Sharing Script.

It functions as a clean, mobile-friendly, and user-focused Video Sharing Script. It comes with an improved CSS Style based on Bootstrap 3, newest jQuery, and newest versions of jQuery plugins.

So, PHPVibe comes as a professional video CMS perfectly suitable for video sharing websites.

It offers some very awesome features.

It comes bundled with HTML5 upload and FFmpeg conversion engines. Plus, you get bonuses like the YouTube, Vimeo and Vine importer.

PHPVibe offers the opportunity to leverage the very profitable niche with online videos. PHPVibe is perfect for starting a video website for video uploads. You can use PHPVibe for starting a video blog. You can build a corporate video platform, or own a piece of the wide video market.

It supports popular websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, DailyMotion, and more. It also supports social video sharing.

Moreover, PHPVibe comes at a very affordable pricing schema.

So, PHPVibe is a modern video CMS with powerful features and unbeatable pricing.

PHPVibe Video Sharing Software

4. PHP Melody

PHP Melody is a Video Script CMS using which you can easily start your video site. PHP Melody Video Script has all the ingredients of an excellent video script.

It fulfills all your requirements of creating and running a video site. It is easy to use, open source code, reliable, customer support, continuous updates and has monetization potential as well.

So, PHP Melody turns out to be a perfect Video CMS Script for having a video sharing website.

With PHP Melody, you can come up with a powerful video publishing platform or even a simple video gallery. It’s one of the best Video CMS for video sharing website. It’s a self-hosted Video CMS which is running successfully over the last eight years.

PHP Melody offers top-notch speed, unbeaten security, and SEO optimization that can be rated as one of the best in the Industry.

It has a proven track record and offers constant support & updates. It is best for personal as well as business video sites. It has been optimized for speed, ease of use, and customization.

It allows you to import videos from YouTube, DailyMotion, and Vimeo.

For PHP Melody, SEO had been the top priority ever since their first release nine years ago.

It offers URL friendly links, great internal link structure, and proper use of HTML5.

It focuses on search engine guidelines. Markup Schema is one area where PHP Melody has done much work.

Plus, PHP Melody is fully customizable. It’s a video CMS that you can tweak and customize without having to edit a single line of code. It allows you to make theme changes with a mouse click or two from the comfort of your dashboard.

You can adjust the video players, thumbnails, and avatars. Moreover, the layout (theme) has been separated from the PHP code for easy customizations.

 Video Sharing Scripts

5. MediaShare

MediaShare provides a highly reliable, efficient and affordable media sharing and hosting platform for building and running your media sharing websites.

It is fully customizable and comes with lifetime support with many other technically advanced features as well.

It’s a full video sharing script with Share Videos, Share Audio, Share Pictures features.

It offers a brand new Administration Control Panel that features a cross-device, responsive interface, and several new options such as Re-Captcha, KeyCaptcha, and Dashboard with statistics, notifications, AreYouAHuman anti-bot integrations, server status, news, and much more.

Its fully responsive interface allows you to easily manage your website (anywhere, anytime) from your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

So, MediaShare turns out to be the best way for building amazing media sharing communities.

With MediaShare, you can create communities/social networks allowing members to upload, share, and watch videos online easily.

It offers the opportunity to create communities/social network where members can upload, share, host, and listen to audio files easily.

Plus, you can create communities or social networks where members can easily upload, share, host, and browse pictures.

MediaShare features a completely redesigned video player that has fully-skinable UI, navigation bar auto-hide, high definition quality switch, aspect ratio selection, pre & post-roll media ads, related videos playlist, social engagement, and much more.

On the whole, MediaShare is a fully-featured, flexible, reliable video sharing script. Plus, there’s great support for you all the way.

MediaShare Video Sharing Scripts

6. NCrypted’s Video Sharing Script

With NCrypted’s Video Sharing Script, you can bring your video sharing business idea to life. It helps you to get started with your online video sharing website. It offers custom front-end UI, advanced admin dashboards, powerful analytics panel, and much more.

It is one of the best video sharing scripts for sharing website, video streaming, and downloading.

The best thing about NCrypted is that it can be customized to your specific requirements. It offers additional customization and innovation at fair prices.

Key Features

  • Demographics: You come to know the number of viewers, number of subscribers, number of likes/dislikes, and number of comments. So, you can attract users and increase your user base.
  • Sharing feature: Allows sharing your favorite video with anyone around the globe. They have integrated social bookmarking helping users to share the video content directly.
  • Advanced Features: It includes caption certification, license and rights ownership, distribution options, video recording date & location details, as well as comment responding system.
  • Video Player Features: The video player offers the options to play/pause the video, increase/decrease volume, change video quality & playlist, the duration of the video, turn on/off the captions, etc.
  • Video Manager: It deals with video uploading, promotion, editing, and history. Plus, you can add tags to the video that you upload.
  • Watch Later: Save the playlist, or add to your favorites list or bookmark it as watch later.

So, we can say that NCrypted websites can prove the best way for bringing online video sharing software idea to life.

NCrypted Video Sharing Scripts

7. CumulusClips

CumulusClips comes as a free & open source video CMS.

Using CumulusClips video sharing script you can start your video website. You can even add video sections on your existing website.

The best thing is that it is free and easy to use.

You can come up with a YouTube clone where users can register, upload videos, rate videos, comment on videos, embed videos, and much more.

It’s a video sharing script for creating a complete functional video sharing website.

Users can provide a description to posts. They can comment on videos, reply to other comments; follow UnFollow users, notification when someone comments.

Overall, CumulusClips is a good community script for building a video sharing website.

CumulusClips Features

  • Supports easy upload of videos (from user computer) with upload progress bar.
  • Edit, Add and Delete Videos from the Dashboard.
  • Allow or disable comments on Videos and video embedding
  • Easy user registration and fully profile customization.
  • Allows the approval or rejection of user upload videos through the Dashboard.
  • Translation ready.
  • Mobile ready.
  • Easy Install.
  • Plugin ready.
  • Built-in theme/plugin.
  • Create, delete and run Ads.
  • Support for future automatic updates.

CumulusClips Video Sharing Software

8. VideoPlus

VideoPlus WordPress Theme from Theme Junkie allows you to create your own video sharing website the easy way. You can share your own videos or create a collection of your favorites using VideoPlus.

You simply have to activate this theme on your WordPress website and begin publishing videos from a range of sources.

VideoPlus can even generate thumbnail images from your videos automatically, thus saving your time and effort.

Its featured content slider will display your articles in an auto-scrolling slideshow. VideoPlus makes it easy for your visitors to find your best content.

They can read more of your articles, and get to view more of your adverts or products. So, the featured content slider is a powerful tool for increasing page views and even for potential website revenue.

VideoPlus offers a varied selection of layouts to enable you to present your content in the best possible way. The layout options cover a range of different content and sidebar configurations. Plus, there are multiple columns and grid layouts. So, you get plenty of choice with the theme.

Moreover, VideoPlus is easy to customize with a full range of theme settings and options. VideoPlus supports social sharing and is translation ready. Plus, it comes with a range of custom widgets for extra functionality.

VideoPlus Video Sharing Scripts

9. XVideoSharing

XVideoSharing is a robust and powerful video sharing solution. They have more than eight years of experience in video encoding/streaming, so they have come with a great product helping you to start a powerful video portal or tube site.

XVideoSharing offers 4K UltraHD quality encoding. Most importantly for you, it does not have any video size limits. So, you can encode 4K and even larger videos.

Moreover, XVideoSharing has multiple input video format support. You can encode videos having extensions such as mpg, MPEG, WMV, Avi, VOB, mp4, flv, mov, xvid, DivX, WebM, ogv, 3gp, mkv, m2v, ogg, etc. They offer MP4/FLV video encoding. They use modern x264 MPEG4 video codec + AAC audio codec for video encoding.

Plus, you can use your site with multiple languages. It supports encoding, transfers, URL uploads for real-time progress.

XVideoSharing Video Sharing Scripts

10. VideNox

VideNox comes with the tagline, “Better than the best” and is certainly one of the best PHP Premium Video Sharing Script.

VideNox helps you to have a video website that you would be proud of.

In fact, VideNox Video Scripts is the easiest and efficient way to create and publish your own website.

VideNox is fully responsive. So, your video site will be compatible with all screen sizes including desktop, notebook, tablets, and mobile phones.

It delivers the best performance. Its SQL & File Cache reduce hosting requirements and increase performance.

VideNox ensures security and reliability against shell uploads and malicious infections. With VideNox, your content is absolutely safe.

It offers an awesome video player that can be customized easily on the control panel. It allows you to display YouTube and Vimeo videos inside the player.

VideNox has a user-friendly interface that is practical and easy-to-use.

Moreover, VideNox provides complete control for endless customization.

Its administration panel gives full authorization for managing and customizing most aspects of your website.

You can set up your services fast and manage your categories, videos, pages, users, ads, and plugins easily.

VideNox Video Sharing Scripts

11. YouPHPTube

Create your own Tube website the easy and efficient way with YouPHPTube. The YouPHPTube (YPT) comes as an open source solution. It is freely available to everyone.

With YouPHPTube, you can come up with your video sharing site plus stream live videos. YouPHPTube is inspired by the latest technologies. So, you can be sure of the best in video scripts.

YouPHPTube has been loaded with numerous powerful features. It allows you to import & encode videos from other sites. It offers a responsive layout to your site with support for mobile devices.

YouPHPTube supports live streaming thus enabling you to reach your audience live. It allows YouTube Upload & Download letting you sync your videos with YouTube. It helps to organize your videos into categories.

You can encode multiple formats of multimedia files to MP4, WebM, and MP3 files. Your YouPHPTube looks incredible on any device. It offers a fluid grid system that adapts your website to mobile devices such as a smartphone, tablets, and desktops.

YouPHPTube is geared up to help you earn money when site visitors click the ads (Google Adsense).

Lastly and most importantly, YouPHPTube is free.

YouPHPTube Video Sharing Scripts

12. AlstraSoft

AlstraSoft Video Sharing Enterprise offers the opportunity to unleash the power of media sharing and social networking.

With AlstraSoft, you can run a highly profitable online video sharing community. It works out to be an ultimate solution to start your YouTube clone and uploading community just like YouTube, and DailyMotion.

It even allows your members to share audio and photos as well. AlstraSoft is a powerful and feature-rich solution at an extremely affordable price.

The Video Sharing Script comes with audio & photo sharing module which can be used to share music/photos in the same fashion as sharing videos online like YouTube.

So, with AlstraSoft, you can offer Video, Audio, and Photo sharing.

Moreover, this YouTube clone script is highly customizable. It allows you to edit the design layout.

With its multi-language module, you can offer a multi-lingual option for your web users. The Video sharing script will allow members to stream videos.

It supports more than 20 video formats. It offers additional plugins for video advertisements for increasing your site revenue. Viewers can even rate videos as well as a rating of member profiles.

AlstraSoft Video Sharing Scripts

We hope that you would have found the presentation on 12 Best Video Sharing Scripts immensely useful. It will surely help you to choose the most suitable Video Sharing Script. Do share your comments with us.

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